Monday, September 29, 2008

A Funny Story

During Bible Class.....

Me: ___________ Whats the most important book in the whole world?

Adorable Little Boy: Scooby Doo

Hmmmm.....Not exactly what I was looking for. LOL

There is never a dull moment with children and I love every minute of it!!!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

A rainy day.

", do you think it would be possible for us to wash our hair in the rain?" *Smile* That was me and Carole tonight, coming home from Wal-mart with jugs of water in the trunk of our car. Aaron just about thought we were nuts as we started laughing, imagining ourselves singing in the rain, fully clothed, with shampoo running down on our faces.

Well, you will be happy to know we were only half kidding. But the other half was not all too thrilled knowing the water supply in our house had come to a stop. The time of year for cold weather is coming once again and the way things are looking now, our well was just frozen. Thankfully we keep an electric heater in our well (not in the water) for just this purpose. All this talk may be lost on my city folk readers, but, if I have some mountain peeps you will all feel my pain when I say having a well is not always fun!

The shower is now going and the faucet has water. So we may not look like some sad raggedy people walking into church tomorrow. Thank goodness!!!:)

We went yardsaling today in our rainy state but I am afraid the drippy mess was just not yardsaling weather. So we did not do that great at all. Although Carole found a Melissa and Doug wooden planner for preschoolers:) For 50 cents and all the pieces came with it. I did find a novel at the thrift store for two dollars and seventy five cents. It's a Christian novel by Lynn Austin. Hopefully I will get myself to just sit down and read it!!

Well, I guess I need to get off. It's getting late. Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Well they say honesty is the best policy

Feeling refreshed after a nice snack and watching the kids run around with the other elementary grades in the gym for fifteen minutes or so, I was pumped and ready for a fresh and exciting class of phonics.

I had my flash cards on the board and before we got into the wonderful world of vowels we were going to go over the two vowels we have been studying. The children are sitting nice and straight after I gave them the pep talk. "We had our break and now we are going to explore the world of phonics." They were now excited and started saying with me as I pointed to "I" "Capital I little i. I says ...i...i...i as in Indian I says...i...i...i While we were doing our little chant I noticed one of my students (a little girl) chewing something as she rattled off our ditty.

"__________ What's in your mouth?" Little girl "Gum." My "teacher-y look" came out on my face. "And where did you get the gum?" Silence. "Did somebody give it to you?" She shook her head no. "Well then, where did you get it?" In her sweet, adorable, little voice she said... "Under my chair." *GAG* After I rushed over to my desk and grabbed a tissue like there was no tomorrow and told her to take the gum out of her mouth. I tried not to say "Ewww" again and changed our vowel lesson to how we don't want germs in our bodies.

Later on I just couldn't let the issue leave my mind so we took a few minutes to talk about how germs are bad and we need to prevent getting them. A little boy gave me an example (Yes,the same one who called me old!) Like licking the bottoms of our shoes....

Help me! Yes...I am the germafobic who doesn't touch public door handles, who has a mini stroke shaking the hand of someone I don't know and who tries very hard to keep some sort of Germx type bottle in my purse or at least a tissue to hold the handle. They will know Miss._______ means business when they each find a box of Clorox wipes in their desk next week.:)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sorry just a tease

I really need to head to bed I mean reallllllly!!! It's twenty minutes before midnight and six will come awfully early tomorrow morning!!

But I just wanted stop by to tell everyone I haven't forgot you. I am hoping this weekend I will be able to write some posts that have been in my mind that are just aching to appear on my blog.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. I need to give a special shout out to Mackenzie for redoing my blog. Also a special thank you to my personal photographer and sister Carole who took my new profile picture!

Well, nightie night!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Riding home from church tonight I was texting a friend thanking her for a surprise I found in my pew when I got to church.All of a sudden the car jerked. My family was home sick and only my dad and myself were in the car. I looked up quickly while the car screeched and I screamed.

I seriously thought I had texted my last text, I had gone to my last church service, I had seen my family for the last time on this earth and I was going to my heavenly home. Yes, seriously that all went through my mind. (And no, I am not a drama queen.)

I still can see that large moose at the corner of the car, his antlers illuminated from the headlights. My hand was clutching my phone as I felt my body shake uncontrollably. The moose ran into the woods as I heard my father ask me if I was okay. We started to drive again while my dad started laughing saying he had never seen such a big one.

It's a funny thing though, I was planing on writing a story about something funny that happened in my classroom the other day, but I felt this was a tad bit more important.

