Friday, June 29, 2007

I don't know what I am going to blog about...hmmm

lol...I thought I would share some more pictures. Hey, what can I say? I am proud!! lol...


Me and Carole was having a blast watching Aaron read to Patrick! lol...At one point Patrick left Aaron for the cat. So Aaron did what any normal teenage boy would do he finished reading "Green Eggs and Ham" by himself. It was hilarious!!

Isn't he adorable??? Today, when my dad came home from work. I said "Patrick Papa is home." He stood up from what he was doing on the floor and ran to the door. "I need to let him in!" He squealed. lol...Isn't that so cute. So, that little story I shared does not go with the picture but I knew you would enjoy it!

Peek a boo!

Playing with cars. One of his favorite things to play with in my day home!
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's so fun being Auntie Gingy!!

I will probably post more later today. But thought you must be dying to see more pictures of my adorable nephew so I decided I would post a few now.

Playing in the tunnel in Auntie Gingy's day home!

Reading is so much fun!

Talking to Mommy on the phone!

I just love Ice cream!!!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E lol...Every time we are in the car we have to listen too "The Micky mouse club song" or "Winnie the pooh" As you can see he enjoys them fully!!

Going to the grocery store was a fun filled event. Uncle Aaron and Aunt Carole enjoyed speeding through the store with the cart while Patrick was in the car attach to it. Boy did he enjoy that!

Playing in the park!

Sliding down the slide!
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Monday, June 25, 2007

More of Patrick

Hi everyone,
I hope all of you will enjoy seeing how fun it is having a three year old around the

Here are some pictures of him the first night he was here and yesterday. I have more from today but they are loading so I will post them later.

Hope you all have a great night!




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Sunday, June 24, 2007


My nephew Patrick is staying with us. Heres pictures of last night and today.




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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cabin Fever!

First off I need to say congratulations to my two good friends Susie and Debbie!! They graduated high school today! They are missionaries out of the country and that is the only reason I am not there.

You can probably tell by my title that the lack of transportation is really becoming a drag! I am hoping and praying that the mechanic will be bringing our car home today saying it's all fixed and ready to be taken on a road trip.

How I want to feel the wind in my face and watch the trees go by listening to good old Southern Gospel music. Okay, okay so we have a mini van....with tinted windows so I wouldn't necessarily feel the wind in my face or see the trees go by but you get the picture!lol...

Because, if the car is not fixed soon I think I may just loose my mind! Reading is not doing the trick and TV I can only watch for so long. Jumping on the trampoline until my legs feel like they are going to fall off or my head is going to burst is not distracting enough. Walking and getting bombarded with huge moths that look like mini bats is getting on my nerves. Talking on the phone until my ear feels like it's going to fall off is just not doing the trick.

I was just talking to my friend (aka my sister's bestest friend)and we were saying how we need to get down to where she lives and where most of my family is. It's driving us insane! We need to get down there! I am praying that we will, real soon!

I miss my Mimi so much! It's really been way too long since we have seen everyone!! Today we walked to the post office to get some stamps so I could mail the invitations for our Fourth of July cookout. They turned out so cute and I am sure everyone will like them!

Well, one good thing about not being able to go anywhere is I have been able to get alot of things done! I even cleaned my room. Now that was a miracle!! lol...

Okay, I guess I should end for now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The conclusion: Watering Hearts

The summer went by so quickly with Cassie helping her parents get the house in order and then spending the rest of the day with Edna. Cassie’s heart was growing a new love for this special lady. She was such a balm to her sad attitude. She was so excited when she found out Edna too was a believer. Edna told her she used to attend the church where Cassie attended but it got to the point that it was too much for her health. So that day forward every free moment she had, Cassie filled Edna in on what she was learning in church and Edna took notes.

One cool summer night Edna and Cassie were on Edna’s porch sipping cool glasses of lemonade. “I am so scared Edna. I met some of the girls I will be attending school with at church and they are so nice but I just don’t know how it will be in school. Will they pretend not to know me?” Edna shook her head. “Cassie do you know how many times I’ve thanked God for you?” Cassie shook her head in shock. She couldn't believe Edna actually was thankful for her. She wasn’t special, she thought. Edna smiled at Cassie’s face.

