Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving pictures!

Here's a glimpse into my family's Thanksgiving. This is me and my Devyn.
Carole and Devyn Wednesdasy night. A few hours after my sister and her family arrived.

Me and Patrick on Thanksgiving morning or early afternoon or...okay lol...I did keep on my jammies for a while. But only because me and my brother in law were the only two that still had their Pj's on in the afternoon and we decided to have a contest to see who would be the first to change. He won!lol
Mimi and Devyn chilling at the table.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Trying To Think Of The Perfect Title...

How about that for a title? Yes it took me hours and hours. I slaved over it. I erased it and came up with a new one twenty times. I asked all my family member's opinions....okay, lol enough exaggerating, lets get down to business.

It's already Monday night. This week has just appeared with no warnings at all! I can't believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday!! I should believe it though, I had been in my bedroom all day on Saturday cleaning to my little heart's content.Finally I finished it and it looks the best it has since I redecorated.

We are having a crowd this year. A lot of the family members are coming up including my two adorable nephews!! Mimi said she will try her best to be here!! (For those of you who don't know, my Mimi is my grandmother, one of my bestest friends in the world!!)

So, while I was on my hands and knees cleaning the upstairs bathroom floor (Hasn't looked better, if I do say so myself) I was trying to put a post together in my head. I wasn't very successful as you can see by my rambling thoughts. I just have so much to blog about and not enough time in the day to do so.

I certainly hope I will have time to blog again before Thanksgiving. But just in case I don't, I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

11 years ago yesterday...

My grandfather entered Heavens gates. Sometimes I can't believe how many years ago it was. I was sitting in my home church on an ugly oranage carpeted pew next to my sister Carole. We were watching our Pastor preach, talking about my Papa, seeing the large brown coffin and wondering what Papa was doing that momnet in Heaven.

He lost his battle with Cancer six weeks after he was diagnosed. On November 16th a nine year old little girl lost one of her bestest friends. Although, I knew one day I was going to see him again.

Some days I miss him, which is kind of strange because he has been gone from this earth for so long and I was so young when he went home to be with Jesus. But on the day of my graduation I saw my Mimi sitting in the back pew with my great Aunt and I thought if Papa was alive he would probably have been behind her on the camcorder instead of my older brother.

I imagine if he were still alive, he would be surprising me by coming up on the weekend and picking me up from the school I work at. I imagine him taking me to the malls with my sister or traveling far and wide to see one of my favorite Southern Gospel groups. Instead I can only imagine seeing him again, walking on those golden streets and seeing him hunker down. In my heart I will be nine again, running into his arms with my long braid whipping me in the face.

On November 16th I always think of my Papa. Although, four years ago this day also became a memorable day for one of my dearest friends as well. Mackenzie lost her Oma (Grandmother) the same day. So this day, of all days, I know of two young girls at heart who are thinking of their very special grandparent in Heaven. One day we will both be able to see them again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Liked I promised:)

Okay, just to let you all know, when I posted earlier I had no idea I was actually going to have chicken for dinner. Here's the gruesome story.

Earlier this afternoon when my mom read my newest post, she laughed (that wonderful motherly laugh. The same motherly laugh I received when I was six and was told I would be recieving a shot instead of my sister that day at the doctor's office. *Hardy laugh* "Isn't that funny sweetie? The office made a mistake!" Oh yeah, I enjoyed the humor and laughed along! Yes, if anyone is wondering I am being sarcastic...) Okay, moving on..."Hey did you know we were having chicken tonight?" I groaned "Ummm no." "Oh, well, we are!" "Oh goodie." I said with my most prettiest smile.

Lets pause for a moment. If anyone was wondering, I was not chased by a rabid chicken when I was younger, neither had I watched one being brutally murdered by a butcher. And no, I have never had chicken jammed up my nose. Although corn, I have. (I was one and a half, like I knew better.....) But I like corn...hmmm go figure! I have just never enjoyed eating meat that you can still see veins and blood or skin!! EWWW!!! A little fact, my sister Carole enjoys chicken skin. Isn't that the grosses thing you have ever heard??

Yes, I am getting off the subject again. So at dinner time I was on the phone with Mimi (My grandmother) and the chicken came out of the slow cooker...well it didn't exactly walk out or I really would have been freaked. My mom took it out and piece by piece it was being dished out. I was trying to put my full attention on my conversation and not dare let my eyes fall on the poultry that was laying on my plate.

Sadly, I was off the phone just in time to eat. I sat down and after grace was said, it was time to dig in (or in my case "pick and choose.") Don't want the skin... okay, I'll have this little meat here, eww eww I just touched fat. Okay, is that meat or is it a very clever, deceitful looking piece of cartilage...Ewww.

Well, I certainly made it through the meal, surprisingly, without gagging or having my father tell his twenty year old daughter to get more meat off that bone. So I survived although, I am afraid I heard my mom say to my dad...."We have plenty of chicken for tomorrow night..." *Sigh*

For those of you who hadn't read my last post, I have decided my blog is just not all that interesting. So I am going to try my best to install new material in this blog of mine and update a tad bit more.

Making Some Changes

Okay, here we go. It's time for some drastic changes. For one, I have changed my normal purple- plum color font to an ugly reddish brown. So that's change number one. In reality this blog has gotten stale since eight months ago, when I started it. It's Probably because, half the time I post, I rack my brain for twenty minutes thinking of something half interesting to post about.

I recently have found some blogs that really peeked my interest, that got me to thinking. They have a real creative way to tell a story. I can do that. Why don't I? Isn't that the purpose of having a blog, to be creative to draw the readers into a glimpse of your life? So for now on (lets see how long this is going to last) I am going to draw you into what ever I am writing about. When I have chicken for dinner, after my graphic details of how much I despise chicken, you too will want to despise chicken!

