Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a quick reminder...

My "Three Years And Counting" posts have not stopped. However, I am not doing a "real" post tonight. Because I need to get to bed. Today was my mom's birthday so it was not a "normal" day (with a special dinner, cake and gifts. So fun.) and I just didn't have a time to "think" so this is my little "encouragement" post.

Read this post. And participate, if you would like no pressure here. And if you don't have a question or a comment stop in and say hello!

Right this moment my blog seems like an abandoned western city where those dust balls (Or whatever you call them) are rolling in the streets. :)

So after school tomorrow, or more like it after church tomorrow night when I log into my blog. Lets have lots of questions for me to answer waiting for me! :D Or at least a hellor or two! ;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When you are tired...

....and you just want to cuddle up in bed, turn off the laptop, watch something on TV or read a good book. Your mind is far away from blogging, you just can't form the words, you can't seem to want to blog.

I was tempted tonight not to post. To break my "Three Years And Counting" posts just for tonight. I wanted to blog but being tired, from a long day of school I just wanted to rest. Not to muster up a post.

I told my mom about how I felt. And she said "blog" even if it's a quick post don't stop blogging in your series.

So, I blogged.

And you know even in this sad pathetic post. I can wrap up around three years in blogging. There are so many times I just don't feel like blogging. And what I do is I don't blog. Instead of of taking the easy way out I am going to try in the near future to just blog.

'Cause maybe you can relate or maybe you are just happy to see an update from Pieces Of My Heart. But whatever it is I am glad I blogged tonight. *Smile* When I went on to post tonight I had no idea what I was going to post about and now I have written a post and I have a little homework for you. :)

So, here is an inter active post. I want to hear from you.

Is there a question you have wanted to asked me but haven't?

I would LOVE to hear from you even if it's a subject you want me to write about on here and so on.

Ask away! I can't promise I will be able to answer them. But we shall see!! Lets keep this Three Years And Counting moving along.

I need your help!

Monday, March 29, 2010

From The Heart

Every day for the past week I think about my blog, I think about what next to post. How to word it, how many pictures I will have or if I will have any. I think about the comments I have been receiving over this series of posts. And how much blogging has become a part of who I am.

I don't often meet someone and say "Hi, my name is Ginger and I am a blogger. Would you like to read my blog?" I think I may scare people if I did that! However, if I feel you would like to read my blog and I would not bore you I may mention... "Umm well, I'm a blogger and I have this blog and I write posts...ummm nothing big or special but I cherish it. If you have time and umm if you would like umm maybe you can stop by and check it out."

Now that is more like it. That is me in a nut shell. I hate to bother anyone into doing anything when I need to ask something it's painful more for the person who has to stand there trying to figure out what I am going to ask. One person said to me once "You just want to use my computer? I thought you were going to ask for the deed to my house?"

This blog of mine isn't very big, or very popular but the few people who come to this nook on the web seem to enjoy my posts and come back for more so that right there is a compliment that right there is a reason to press on.

I guess in the three years of blogging I have blogged about all sorts of topics but the ones that mean a lot to me are the ones that come from deep down in my heart.

A Mother's Prayer

It was like a dream come true Lord, when I first held my newborn son. Do you remember how I couldn't’t stop thanking you for the precious blessing you had given us? I was scared when they told me and my husband that our son had a disease. But I prayed Lord, you know. I prayed that he would be healed despite what they say.

The Silent Cry

“Mommy, I can’t wait to see you. Feel you holding me in your arms.”

There Is No god like Jehovah

Yes, I have heard this song over and over again. A song that has meaning, passion, the truth all in it but not till last Saturday when so many things were swimming through my mind did the words really hit home.


Riding home from church tonight I was texting a friend thanking her for a surprise I found in my pew when I got to church.All of a sudden the car jerked. My family was home sick and only my dad and myself were in the car. I looked up quickly while the car screeched and I screamed.

Pieces Of My Heart

But there are times where I read a Lori Wick novel or I watch someone close to me who is in love and I think "Lord,when will it be my turn?"

The King Is Coming

My Friends... the King is Coming...vacuum your heart strings dust your thoughts, wash your mind make it new. The King is not any ordinary company lets make our heart as clean as we can!