“Well, I do. I got so lonely here sometimes and I never in my wildest dreams thought this beautiful teen aged girl would move into my neighborhood and become my best friend.” Cassie was now trying not to cry. “Honey, I’m telling the truth. You don’t know how much I look forward to you coming over every day. When your mom called last week and told me you weren’t feeling good and you would be staying in bed for the day I thought I may just die!” Cassie laughed at Edna’s tone. “Sweetie, I guess what I am trying to say is that any girl would be so blessed to have you as a friend and I have no doubt in my mind that you will have many friends by the end of the first week.” Cassie stood up then and made her way to Edna where she hugged her tightly.

“You know what Edna?” She said still with her arms around the older women. “What?” Edna asked. “You know how you water your flowers every day?” Cassie was now back at her own seat watching Edna closely. “Yes.” “Well, you watered my heart with friendship that I needed badly.” Edna smiled. “Cassie you are good for my heart. I guess you water me pretty well yourself!” Cassie smiled and knew that she would never forget this friendship for as long as she lived. Every day after that she thanked God for putting Edna Bennet into her life right when she needed her.

I am so thankful that I have the friendship with my grandmother “Mimi” that Cassie had with Edna. You can find friends where you least expect them if you just look. Somebody may need you to water their hearts. I hope this story has brought a smile to your face and a thought to your mind.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Watering Hearts Part Two

Two weeks later Cassie sat out on the porch on one of the new wicker rocking chairs she and her mother purchased at Pier One just days before. She had a novel in her hand but she couldn't’t pay attention. Her elderly neighbor was outside by her garden in the front yard and it looked like she was trying to weed her garden. Cassie could see though, that she was having a hard time. Every time she leaned over to pull a weed, she lost her footing and had to grab her railing. She hadn't yet met her because other than running errands and going to church she was busy at home unpacking. Her Dad had already started his new job, so in the day time it was only her and her mom, and her mom needed all the help she could get. Today though, Althea sent her out to get some fresh air while she took a nap on the couch. Cassie was more than happy to get a break to read but, she wanted more than ever to offer help to her neighbor.

Ten minutes later while praying and encouraging herself to do it Cassie decided she was going to offer her assistance to her neighbor. Slowly she made her way down the porch and across the street. She almost chickened out when the elderly lady with a cow girl hat on spotted her. “Well, hello there!” She said with a southern twang. This was something Cassie was still trying to get used to after living all her life in Ohio. “Hi.” She said back with a smile. Her short blond hair was tied in two pigtails and she wore pure white shorts that touched her knee and a red and white checker tee shirt. “Are you the girl who moved in over there with your parents a few weeks back?” “Yes, I’m Cassie Banks.” The women slowly got up from the ground and wiped off her knees with her gloved hands. “I am Edna Bennet. I have been meaning to get over to your place and introduce myself but, I am afraid I just haven’t been able to get over there.”

Cassie nodded and looked over at her flowers. “You have a beautiful garden Mrs. Bennet.” Edna smiled. “Please honey, call me Edna. Do you like gardening?” Cassie smiled “I helped my grandmother all the time. She calls me and tells me she misses my help.” Edna noticed the sad tone in Cassie’s voice and took off her hat and combed her fingers through her hair. “Well sweetheart, I am not your granny and I would never try to take her place. That is a position only a special lady could fill. But I would love for you to come and help me with my garden,if you would so desire.”

Cassie gave Edna her first real smile in weeks. “I would love to.” Edna opened the door of her picket fence and let her in. Cassie sat right where Edna had stood up and grabbed the pesky weeds that she saw Edna having trouble with from her porch. Edna enjoyed her company and was pleased when Cassie said she would be back the next day.
To be continued...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Watering Hearts

Fifteen year old Cassie Banks watched the moving truck drive away from her new street. They had just unpacked the last of the boxes from the truck and now she was there to stay. She looked at her new house a two story structure painted in a soft peach that had a lovely wrap around porch.

