Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a little post!

I am about to turn off my laptop and enjoy watching a show (I just received for my birthday) with Carole and Aaron.

However, I wanted to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! It was so sweet to see how many people wishing me a great day! It made me smile!!!

I did have a wonderful day starting with my phone going off and seeing happy birthday texts on the screen and then waking up again to find my very expectant mother holding a plate with a home made omelet on it and then in her other hand was a tall mug and in it was a Starbucks coffee.

Later on Carole and I enjoyed painting our nails and watching a movie. We also had fish for supper and my cheese cake was delightful!! My parents gave me two seasons and a Borders gift card and two pretty tops! I do have pictures that I will share with you later on!!

Thank you again for all your kind words!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday too who??

Too MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Of course!!!! Okay, I believe my strange blog will say it's the 27th when I press "publish."

However I am looking at my clock and it says one o five am! And so I am allowing myself to post a birthday post! Before I fall asleep! So, yes indeedy however you look at it on July 28th I turn the BIG 22!! I know friends I am trying to deal with it myself. I am getting OLD!! Very, very old! But it happens to the best of us!

This past weekend my Mimi and Aunt Barbara each gave me my gifts a few days early. From my Aunt Barb I got a beautiful Kathy purse!! And from my Mimi I got another beautiful Kathy purse and a beautiful glass purse to display in my room and a shoe organizer!!! I tell ya my Mimi knows her granddaughter!!

We are planing on having Haddock tomorrow night for supper! I love that type of fish! And my favorite Cheese cake for dessert! Mmmmmmm!!!!!

We had a wonderful time visiting with family this past weekend!! And went to a HUGE mall!! Oh, it was so wonderful!!:D

And since it is one in the morning 9 more days!!!!!

I'll blog soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nursery pictures!!

More to come!!! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soon and very soon!

I wonder bloggie buddies are you sick of all this baby talk? I am sorry but besides school and other priorities in my life right now this is about all I talk about! I just can't wait to see his beautiful eyes and find out if he will be the first child in this family to have hair as a newborn! I can't wait to hold his little hand and rock him to sleep.

I imagine coming home from school knowing I need to do my lesson plans and come up with a craft and other fun stuff but the only thing I'll want to do is pick up that sweet brother of mine! SIGH!

My mom is off to another appointment as I sit here dreaming about this baby! I know, friends it won't all be fun there will be those sleepless nights where no one will be able to fall asleep because of how loud the baby's cry will be. But that's okay it's so worth it after you see his first little smile and hear his first little giggle.

Yup, I am already one proud big sister. Today Carole and I were talking to mom and we were watching her stomach and we saw his bottom moving from side to side and then a little foot and an elbow. It was amazing!!

Well, in other news it's hard to believe but less then a month the teachers meeting for the beginning of school will be here! I know crazy! am very excited about starting a new year and a new class! But, I am also excited about showing off baby pictures of my new brother to all the other teachers. Yup, I just can't get off that subject!!:D

We are also planing on visiting my Mimi this weekend and her sister and brother in law who is visiting from out of state! So that will be fun! Also since my birthday is this Tuesday my aunt has hinted that she will be giving me my gift this weekend!!:) And maybe just maybe my Mimi has that same idea!! Yup...I am still a little girl when it comes to my birthday!!

I'll be blogging soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I LOVE it why don't I do it more often?

You may be wondering what I am reffering to on my title up there. Well.....BLOGGING of course. Tonight, as I sit on my bed enjoying soothing music coming through my laptop speakers listening to the gentle blowing from the fan in my window while feeling the coolness on my arms. Sitting in the dark with the exception of the light from the screen on my computer.

I blog hop from one great blog to another not commenting tonight just reading smiling, laughing, maybe shed a tear from time to time. Just enjoying the quiet solitude of my bedroom. And just being happy that my dial up connection has not kicked me off ....yet...:) While I do this I think to myself you know I really love blogging!

I know, I haven't been faithful to this ole blog but whenever I update I usually have at least one or two fellow bloggers leaving a sweet comment that makes my heart smile. And that my friend encourages me to blog some more! But I also understand the ones who check often and smile when they see a new post they read it. Maybe even get a giggle or a tear in their throat or even find an encouragement word or sentence in my post but just can't think of a comment to leave. I do the same thing! Honestly I do all the time!