I hope all of you enjoyed these past posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. Some were hard to write but needed to be written. I thank you all for allowing me to share my heart with you.

Until the next post.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Sweetie!

In the last week while we have been strolling down memory lane on 3 Years And Counting so many of you have shared your love for my Jeremy posts.

Of course you just make the big sisters heart swell even more for the little guy as you all tell me how sweet he is!

I wish you all lived closer so you could hear his giggle, play peek a boo, laugh so hard as we go through the motions of patty cake. But whats the second best thing? Pictures of the doll face!

This picture was taken at Marshall's. Isn't he adorable?? We were stopped so many times this day telling us how cute he was. He slept the whole time. Not once waking up until we put him in his car seat!

And so on...

It seemed like forever for Jeremy to come into this world.

And now he is almost eight months old. Soon I will be posting that he is one! Can you believe it?

I would have to say one of my favorite things to blog about is Jeremy. He cracks me up, makes me smile and makes me so thankful that he is ours.
Once again, if you are new thank you for coming by. Over at Pieces Of My Heart we are having a celebration over here for my three years in this bloggie world. We having flash backs, fun posts and give aways! Visit again and let me know you stopped by!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Writer's Block!

Just reading my title makes me want to giggle out loud. How many times have I mentioned this very thing on my blog?

What Shall I write?

A Question

Oh, the woes of writing block

Trying, To Think Of The Perfect Title

Sorry Just A Tease

There once was a blogger...

And it goes on and on and on...

But I guess writer's block comes with blogging. All of us has that moment when you just can't think, when you want to post, subjects are floating in your mind, you think that would one will be good or that one.

And then you sit down at your desk, on the floor, on your bed at the kitchen table, on the couch and set your laptop up go to your nook on the web and glare at that white screen. What was that subject again? Umm what was I going to write and then it happens writer's block. It happens to the best of us I'm afraid.

And that's how it felt this afternoon so many times today I wanted to post, I wanted to write another post for Three Years And Counting celebration and I just couldn't think. My mind went blank and I was going crazy trying to think of a post. Trying to think of what I wanted to say.

I then started thinking how many times this has happened to me and I started to think how many posts I have written over these three years about this very thing.

So, tell me my bloggie friends how do you solve writer's block?

If you are new I am celebrating my third year in the bloggie world. I have been reminiscing, sharing my thoughts, enjoying comments from long time bloggie friends, new bloggie friends and bloggie friends who knew me as a child! ;) I am having three give aways. One was announced last night the other two will be announced when you least expect it. How you enter you may ask...Comment! If you don't have a blog that is fine you can still comment and be entered!

Friday, March 26, 2010

And the FIRST Winner is...

So, I was trying to think on how I would have my first Three years and counting give away. That is always a problem for me I can never think on how to "pick" a winner. It would just be so easy to call you all winners and send you all something. But I'm afraid the postage would give me a heart attack!

So, my mom had a neat idea she said pick each third commenter on every "Three years and Counting post" write down their names and pick out one winner. So that's what I did.

And the name that I picked up was....JESSICA!!! I was pleased to see that being that this is my third bloggie anniversary and Jessica has been with me on this blogging journey from a few months after I started blogging.

So congratulations to Jessica! You will be receiving your prize hopefully within the next week or so.

And you may ask what Jessica has won?

She is now the proud owner of "Remember The Time" By the Down East Boys. Great group! And the CD is terrific!

Wow, again how fun this has been. I can't wait to write another post. And REMEMBER there are two more winners. So keep on joining in the fun and Jeremy may be holding your prize the next time I post!! ;)

I don't know about you...

But I'm having a GRAND time over here. It has been so much fun writing these posts. I am so thankful my mind has not gone blank and every day I have a new post ready to write. All of your sweet comments are just making my day!

Well, like I promised today is the day that I am going to explain about my give away. Some of you may be aware of it some may not but every time you comment on ANY of my posts you are entering in my give away. If you win and rather not have the prize. Simple, just comment or email me and let me know. I'll pick someone else. No worries, feelings will not be hurt!

Some of you have asked "What" I am giving away. Well, I am not going to go into specifics but everything I'm giving away is wrapped up in things I talk about on here "Reading" and "Music" (Hint: more reading than music) But that's all the hints I'm giving you.