It happened so quickly and even though a million thoughts went through my mind in those fleeting seconds, there was one thing I didn't even have to think about. The one thing that covered my whole being like a blanket was that I knew where I was going. I knew I had taken care of my eternity when I was a child and that if I had died tonight I know I would have been in my Saviors arms.

I really honestly have no idea who reads this blog. On my different tracking meters I see different states and countries. I can't even imagine how they found this little blog of mine. But I am glad you have. However, you may be reading this and you may be thinking I want that assurance you had Ginger, I want to know I am going to Heaven when I die.

It is so simple my bloggie friend. Jesus died for every single one of us and He wants you to come to Him. You just need to pray and ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins and ask Him to come and live in your heart. If you do that and believe that only Jesus can save you, you will be saved.

If you want to ask me something about this post or about salvation please don't hesitate to email me

Thankfulness is a funny thing it can come in a form of a basket on your pew at church or a moose in front of your car. God is good and He is watching over me!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cute Moments

The other day I was teaching and some how the lesson was interupted (the students are experts at that) with a very interesting statement. "My mommy is old but Miss P_______ is much older."

My eyes turned as wide as saucers as I looked up from my lesson plan at the front. "I am older than your mommy?"

The adorable little blond boy gave me a wide eyed grin and with a nod of his head of assurance we started back to our lesson.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Award!

A new Bloggie Friend of mine gave me this award I am suppose to answer these questions and nominate seven other people. Well, I am not going to nominate seven but only a couple today! Thank you Susie!!!

1. Where is your cell phone? On my nightstand

2. Where is your significant other? When I have a husband you'll be the first to know.

3. Your hair color? Honey blond

4. Your mother? Precious

5. Your father? My hero

6. Your favorite thing? Many things are my favorite

7. Your dream last night? Can't remember

8. Your dream/goal? To always be living for the Lord

9. The room you're in? My bedroom

10. Your hobby? Reading or surfing on the net

11. Your fear?The unknown

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Married with children

13. Where were you last night? Home

14. What you're not? Strong

15. One of your wish-list items? blackberry

16. Where you grew up? not here

17. The last thing you did? Watched TV with Carole

18. What are you wearing? My pj's lol...

19. Your TV? My bedroom

20. Your pet(s)? One cat

21. Your computer? On my bed

22. Your mood? Tired

23. Missing someone? Yes

24. Your car? It's blue

25. Something you're not wearing? shoes

26. Favorite store?JCPennys

27. Your summer? Interesting

28. Love someone? Totally

29. Your favorite color? Purple

30. When is the last time you laughed? Today

31. Last time you cried? Don't know

Friday, September 12, 2008

May We Never Forget.

I had no time to post anything yesterday so this post is one day late.

A young teenage girl lays on her couch at home...

First day of school but she had the flu...

Her dad was in the living room as well and just turned on the news...

She quickly sits up and looks at her dad. His face turns a shade of white she has never seen before...he gets his wife who is teaching their other children in the other room. Soon the family watches in silence as the other plane flies...

She knew she was watching history be made. But in her young brain she prays for the people in that building...

Moments pass and that TV is being watched like it had never been before. She holds on tight to her pillow as her dad says "It's coming down." Right in front of her eyes the building was falling like a stack of blocks being knocked over by a two year old...the newscaster's voice cracks as she announces what she saw...

Now seven years later I can still see my family gathered in our living room, I can still hear our phone ringing, I can still hear our President announcing what had happened over the television, I can still see those flags flying half mast in the air...

And we still need to pray for the families that were effected on September 11Th....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Night!

Well, I am off to bed. I have an early morning ahead of me. Another wonderful day at the school. But I honestly feel bad when I leave all of you hanging all the time. So I decided before I lay my weary head on my pillow, I will dig into my folders and folders of pictures on my dear lappy and grace you with a cutie...My adorable little nephew Devyn. *Smile* Don't you just want to squeeze him!!??!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and hopefully I will be coming up with a real post soon!!!:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Don't break the pew!!

Sometimes I wonder if these little *laughs* in our lives are just meant for me to blog about. If so, I guess I can deal with humiliation, the fear of thinking my life was over, and almost loosing my cute high heel, black church shoes just for your pleasure over a little blunder that happened at church last night...

For years now my mother has been telling my father not to lean back in our old wooden pews at church. "Honey, one of these days you are going to arch your back and your whole family will go flying." She said in her sweet wifey way. *My father laughs*

She also explained that one of these days my sister will be in the sound booth, the rest of my family will either be sick or in other parts of the church and it will only be my dad and myself sitting on the pew and I will be catapulted off of the pew. Ya...that sounds like a day to remember.