Okay, so I am on a mission to make this blog somewhere you will want to stop by every chance you have. Well...okay, if you do that you may have to read the same post thirty times. But, I will try to update more often! I promise! Well okay, don't hold me to that promise. Hey, what can I say, I am a busy girl!

Back to the present. I am going to end for now. But, be prepared for a change over at "Pieces Of My Heart."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a Weekend!

We left to go visit my Mimi after school on Thursday. Needless to say, on the way down I was exhausted but, I had no idea what an adventure I was in for!! You will soon understand why there was little resting on the way to my grandmothers.

On the highway, half way to our destination, we hit a pot hole and our van door swung open. Guess who was closest to the door? Yup...Me! I announced that the door had opened and when my dad could, he pulled over, jumped out and shut it. Or so he thought. After three times he decided it would not shut.

So....thankfully, I don't know why, but thankfully we had bungee cords in the car. My dad and later Aaron tied the door to my mom's seat! LOL...It gets better, my dad drove to Wendy's which was right off the highway while I hung on to the door for dear life, hoping the bungee cords would stay in place.

After we retrieved the food and my dad decided we would still head to my Mimi's, my brother took my seat and he held the door!lol (Today is the first day my arm hasn't been sore from the ten minutes I held the door shut!)

But, even with our trials, the trip was a success. We had wanted to visit more people but we were not able to because of time. We did have a friend look at the van door and he was able to shut it but, we still have bungee cords attached to the door just in case.

So, yes if you were wondering, we did not use that door. So me, Carole and Aaron either went out one of our parents doors or had our dad pop our trunk door so we could hop out that way! lol...yes it was quite a weekend!

Although, we had a great time with Mimi. We basically dedicated this weekend to take her shopping. She did a lot of Christmas shopping and we did also. It was so weired to realize it's actually this time of year again where Christmas music is playing and decorations are all over the place.

At one point I was standing with both carriages while the rest of the fam. was all over the store and I was watching so many different people walking by, singing along with the carols. I thought it was so funny to watch.

Well, I have to thank all of you for all your kind comments from my hundreth post. I was shocked to see ten comments when I checked a few minutes ago. That was so neat to see!

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Is My Desire.

A hardy hello to all my faithful bloggers,
This marks my one hundredth post.I can hardly believe it! I started blogging on a day that I was down in the dumps. We were supposed to be somewhere that weekend but, our car had died.

So, I was home and I wanted to do something. So after I asked my parents and explained what a blog was... (my dad was a tad bit confused) they agreed and I entered into the world of blogging.

At first I only had one viewer who faithfully checked my blog each day and reminded me often to update it, when I hadn't for days. Then her daughter Mackenzie started one . She has been blogging almost as long as I have. After a week or so, I started feeling my way through the blogsphere and found other like minded bloggers.Then I got into this whole bloggy thing.

I have now fully become an official blogger. I love checking all the different blogs every chance I have, posting, taking pictures for my blog and coming up with different looks for it.

What I did not expect was to find so many believers through blogging. It's so great that I have gotten to know so many people from all over this country who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is my desire for the next hundred posts and more, that I will keep posting and that my bloggers will see Jesus in me through my blog.

I love each positive comment I get on this blog and it's been so much fun visiting all your blogs.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Yes, yes it is midnight again!

Here I am again, at my computer, writing a post at midnight! I have a good excuse though, for being up so late. We have a revival going on at our two
sister churches so we went to the service tonight.

We have heard this evangelist before and he preached a great message. It was great seeing different people we don't get to see often and a lot of the kids from school.

One of the second graders was sitting in front of me and kept on looking at me. I thought it was so cute. She also had her eye on my sister who she had only seen a picture of , so I think she thought that was pretty neat also.

We also went to Wal-mart afterwards which kept us out even later. I was so tired by the time we headed into the store. Us "kids" didn't even venture around the store like we usually do 'cause we just wanted to hurry up and get home.

I am running out of things to blog about really fast. I am getting more tired every second that is passing by.

I just wanted to stop by and write a quick post. Oh and for the people who were wondering were I got this new layout. This is the link.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

How do you like my new look?

Me and my sister had such a fun time looking for a new look for my blog. After a while Carole was getting bored and deserted me, so I found this one on my own. lol... I really liked the leaves and the fallish, Thanksgiving look, so I took it.

Mackenzie, I will be calling or emailing you soon to tell you how I got it. I wanted to thank Liz (a fellow blogger) who told me about this site. I totally enjoyed looking at all the different back rounds.

I had to laugh at all the comments about my mentioning of shoes. I didn't realize that some fellow bloggers share my love for shoes! Well, I haven't gone shoe shopping yet but, I really do need to soon. I was thinking about those shoes that are flat and really cute and I can't think of the name of them but they are very popular right now. I am hoping to get a couple of pairs, one being a solid black.

Okay, how did yet another post become overwhelmed with the topic of shoes? I do not know. lol

Hope you all had a great Sunday.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Little ones who captured my heart!

What can brighten my day more than a sweet little girl showing me her gigantic stuffed animal horse?

What can bring a glimpse of pride in my heart when a little boy snuggles at my arm while following my finger sliding across the hymnal in chapel, following each word and singing at the top of his lungs?

How can I say no when my hand is free and a child seems to think it needs company?

How can I choose when both sides of the lunch table wants me to sit with them?

What's a girl to do when she wears a fluffy, furry sweater to school and all the kids flock to her and want to pet her like she's a cat? LOL (Bask in the adorableness)

Of course I saved the best for the last... What do I say when a little boy looks up at me and says you are so pretty!?!

Doesn't your heart want to melt??