I have mention I am having THREE give aways in honor of my THREE years in blogging.

So I am going to have one blog give away...*Clearing Of Throat* today. One "when you least expect it" and one on the BIG day. My blogaversary on April 14th.

Keep on commenting and you may just be the winner. Also if you haven't yet post my blinkie on your blog. It's just too cute to waste! ;)

Oh and yes I already have the winner. But I am going to work on the winners post so see you in a bit!

Late night blogging

You know one of the best things about this series is the most smallest things inspire me for a post. After I came back home from mid week service tonight. I brought up a piece of yummy apple pie (That my sweet mommy made) up to my bedroom along with a glass of milk and I quickly signed on to the Internet. I hopped on over to my blog and was so pleased to see 9 comments that had not yet been published.

It has been such fun "meeting" a lot of new bloggers through this series, I have certainly smiled, laughed and just felt pleased that so many of you have mentioned that you are checking back for new posts.

Well, going back to what I said about the smallest things inspiring me it's 1:33 in the morning I just got off the phone with my sweet Mimi (grandmother) and I thought well maybe I will blog after all even though it's really late. I have a day off from school tomorrow so....what's my excuse?

So, lets dive right in shall we? I think you may not be part of the official "bloggie" club unless you have late night blogged at least once. I know I have a dozen times over.

I think sometimes those creative juices start flowing when even the "counting sheep" have fallen asleep.

For me I like to lay in my bed with my laptop on my lap the lamp is off the only light is from my screen on my laptop. I occasionally hear Jeremy stirring in his crib down stairs or the cat chomping on his food in Aaron's room the quiet hum of my laptop. I once in while see a car head lights shine through my window. But for the most part the house is silent, outside is pitch dark. And it's just me and my thoughts.

I love to be able to express my deepest thoughts into words I always enjoyed forming meaningful paragraphs with words. Words can describe so much, words have a color, a shape ,a feel all in it's own. Writing is my friend!

But one thing about late night blogging. Your energy seems to disappear fast and you start feeling as though your eyes are going to close without your consent. So I am going to go to sleep.

I would love to see more comments even if you just want to stop by and say a quick "hi!". You say I'm an encouragement to you. Well all of these comments are an encouragement to me. I would like to ask you all back tomorrow where I will be talking more in detail about the give away and what I am actually giving away...or at least a hint! ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog Hopping!

Okay, confess you were one to hop scotch every where you went huh? At the grocery store you would use the large squares on the floor to hop around while your mom would push the cart following her list. She would glance back and see her precious child hopping around your braids whipping you in your face and she would smile before she weighed her tomato's.

You would just itch until it was your turn to try your best to be the "hopscotch" winner at the playground. Your mom would joke around telling her friends she jumps more than she walks.

You were that little girl weren't you?

Not me.

I am "hopping" challenge. I could not hop scotch or jump rope if my life depended on it. My large foot would always get caught in the rope and I would fall to my face. Sigh...big feet.

So, when I was nineteen I discovered a hopping I actually could do. And my poor big feet could stay on solid ground. I discovered "How to blog" what I needed to do was "hop" around find blogs that had the same standards I had that I could relate too and "comment" on their blogs. Some never commented back on mine but the majority came back over to mine and some stayed. Others found me first and I discovered how much I enjoyed their blogs.

It's amazing how one blog, one author, one post could encourage you, humble you, challenge you as much as some of theses blog authors have done to me.

You know not only posts can make an impression but comments as well...

There is one comment I received early on that surprised me to no end. It aggravated me it annoyed me but most of all it made me sad for this person. It was my first negative comment and I decided after I prayed about it that I needed to write a post about it.

The comment was this "Ginger, you are afraid to die so you believe in fairy tales." First I was glad this person pointed this out to me because I had no idea I was afraid to die! Am I Living A Fairy Tale?

This afternoon as I hopped all around the blogsphere it brought back some wonderful memories. Where I would discover a new blog and want to read every post the author had ever written. It was like buying a new novel and just can't put it down.

I was glad I "made" the time to blog hop today it was so refreshing it was so fun and it gave me an idea for my next 3 years and counting post! ;)

I know some of you have already told me how you found my blog but if you haven't yet. Why don't you jot it down on my comment box. It would be fun to read about it and if you already had still comment! It's been so fun hearing from all you keep those comments coming!