Today, I started talking to mom while I sat in the rocker in the nursery while she moved her paint brush slowly up and down the mural she is working on. I started talking about how amazing this blog thing really is.

Two years ago I had no idea any of you existed and it just took me creating this blog and then discovering yours to find some wonderful people in this blogging world. I have realized that when I mention some of you to some one else no more is "This girl I know from a blog." It's my friend in KY or my friend in GA...etc.."

Some of you have really made an impact in my own life it may just be a surprise package in the mail or an encouraging email or just a sweet comment on my blog. You all mean so much to me!

But, nights like these where a post like this comes from no where but it's to important not to post I think yes indeedy I may not be the most faithful one but I am a blogger! And yes my friend I am very proud of that!

I hope this hasn't bored you or made you feel sleepy. But I hope you know this has come from my heart!

One more thing 15 more days until the baby is born!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Some days seem to fly by and others seem to last forever! The waiting game is hard! When you know it's so close waiting seems to take forever!

I watch my mom get more tired each day. I watch her sit on the glider in the nursery with her tummy nice and big folding little blue over alls and little pj's. I run my hand across the top of the crib and I think soon! Very, soon I will get to hold my baby brother and kiss his little head!

Well, in other news I wanted to wish my very good friend Morgan Denise a happy birthday!! I tell ya July is just the month for birthdays! I think this bundle of joy should be born on my birthday!!:)

Well, once again I am allowing myself to stay up oh so late! And should really head to bed! But I wanted to keep my promise and update sooner than later!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's getting very late and church is in the morning! But, once again I have fell in the habit of leaving my little blog out in the cold.

I will try to update more often for now on! I have invited you all into my life with this blog and I am not being very fear by not updating especially when something incredible is about to happen to our family! Yes, my mom will be induced in 18 days!

I know it has been a long wait my friends but very soon you will get to see a picture of my baby brother!

The nursery is looking beautiful. And just as soon as I have time I will get some pictures up here. My mom is working over time to finish the mural but she may just have to come to terms that she will be finishing it with a baby in her arms!:)

Tomorrow is my daddy's birthday! So, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!!!

I think my nails are finally dried (yes, I painted my nails for the first time in months!) So, I think I need to head to bed!!

I appreciate all your prayer for my mom and my little brother!!

Sweet dreams!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little facts..

Fact number one: Carole and myself are now back home we had a great time on our two week vacation. Spent lots of time with friends and family!

Fact number two. While we were at my Mimi's (Grandmother) house I created a Facebook account for her.:D AND... we found a friend of hers from sixth grade!!!! AND...her friend remembered her and was so excited she found her!!!

Fact number three:My 22nd birthday is in just a few weeks!!!

Fact number four: 24 more days until my baby brother is born!!!

Fact number five: We traveled home today and left my Mimi's at four thirty in the morning!!!

Fact number six: I am so thankful I ordered a cup of coffee at Burger King I think I would have fainted by now from being so tired!

Fact number seven: My family and I went to a tent revival this weekend!

Fact number eight: I had a very good time working in the nursery for both services yesterday!

Fact number nine: School is going to be here before I know it!

Fact number ten: I need to end this post!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One year ago....

Tomorrow will mark one year since my first little niece was born.I can hardly believe it!! This sweet baby girl is a joy to anyone who meets her.

Her smile is contagious and her hugs are so addicting you just one another one and another one and her kisses are nice and sloppy.We call her Alyvia, Livvie, or Liv.

She says "Ma Ma" "Da da" "Hi" While she waves at you and "Buh Bye"I love this picture of her. She is so fun!

I am always so honored whenever people say that Alyvia looks like me!!:)

She is just such a fun, adorable, precious baby girl!!!

I love you my sweet Alyvia!!!! Happy First Birthday!!!!!

And before you know it in just a few weeks another little baby will be born into our family!! Can you believe it my little baby brother will be here in just a few weeks!!??!!