Although, Cassie could not see the beauty because her eyes were clouded with fear. All she knew was gone. Her friends were states away, her school was only a memory and that small house that was her whole life now had another girl sleeping in it. She could feel tears threatening to come down her cheeks as she focused her gaze around the neighborhood. Two houses were close in proximity. The others were scattered around the street.

She watched as an elderly lady climbed her front steps after she had just retrieved her mail. She mentally shook her head almost in shock that the lady didn’t fall back on her backside. She looked like she could hardly walk. The strangest thing though she could not take her eyes from her. She was thankful that the women made it in her front door when Cassie’s mother called from their own.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing out here? Don’t you want to go start unpacking your things up in your room?” Cassie shrugged as she started up the steps. “I guess!” Althea Banks wrapped an arm around her only child’s shoulders. “Come Fall you will meet so many new friends you won’t know what to do with them all.” Cassie tried to smile. “Maybe.” Althea gave her a reassuring nod. “You will and besides we will be attending the same church that the school is in, so you may already have a few friends before the year even begins.”

Cassie walked into her new home and saw the many boxes around the open living room, down the hall and even lined up against the wall going up the stairs. Her mom laughed “I had no idea we had packed so much!” Cassie could only stare. She realized what her summer would entail, unpacking! What fun, she thought sarcastically as she plopped herself on the couch that sat in the middle of the living room. She watched her dad fool around with the television set that sat on some more boxes. “Hey Cass, I set up the DVD player to the TV so at least you can watch movies until we have things situated here and then we will have the cable guy come.” “Thanks dad.” She said in almost a whisper. It was getting harder and harder to keep those tears in and her father knew it. Jake could tell by his daughter’s avoiding eye contact that she was trying to hide her emotions. He watched as her fine eye lined eyes blinked in a consecutive motion. He knew that she was not going to make it much longer without shedding a tear.

He stood up from his kneeling position on the floor revealing his over six foot frame and slowly made it to his daughter’s side on the couch. “How’s my baby doing?” Cassie couldn’t struggle any longer. She bit her lip and looked away but it didn’t work. Huge tears started running down her cheeks. Jake of course, not surprised wrapped his arms around her and let her cheek rest against his chest. “You know baby, it will not last forever this pain you feel, this fear. God will take it away if you let Him. You have a new place to show others God’s love and show them Cassie Banks, the sweetest girl in the world.” Cassie couldn’t talk she only nodded against her father as she let her emotions go. Althea stood in the door way letting her own tears fall unchecked down her cheeks, praying that her daughter would find a new friend.
Written by:Ginger

To be continued...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's day Dad!

I love you Daddy!


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Saturday, June 16, 2007


I'm afraid my Saturday is not all that exciting. Our van is still down so we were home all day. It has thundered a few times today but, no full fledged storms for which I am thankful!

I have been reading "Who Brings Forth The Wind" By Lori Wick. I am really enjoying it. It takes place in the medieval days. Normally not my type of thing but,Lori Wick makes everything interesting!

Our annual forth of July cook out is coming up. I have already made the inside of the invitation and my mom took care of the outside. I should have started addressing envelopes today but I guess I will do it on Monday.

Our town has fire works every year. Our home is positioned just right so that we can see the fire works perfectly just stepping out into our front yard. We have this cookout every year and we usually have a good crowd. Although, last year we didn't do anything big because it was so close to my graduation and my parents needed a break.

I will be sure to have pictures on here when the event takes place but, that's not for a few more weeks.

Just in case I don't have time to write anything tomorrow. I need to wish my dad and all the other dads a very happy Father's day! I'll post later. Have a good rest of the weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Say Cheese...

Carole wanted me to play "model" today. lol...She is a great photographer and wanted to practice on me! Yikes! I did what she told me to do and she's happy with the results so I am too. I hope you all enjoy them! Oh, I also put a couple of pictures of my photographer that I took when we came back into the house.




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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daddy's Home!