Wow! Is all I can say. I am one blessed girl. Who doesn't deserve it but is so humbled.

I went to a students house today after school the admiring eyes she had for me made me stumble.

I don't deserve it.

But, the Lord still gives me so much.

A wonderful family.

A sweet church family.

A job I love.

A hand full of students who love me. (The feeling is very mutual)

But, I still stumble, I still take my eyes off the Lord and look at the water.

But the Lord always catches me, He is always there for me. He loves me. I'm touched. I'm humbled, I'm loved.

Thinking today I have a BIG job my job is to do the best I can do to show my sweet students the way to go. Humbling, touching...reality.

I come home late go on the Internet and find the most beautiful template on my blog. This girl has no time on her hands, but as I text her Sunday afternoon asking if she could make me a button she offers to do my whole blog over. Without a complaint, without a "When I have time." She drops everything and makes my third year anniversary one to remember. Thank you, Mackenzie! Touched...

I check my comments and I see seven filling my inbox with the sweetest most encouraging words, making me smile, making me humbled making me touched.

Three years of blogging, three years of making new friends, three years of sharing my ups and downs three years of blog hopping, three years of commenting, three years of feeling touched.

If you are new I am celebrating my third year in the bloggie world. I have been reminiscing, sharing my thoughts, enjoying comments from long time bloggie friends, new bloggie friends and bloggie friends who knew me as a child! ;) I am having three give aways. And when you least expect it you will find a winner on three upcoming posts. How you enter you may ask...Comment!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Blast From The Past

In three years so much has happened so much in my own life and in this world. When I started this blog I just volunteered at the school I now teach at it. I only had two nephews now I have 3 nephews and one niece and one nephew on the way. When I started this blog I had two sisters and two brothers never in my wildest dream thought we would have another brother two years after I started this blog. Wow!

I feel like I shared so much in this bloggie world. I have "Met" so many wonderful people through this little corner.

I thought it would be fun to reminisce through some of my "First few posts" I ever written on here.

All these dreams are now only dreams. They will never be able to be a reality because two angry men crushed them and killed the dreamers...In A Blink Of An Eye

Carole her younger sister waltzes into the room and plops herself next to her sister. "Why are you watching this?" Ginger shrugs "I don't know. Nothing else is on and it keeps my attention." Carole fully turns her body to face Ginger. "Are you serious? How are the Muppet's keeping your attention? Those two old bald guys drives me insane."

We both had our Bible's opened and listened to the preaching when all of a sudden I heard this very loud noise coming from behind me... How Rude

What A Day (One of my favorites)
No, her father said loudly as the little girl whined. "Dad-dy, BUT I WANT A MAGAZINE!" Terrific, I thought. We are in front of a brat. The girl persisted. "Mag-a-zine" She chanted "Mag-a-zine." Wonderful, we have a five year old campaigning for a stupid magazine, in back of my head.

Blessings I am reminded often that life is not for whining and complaining which I have done my share of but, to rejoice that I am saved and that God sure hands out blessings to me especially when I need them most!

These are just a few of many posts I have written through out these three years. I enjoyed reading posts I had forgotten I even wrote. I hope you will enjoy them as well. Some you may recognize, others may have never read them.

I would also like to mention about my give aways. I have a button on my blog that I would like all you to post on yours! I will have three random give aways. Just keep commenting on my "Three and Counting" posts and you will be automatically entered in the give aways. Keep checking back because without any notice I will post a winner on three upcoming posts.

Can't wait to write another post I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 Years and Counting

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3-5 and 6

Well, I'm so excited to start this tonight. This will be my official "first post" on my series "3 years and counting."

I have been so excited about this. My goal is to make you smile, maybe have a giggle escape your being, maybe even a tear will slip down your cheek (I will be highly honored if I make you cry! ;) In a good way of course!)

For days now I have been thinking, praying...pondering and pondering what this series will be about, how many people who will read and comment, what you will get out of it, what I will get out of it.

