Sunday, November 11, 2007

What a Weekend!

We left to go visit my Mimi after school on Thursday. Needless to say, on the way down I was exhausted but, I had no idea what an adventure I was in for!! You will soon understand why there was little resting on the way to my grandmothers.

On the highway, half way to our destination, we hit a pot hole and our van door swung open. Guess who was closest to the door? Yup...Me! I announced that the door had opened and when my dad could, he pulled over, jumped out and shut it. Or so he thought. After three times he decided it would not shut.

So....thankfully, I don't know why, but thankfully we had bungee cords in the car. My dad and later Aaron tied the door to my mom's seat! LOL...It gets better, my dad drove to Wendy's which was right off the highway while I hung on to the door for dear life, hoping the bungee cords would stay in place.

After we retrieved the food and my dad decided we would still head to my Mimi's, my brother took my seat and he held the door!lol (Today is the first day my arm hasn't been sore from the ten minutes I held the door shut!)

But, even with our trials, the trip was a success. We had wanted to visit more people but we were not able to because of time. We did have a friend look at the van door and he was able to shut it but, we still have bungee cords attached to the door just in case.

So, yes if you were wondering, we did not use that door. So me, Carole and Aaron either went out one of our parents doors or had our dad pop our trunk door so we could hop out that way! lol...yes it was quite a weekend!

Although, we had a great time with Mimi. We basically dedicated this weekend to take her shopping. She did a lot of Christmas shopping and we did also. It was so weired to realize it's actually this time of year again where Christmas music is playing and decorations are all over the place.

At one point I was standing with both carriages while the rest of the fam. was all over the store and I was watching so many different people walking by, singing along with the carols. I thought it was so funny to watch.

Well, I have to thank all of you for all your kind comments from my hundreth post. I was shocked to see ten comments when I checked a few minutes ago. That was so neat to see!

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday!

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Anna Joy said...

Well, glad you survived! ;)