Sitting on a hard plastic chair a three-year-old little boy waited.
Watching his mother scan the airport he decided to do the same.
Looking at his “Army” clothes he fiddled with his hands.
Hours passed while his deep blue eyes watched as soldiers walked by.
Kicking his legs against his seat he stopped in a halt as he watched
his mother come to her feet. Her hands started to tremble as she grabbed his small hand.
Slowly they passed by people talking, laughing, crying and yelling.
Passed the hugging, the hand shaking and holding.
All of a sudden the little boy couldn’t hear a thing. His face was wet but he wasn’t sure why as he held tighter to his mother’s soft hand.
Then in a distance he saw him. He paused and looked up at his mother’s pretty face that matched his own.
Tears streaming down, she called to his daddy.
His dad stopped like he was having a dream. His dark, serious face stared at his mother. Then like somebody had turned on the light, his face became a smile.
He ran like there was no tomorrow and then stopped.
He lifted the little boy’s mommy up. He watched as both his parents laughed with delight.
A moment the small boy would never forget, his daddy looked at him, he slowly let go of his wife and hunkered down to face his son eye to eye.
“Daddy, I love you!” The small boy whispered while the man scooped him up and vowed he would never let him go.
Written by: Ginger

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well, as you can see from my title,I got the job. I am sure you are all proud of me! Yup...I can see all of your smiles on your faces. lol...The interview really was easy. It really didn't seem like an interview at all! She gave me a bunch of paper work, told me what I had to do before I start and I am hired!

I will be keeping an elderly women company three hours a day four days a week. I hope it will go well. Hopefully she will like me and not think I am a pesky child! lol...

So...thank you so much for all of your prayers. They are so greatly appreciated! lol...I don't know how many times I emailed my best friend, Susie and asked her to pray. I am sure she is as relieved as I am that the interview is over. Now I will have to bug her about all the paper work I have to fill out and then about how nervous I will be when I meet this new client of mine! Right, Susie? lol...

Anyhow, there is a lot of paper work I have to fill out! Yuck! It looks like I am back in school. But the faster I get it done the faster that's behind me! So...the car is down again, well, it's getting fixed as we speak. Please pray that this time the car will be fixed for good! We have been having troubles with it for a few months now.

I keep on saying I miss my Mimi (my grandmother). I gave her that adorable name when I was little and couldn't say "Grandma." She lives out of state and it's been four months since I have seen her and everyone else! It's been torture!

Well, I need to get going for now. Thanks again for your prayers!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some pictures....

My sister Carole has a real talent when it comes to capturing a moment on film. Here are some pictures she has taken of things she had found stepping out into our front yard.




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Monday, June 11, 2007

Am I living a fairy tale?

I received an interesting comment the other day. I was not sure at first what I would do.I would either delete it all together, respond to it or just leave it alone. Well, by the time you are reading this post the comment may be deleted. But, it sure gave me something to write about.

The comment was this "Ginger, you are afraid to die so you believe in fairy tales." First I was glad this person pointed this out to me because I had no idea I was afraid to die!

I am assuming he was referring to my faith in Jesus Christ. Well, the last I knew the Bible was not written by Mother Goose. It was written by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and He is no Pinocchio by any means. He is the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End.

Living a fairy tale...maybe this person didn't understand that my God is not a genie. Maybe he didn't realize that Jesus died upon that old rugged cross for his sins as much as my own. Maybe he didn't realize that Jesus Christ arose three days later and is living and will return again to take the Christians away.

This faith, my friend, will not be found in a book of nursery rhymes. This is not Jack and the beanstalk. This, my friend, is a huge decision that you should not take lightly. The question is... are you afraid to die? Because if you are lost and are not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ... I tell you, then you should be afraid to die.

I wish not to debate on this subject. I only wished to point out the one and only way to get to Heaven. And that is to confess that you are a sinner and only Jesus Christ can save you from your sins. Ask Him to forgive you and for Him to come and live in your heart. And that, my friend, is no fairy tale!

Friday, June 8, 2007

The award and a cool planner thing!

LOL....I am sure you all love my titles they are so creative and a lot of thought goes into them! Now on to more important things. As I sit here drinking my rasberry ice tea, I was thinking I should write in my blog.'s been a while again.