I want this to be something different something you will look forward to checking on after school or work, or after you lay your baby down for a nap. While the chicken is cooking in the oven, or while your toe nails are drying. I want your input and your thoughts (Positive thinking would be nice)

The subject I will be discussing tonight. Will be "Keeping it simple"

I must confess I envy some of you bloggers. I go on some of yours and I will be the 40th commenter and I think how can someone attract so many readers? How is mine different? Am I boring? Do I ramble too much?

I get greedy. Well, I have six commenter's but...will anyone else comment? Is that all?

I had one of those heart to hearts with my mom tonight as I explained how I really want people to not only read but let me know they are reading my blog.

And just as simple it was for me to be whining it was also just as simple for mom to put me in my place.

"Ginger, are you blogging for popularity or to minister to others?"

22 years old nothing when I'm wrong...I'm wrong and I knew in my heart once again mom is right.

But that's how we get sometimes isn't? We want to do the right thing but we also want the credit.

I may never know how many of you that are out there reading my blog, I may never know how many are out there who has been blessed with something I wrote or laughed, or cried or smiled. But what I do know is that I need to stick to it and not allow the lack of comments hinder me of doing something I believe the Lord would have me to do.

I do hope people will come by especially during this season of Pieces Of My Heart and I would love to hear from you but there is no pressure here if you just want to slip in take a back row seat and read and quietly slip back out that is fine. I'm glad you stopped by.

I would like this though if you enjoy my blog and would not mind promoting my blog on yours I would be honored! I do want many, many people to know about this exciting time over here.

There will be fun posts, inter active posts and even 3 give aways!!!!!

Can't wait to see you all back for the next post. Until then have a wonderful night!

Friday, March 19, 2010

the number three

I usually hit the alarm clock three times before I get up in the morning.

When I was three years old I realized my day could not start without making my bed (I have a picture to prove it. Lining up my stuff animals and straitening up the blanket)

My nephew Devyn is a VERY active three year old. Who is loads and loads of fun!

The end of August will start my third year teaching!

Three years since my cousin Tommy went to be with Jesus.

We have had my cat Thumper for three whole years!

And on April 14th it will be three years since I started Pieces Of My Heart.

However back then the title was the same as my blog the life of miss p...has a ring to it don't ya think?

It's hard to believe it has been three years! I was just discussing this very topic with my mom. I was telling her how I am hoping all of you will participate in my anniversary. And how I'm excited about the coming events over at this here blog. ;)

I feel like I just announced my first anniversary and then my second anniversary and now it's coming on my third. And for the big 3 I want to do something special, every anniversary I have a give away...but this year I want a little twist (More info coming soon)

So, if you haven't yet posted three things you like about this blog please do. I think every one will enjoy these few weeks of looking backing, reminiscing, enjoying flash backs and new stuff going on in this blog and in my life.

I love the few comments I received the other day how people like reading this blog because I keep it real. It's a compliment when someone says "I feel like I know you through your blog." That's what I try to do I want you to feel at home as you read my little corner on the net.

So, once again on this post or my last please join the fun! And keep checking back I am going to have a series of posts that all wrap around three years in the bloggy world. It will be fun, it will be journey...come join me...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Bloggie update and some fun coming soon.

So, I wanted to write a really interesting post but I can't think!

I mean sure my mind is swimming with so many different thoughts and ideas. But sometimes you can have all the thoughts and ideas you want but you just can't seem to pour, mix and make the batter with it. So what do you do you go in the freezer and pop in a microwave pizza in the oven.

So my microwave pizza will be "other" peoples posts.

I haven't done this in a while and I thought it was about time. There are so many bloggers out there with so many stories of their own. That it's nice to recognize them! Plus you may just find a new blog you love to read!!

Well, this first blogger, I am going to mention was one of the first bloggers I ever found and followed! I was very impressed with her blog the way she wrote and how she shared her heart. I read, when she was engaged, I watched in anticipation for the wedding pictures and as I sat in my mom's hospital room waiting for Jeremy to be born I read that Courtney was going to have a baby! Go check the pictures out Clint is ADORABLE!!

The next blog I found a couple of years ago. Instantly I became a "fan" My sister Carole and I sat at our family computer and laughed, and smiled and even shed a tear as we read how her second little boy came into the world. Ever since then I followed her blog and still do she makes me laugh until I can't breathe, she makes me cry until I can't see the screen, she helps me to think deep...recently I wrote a post concerning their sweet family and her newest post you just have to see it.

