Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soon and very soon!

I wonder bloggie buddies are you sick of all this baby talk? I am sorry but besides school and other priorities in my life right now this is about all I talk about! I just can't wait to see his beautiful eyes and find out if he will be the first child in this family to have hair as a newborn! I can't wait to hold his little hand and rock him to sleep.

I imagine coming home from school knowing I need to do my lesson plans and come up with a craft and other fun stuff but the only thing I'll want to do is pick up that sweet brother of mine! SIGH!

My mom is off to another appointment as I sit here dreaming about this baby! I know, friends it won't all be fun there will be those sleepless nights where no one will be able to fall asleep because of how loud the baby's cry will be. But that's okay it's so worth it after you see his first little smile and hear his first little giggle.

Yup, I am already one proud big sister. Today Carole and I were talking to mom and we were watching her stomach and we saw his bottom moving from side to side and then a little foot and an elbow. It was amazing!!

Well, in other news it's hard to believe but less then a month the teachers meeting for the beginning of school will be here! I know crazy! am very excited about starting a new year and a new class! But, I am also excited about showing off baby pictures of my new brother to all the other teachers. Yup, I just can't get off that subject!!:D

We are also planing on visiting my Mimi this weekend and her sister and brother in law who is visiting from out of state! So that will be fun! Also since my birthday is this Tuesday my aunt has hinted that she will be giving me my gift this weekend!!:) And maybe just maybe my Mimi has that same idea!! Yup...I am still a little girl when it comes to my birthday!!

I'll be blogging soon!

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Jessica said...

I don't get sick of all the baby talk... but then it's probably because I'm just as excited about ours!! :)