Anyhow, today I was at shcool for my last day. It was a half day. There was an award presentation and then the kids went home. I sat in my pew with "my students" on either side of me I watched as differnet kids went to the podium and accepted various awards.

When the teacher for the first and second grades came up she had three gifts. She gave one to a helper who came on Mondays. She then procceded to give another to a girl in the high school who helped on certain days during the week. And then the momnet I was afraid of lol...I listened as she talked about me and how I helped out on Fridays. How I will be known for my stories and special treats and then she called my name. LOL....Did I mention I don't like attention and I also don't like not knowing what's going to happen. Okay, so in a way I'm not all that fond of surprises. lol...Well, It was so nice of her to get me something and present it. SO anyhow, I revceived a Traci Peterson book. I can't wait to read it!

Now, about the Planer thing. Yesterday my dad came home and he was talking about this toy, gadget thing that he got for me. He brought it in the house and it was the cutest little planner thing that looks like a palm pilot. I can put all my info and schedules into it. That is something that will be handy for a girl who will have two jobs lol... What my dad liked the most about it is that he got it at the thrift store for three dollars and a quarter.

Oh, just to tell you, I have an interview for the job thingy I told you about a few weeks ago, this Wednesday. So, please pray!

Got to go!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Silent Cry

The Silent Cry

“Mommy, I can’t wait to see you. Feel you holding me in your arms.”
“Mommy, what will you name me? After my grandmother like you
always said you were going to do?”
“Mommy, what’s my daddy like? Will he call me his little princess?”
“Mommy, what is this long thing? Mommy I am scared!”
“Mommy, this hurts please make it stop!”
“Mommy, can you give me a kiss? Please make it better!”
“Mommy, I can’t breathe. Mommy I wanted to meet you!”
“I love you Mommy. Do you love me?”
“I am going to see Jesus now Mommy”
Written by:Ginger
How many silent cries a day a Mommy hears in her heart as she murders her own unborn child. How can this be right? It’s not.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lightning and birthdays!

Okay, I am not happy!! My color is gone. I went on blogger, signed about fifty times before it let me actually sign in and then I proceeded to get the color I wanted. Then I realized it's gone! No more color. I am mad!

Well, okay I'm done about that. I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a few days now. It was not intentional but, I guess I am one busy person. lol... Well, we also have had some thunder storms. Yes, I am one who stays far away from electronics and water when there is a storm outside.

No, it's not a myth that people have been struck while on their PC, on the phone (my mom has been one) and in the shower! Killed even (not my mom) lol.... Somebody who was related to me a cousin's sister's aunt or something was struck by lightning. She was wearing wire glasses. (Yes, it was a long time ago but it still happened. Lighting is lightning.) why have I gone on this scary subject? I do not know. But I am sure you can tell I am one who'd rather not have thunder storms. I don't know what people are talking about when they say thunder storms are peaceful. How is that peaceful? Ohhh I just love to hear the rumble of the thunder how it vibrates the house and the lightning how it fills the sky with electricity what a thrill!

Okay, so Benjamen Franklin was one who was obsessed with the storms and without him I guess I wouldn't be typing on my pc this very instant. Although, can you imagine holding that kite with the key and the lightning! EEK! I think I'd rather have stuck with the kerosene lamps. Although, do you ever wonder how many houses caught fire because of those lamps?

lol...Boy can I ramble! Okay, so what else is new ummmmm my birthday is almost a month away!! Another confession about me. About a month before my birthday I turn back into a little girl. I LOVE my birthday!! I am already telling my parents what I would love to have. I'll give you a few examples lol...I'm sure you would love to know. Cassidy the newest Lori Wick book will be out right before my bday. (How nifty is that?) Some TV Seasons, love those seasons. A laptop!!!! lol...okay so, I know I am dreaming there. Hmmmm...and I don't know what else. I have a month to think about it. I'm sure I'll let you know. lol...

Well, speaking of birthdays I need to wish my big brother Stephen a happy birthday!! Happy bday Steve!

I guess I should end for now. have a good night!