The last one for tonight is a girl who is so super duper fun! I found her blog oh, I think a few months after I started blogging. I believe the first post I read was about her being at a campaign or something but what I really remember was that she saw Kenny Bishop there (A Southern Gospel singer) I was instantly impressed! ;) Since then we have become blog hoppers she hops over to my blog I hop over to hers it's great! ;) I also have been able to call her friend! Hop over to Morgan's blog she is the best of having all sorts of posts. Love, love her blog!

Okay, one more itsy bitsy thing...I need a favor.

I need you to express into word (or words) three things that you "like" about this blog. My third year blog anniversary is coming up and I'm thinking about a post and I need your help this year. Be creative!!

There will be some fun things coming up in the coming weeks in celebration for my third year in this bloggie world.

I know people read, but not all of you comment but for this please comment and leave your first name! Thank you bunches!

Also if you rather email me piecesofmyheart08 at either way creative comments!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, I'm up!

So, in my mind I came to the conclusion. I would be awake laying in bed so why don't I be awake on my laptop instead.

See, bloggie friends, the mean, icky,gross,mean.mean cold decided to grace my house hold. However, my mom and I were the lone survivors. We were not easily persuaded into the colds grubby hands and then my mom started coughing, and her throat was sore...and well, she was down.

...but not me I held my ground I was NOT going to get SICK again. It just was not going to happen. I popped those oranges in my mouth, drank plenty of orange juice, ate strawberries and bananas I basically could be mistaken as the first human fruit salad. I washed my hands, I kept my distance...

...but it didn't help...

Yesterday morning my throat was a little scratchy as the day progressed I started sneezing and by the end of the night I had the chills.

Yup, the lone survivor stuff wasn't happening I was the last one to get sick and indeed I got sick. I now can't fall asleep. I know I should try but I am so stuffed up and congested.

I feel terrible! :( *GULP* I know, it's late very late *GULP* 2:19 in the morning. But last night at this time it was 1:19 in the morning. Does that count for anything? So basically it's not that late? Right? Okay I'll stop making excuses, Thankfully, tomorrow I get to rest and by Tuesday I hope I'll be feeling better for school.

I think I'll be heading to bed soon. But before I do I need to tell you I was introduced to a new store this weekend. (Well or new website the store is to far away) It's called Dillard's. They have super cute bags and clothes. (But I haven't looked at all the clothes yet I'm sure some are ummm not that cute) but anyhow they are really expensive. But maybe they will have a sale one day! I really, really liked there stuff!!

Okay, I will be going to bed now. (Or trying too)

Have a great Monday! And please keep (My sick family) in your prayers!! Thanks!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm so tired. However, I really wanted to blog.

You know how it goes you are tired and don't feel like blogging so you don't blog for a week and then you finally blog and then don't blog again for a while..and so the story goes.

So I decided I would blog and break the tradition of not blogging just because I'm tired.

But I'm afraid I don't have much to blog about tonight.

But today I was thinking...

I can't believe it's already time to get ready for next school year, meeting new parents, and new students. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I had a meeting today for next school year...

And it's getting exciting thinking about a new year of school new adventures, new students, new ideas.

But, I guess I should first finish this school year before I think of next school year.

I think it's the perfect weather we have been having lately that is making me think ahead.

I'm already thinking of summer time, my 23rd birthday, Jeremy's first birthday, trips to my Mimi's, shopping and other fun stuff.

I then start thinking of the Fall time the most wonderful time of year the beginning of school. :)

So this post is as random as they come.

But I'm TIRED so give me a break! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lovin' Life

Recently, I was having a discussion with someone on the topic of being thankful for your life. (This is just my opinion) But I believe a lot of us gets so wrap up in the little things in life that we forget about the bigger things about the important things.

We get concerned about what we are wearing, our bills, our job,our school, who likes who, etc...etc..

