Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Break

The start of the break what did I do... get sick.

I wish I was only joshing but the sad reality is I'm not.

Being a teacher can be full of wonders and joy other times it's small nuggets of reality. "Ginger get airborne!" When will I ever listen to the people who try to help?

Being around small people = being around small germs.

So, today was the first day out since being ill I went to the bank in the morning I then went to story hour with my mommy sweet, my adorable cute Carole who's a mommy herself to cutie pie Alana and of course handsome Jeremy.

The close knit group was adorable surrounded by a round table with goodies galore and an older women with braids down her back reading a Dr.Seuss book while we nibbled on brownies. Alana cooed and awed while she drooled on my top.

The sun shone in through the windows and the warmth on my face felt like a kiss from the sun.

Vacations don't go always as planned but I'm home a week with out chalk boards and papers and I'm a happy girl.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013