So last night our new assistant pastor was preaching and we are all listening attentively. Our Bibles were on our laps, our eyes were up front and all of the sudden I heard it....

A Gun shot? Was that a gun shot that went clearly to our pew? Since I felt like we were now lopsided.

Nope. No gun shot. It was my father!!! Yes he did it. Just like mom said many, many times. He arched his back and a screw came loose "Don't anybody move." I thought "We are going down!" Yes...the sermon stopped, everybody looked at us, my face turned red....

And I believe for midweek service we will be sitting in another pew.....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Okay, so now what?

I am actually blogging two times in one week. Wow, a huge milestone these days. I am home from another wonderful day at the school. I am not just saying that either. I know everyone can see in the way that I write that I am on cloud nine, and I really am. But this school is special and it's special to me. I love being able to be a part of it.

Today I made another milestone. I actually did Physical Education with my k4 students. HAH! I tell ya that was one thing I was not looking forward to! I am by no means athletic! And actually imaging me with a pair of sneakers (I am afraid my heels just wouldn't go in the gym) and a whistle made every member of my household burst with laughter. No faith in me, I tell ya!! LOL was the day. No more procrastinating, I needed to do gym with my little ones. It was the afternoon. We finished our math and it was time. I told them the rules of PE that they need to listen for my whistle (Boy, me with a whistle who knew?)

They were all giddy and jumpy, smiles galore. I needed to put my fear of teaching PE away and just try to do it and do it right. I mean they're only five, right? How hard can it be??

We tipped toed down the school stairs (Yes that has become our new routine "quiet as mice" I say) I put their sneakers on and then take off the sneakers of the boys who put them on them selves (On the wrong feet) and changed them quickly. We go into the gym where once again I laid down the ground rules and then what?? I think to myself. Well, thankfully I had asked a couple other well experienced teachers in the school and they gave me great ideas. "They're at a young age, running across the gym floor will be plenty of exercise for them." Okay that I can do.

"When you hear my whistle stop running!" (Speaking to myself) "Okay Ginger you can do it blow the whistle!" *There is no whistle blowing* Children still running in the gym. "You can do it, blow the whistle!"

Okay so I am not sure when my aversion to whistles started. I am not a huge "bring attention to me" kind a gal. Well okay, I am a big please "don't bring attention to me" kind a gal. So blowing a whistle signals the whole school that Ginger is down stairs attempting to play gym teacher. Well, okay, so nobody is going to be running down to watch me like a hawk and it's really no big deal. But hey, I am shy what can I say? These thoughts just form, it's my nature. *Cheekiest grin*

Well, you will be happy to know that we did more than running. I actually felt brave enough to blow that whistle (As softly as I could possibly make it) *GRIN*

Okay, I am really working on the whole shy thing. I think I am getting better. I have actually heard people say "Hey Ginger's learned to talk!" Yup.....really trying on the shy thing and now blowing whistles....wearing gym shoes....I guess this is what you call growing up!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

There once was a blogger...

Who blogged all the time. Every hour of every day she would blog,blog,blog. She was usually very dedicated. Only on occasion would she disappoint her fellow bloggers. When once in a blue moon her fingers stopped typing and she had a cold!!!

Now every post I write is a treasure because it's not very often I press "Publish" anymore.

I have thought about taking a bloggy break and just let everyone know that I would be away from the blogasphere until I find some time to sit down and really "blog" again. But I am afraid that inside of me, deeeeeeeeeeep inside, I just can't do it!!! Because when bloggers take a break (and I am not talking about a week or two that I can totally understand) but months and months. It drives me nuts!

So I just can't do it to my dedicated readers. I am so sorry though at how sporadic I have been. I am bordering on ridiculousness!!! I always tried to be as frequent as I possibly could but, I know you all understand that right now I am so occupied with other things.

Again I am so enjoying teaching. When a little girl recites the Bible verse we are working on without missing a beat, I am so PROUD!!! I am so honored and humbled that I am in these little people's lives, making a difference, teaching them things that they will need all of their lives.

When a students says "I am so glad you are my teacher." and "This class is so much fun!" I just want to scream with glee!!

I will leave this apology post with this small story....

The other day I told my students to stand up and push in their chairs. It was almost time for lunch and they were getting restless and not paying attention to what I was teaching. I said "Okay class we need to stretch, we need to get these jitter bugs out of our system." I said "touch your head." They touched their heads. "Touch your feet," they bent over and touched their feet. "Touch your nose." Every student of mine put their finger IN their nose. I just about melted!!!LOL