And instead of being thankful for what we have and the blessings we have we just want more, and complain more.
As I was having this discussion I started pointing out people I know who are really going through trials who make other peoples trials look like a walk in the park. How having a hang nail, stepping in a puddle on your way to work,an unexpected phone bill seem like a walk in the park compare to some other trials.
I often go back to the bloggie world because even if there is not one person I can think of who is going through a huge trial. I can always think of at least one in the wonderful world of blogginess that is going through a difficult time. And when I myself get in that mode of "Poor me" I can go back to the fact that someone needs me to pray for them instead of me to feel sorry for myself.
I guess we all can say we fall in that rut. Where we forget who holds tomorrow, we forget we don't need to worry and fret and we forget that feeling sorry for ourselves does nothing but way our self down even more.
So today as we were walking in the park. As I pushed Jeremy in the stroller laughing with Carole who was beside me pushing our niece Alyvia I thought how blessed I really am. Glancing at my older brother Stephen and younger brother Aaron joking around. Looking at the love my mom and dad shares in their eyes.
I felt my heart swell with love and thankfulness. Not just for my family but for my salvation. I don't know what I would do with out my Lord. He is so strong and true even when I'm at my wits end He holds me up, He warms my soul and He reminds me how true He really is.

So, lets not fall in the ole rut of feeling bad for our selves. But instead lets count our blessings name them one by one!! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Missing my Jeremy!

....but Carole and I are having a wonderful time on my school vacation. I can't believe the week is almost over. We had a great time yesterday shopping with my older sister Leslie at a GIGANTIC thrift store!

I bought a pair of jeans and sweatshirt for Jeremy, two denim skirts for me. (Which I was thrilled about. Needing some for school) And a Christian novel by Colleen Coble. I wasn't overly thrilled with the prices but they were reasonable.

Today, Carole and I along with our aunt,cousin, sister,sister in law and nephews and niece ventured out to the aquarium. We had a great time. And made lots of memories.

Especially riding the train! That is always a load of fun! :p

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My new hair doo!! :)

So how do you like??

I know I look soooooo tired! But I might have some better pictures tomorrow!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Touch Of Reality.

This afternoon I found myself on my laptop in my grandmother's living room. Enjoying just relaxing reminding myself I'm indeed on vacation. It's been nice having the time to blog hop around the world wide net without knowing in the back of mind that I have to do lesson plans or make crafts or cut out letters for a bulletin board.

So, I hopped over to a few of my favorites.

And smiled when one of them had a new post...

However, that smile didn't stay.

My eyes felt moist...

As I continued reading...

Can't even fathom how they can be so strong...

Ashleigh over at Heart & Home is going to have to say goodbye to her husband, to her love again for 13 months.

Her and her husband told their small boys...

*Heart Breaking*

I'm posting this to ask you all to pray for their family.

I'm also going to post a writing I wrote before I knew Ashleigh, through this blogging world, before I even blogged at all. I posted it a few years ago on this blog. I then posted it when Ashleigh's husband came home a couple of summer's ago. But I am now going to post it again. I had decided a while ago that even though I wrote this before I knew of this beautiful family I am going dedicate it to them.

Daddy's Home!

Sitting on a hard plastic chair a three-year-old little boy waited.Watching his mother scan the airport he decided to do the same.Looking at his “Military” clothes he fiddled with his hands.Hours passed while his deep blue eyes watched as soldiers walked by.

Kicking his legs against his seat he stopped in a halt as he watched his mother come to her feet. Her hands started to tremble as she grabbed his small hand.Slowly they passed by people talking, laughing, crying and yelling.Passed the hugging, the hand shaking and holding.All of a sudden the little boy couldn't’t hear a thing.

His face was wet but he wasn’t sure why as he held tighter to his mother’s soft hand.Then in a distance he saw him. He paused and looked up at his mother’s pretty face that matched his own. Tears streaming down, she called to his daddy.His dad stopped like he was having a dream. His dark, serious face stared at his mother.

Then like somebody had turned on the light, his face became a smile. He ran like there was no tomorrow and then stopped.He lifted the little boy’s mommy up. He watched as both his parents laughed with delight.A moment the small boy would never forget, his daddy looked at him, he slowly let go of his wife and hunkered down to face his son eye to eye.

“Daddy, I love you!” The small boy whispered while the man scooped him up and vowed he would never let him go.

Written by: Ginger

So Ashleigh this is for you and for any other families who are counting the days until you can wrap your arms around your husband, your wife,mother,father etc...