Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday...

to me...:DWow, I can not believe a whole year has past already! It feels like it was just yesterday I was writing on here saying I hoped my little brother would come early on my birthday. He came two weeks after my birthday but it was still the greatest birthday gift ever.

This morning when I stumbled down the stairs I was greeted by my birthday gift. Jeremy gave me the biggest smile and wrapped his chubby arms around my neck.

Of course, a minute later I stumbled back up the stairs to sleep another hour to then be woken up by my mom with an omlette and two English muffins smothered with orange marmalade. Breakfast in bed. How can a start of birthday be better than that? Of course when I came down stairs we needed a birthday picture of me and Jeremy which is the picture above.

As I started to write this post just randomly another birthday came to mind.

It was a Sunday morning my eighth birthday. I have always LOVED my birthday. My mom had put two tiny packages on my bed next to my pillow. I tossed my tangle locks over my shoulder and opened up the gifts to my utter surprise there sat two pairs of earrings.
I jumped up and ran to my mom she met me at my bedroom door. "Ginger, I am okay but I need to go to the hospital. "(I can't remember why she had to go...) I was utterly crushed until she said the next sentence. "So Mr.H (Friends of the family) will bring you,Carole and Aaron to church and then he will bring you back to their house."
My Sunday morning went well my Sunday school class sang me "Happy Birthday" and then it was on to the H's house. But first we needed to stop at the store. Carole and our friend Mackenzie bounced around the store in such high giddy spirits that only a birthday can do to you. Aaron walked side by side with Mr.H while Mrs.H laughed at the crazy little girls in front of her.
We entered their house after the grocery store where Carole, Mackenzie and I ran into her bedroom and started playing with barbies. With my new Barbie furniture.
We had a special lunch, and then a cake (The surprise grocery trip was to get me a cake. I had no clue!) I then got to open some gifts.
It's funny the little things I remember.
But that birthday always makes me smile. Because that family didn't know the 3 us were coming over on my birthday the day before it was all last minute that morning. But they weren't going to have an eight year old girl being sad on her birthday.
That made my day extra special!
More details on my 23rd birthday coming soon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And how exactly can I get my room clean?

Let me share a little story...

When I was sixteen my room was spotless. My bed was made before I started the day. All of my knick knacks were dusted, my desk was organized with my school books in there special place. My dolls graced the top of my bed while their heads rested on my throw pillows. My blinds were up my curtains were tied to the sides. My carpet was ALWAYS vacuumed. My shoes were organized by season under my bed. My make up was displayed with much class on my dresser.

I for one was proud of how I kept my room. After a long day of high school at home I would curl up on my bed with a good novel and could enjoy it more knowing I was in the presence of a clean bedroom. My clean bedroom.

Now, if you don't mind lets fast forward quite a bit to the present.


...big sister to 11 month old...

...maid of honor (for Carole)...

...preparing for this school year...



And where does that leave my bedroom?

Well, I can clear it up in two words.


My bedroom is no longer my sanctuary it's my drop off room. I run upstairs throw a sweater on the bed run back out come back hours later drop shopping bags down go back out and this cycle is impossible to break.

And my question is....

How do I get back to that clean room?

I clean for a day and it doesn't look much better so I give up and then by the next week it looks worse! How can I win?

Well, I am going to try to win today. I am going to put this laptop (distraction) away and I am going to tackle my bedroom.

Cheer me on fellow bloggers I need all the encouraging I can get.

Until next time,

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweet Bliss...

Last year around this time I envisioned days like today. Lounging around eating chips and dip, talking, sipping peach ice tea and watching in complete awe of one beautiful baby boy watching me with his big hazel eyes.

Just the simplest things make him smile, I make a funny face he tries to copy, I say can I have a kiss? He blows me a raspberry, when someone new says "hi" to him he rubs his face in my shoulder.

His smile is big while we walk around the yard while he is in his (two dollar) wagon we got at a yard sale last week. He chatters up a storm like everyone can understand him.He will say "Mama up!" "Dadda up!" This morning I taught him to say "Ha~Ha!" Mom, enjoyed that much! ;) He will say "Gic" We are thinking he is saying "Ging." (Which is one of my many nick names) or "Sis" Which Carole and I have referred to each other since he was born. "Go see Sis. Ging." "Are you playing with Sis. Caa?"

He loves to dip his toes in the nice cool sand knock down Mommy's sand castles, and taste the sand on the tip of his tongue.
I find myself sitting on his nursery floor just watching him play. Chattering to himself as he moves around in his room. It's always fun watching him climb up the slide in his room or pull his board books off his shelf to read. And then he gives us extra giggles as we watch him discover something new like his mountain of toys in his toy chest. Carole and I love to play with him. He loves to follow us around. It's always fun to get him laughing so hard he ends up having hiccups and laughs harder. And then there are days like today where being surrounded by stuff animals make his day.
I just love my adorable Jeremy. He really makes our day bright.

Such sweet bliss...

Monday, July 19, 2010

So I'm still up...

I started pondering on the subject of blogging as I sat here on my bed hopping on one blog after another.

The reason why I was pondering about it is because I haven't been doing it. And lately I was thinking about the fact that I blog more during the school year then I do in the summer and I was wondering how that happens.

It's the truth when I say I have more time now than I do in a school year. It's the truth when I say I am home more now then when I am teaching so how come I have only blogged three times this month?

My answer: I don't have one.

I guess it's just a question that will have to linger in cyberspace.

So, it's 1:14 AM. I'm still awake and I am loving it. I have always enjoyed summer. I have always enjoyed the freedom of staying up late the sweet truth that my alarm clock will not wake me up in the morning. (Although Jeremy and his lovable kisses will) but that right there out does the alarm clock any day!

However, one thing I am not enjoying about this summer is this dreaded heat wave. It's been so hot these past few weeks. Tonight, I was thinking about sweaters, and leaves, and the cool crisp fall air. Don't get me wrong bloggie people I am not wishing away my summer I just won't be to disturb when Fall comes along. I mean really bloggie people what does Fall bring? My precious students!

I was able to see most of them yesterday at a students birthday party. I had a fun time talking to friends and enjoying finding out what my adorable jewels are doing during these hot days. I even was given a surprise before I left.

One of the parents had all my students and students parents sign a a nice big birthday card for me and then directed all my students to walk a line to where I was sitting outside. Each student came over and hugged me and thanked me and then handed me the card. It was simply heart wrenching! I just love my adorable students.

Oh, yes that made me think of something my birthday is coming up!! I know it's hard to believe it's here again but it is. But more on that later.

Well, I am finally getting tired. So I guess I shall close for now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay People doesn't this look divine? I am not a marshmellow type of girl but this right here makes my mouth water!

Don't you just want to dive your teeth in one of these adorable treats?

This is how you can...

Just jump over here to Ashleigh's blog! And read how you can win a dozen of these!

Don't you just love a good giveaway?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yard sale anyone?

I have been enjoying my summer. Even though we have been going through a major heat wave and my brother squirting me with a squirt gun feels heavenly on my back. When we play with Jeremy in the kiddie pool I can't help sinking my feet in the cool waters.

We had a good time at our cookout. A lot of food and fellowship. One of these days I will upload pictures on here!

So, you all must be itching to know what my title is about. Well, as you all know my dear little sister is getting married next summer.

And both her and her fiance are drinking creative juices thinking of ways to raise money. So, they both decided to save money by collecting soda cans and cashing them and they also have decided to have a BIG wedding yard sale.

Which is great because I have been able to get rid of a lot of my stuff! So there BIG yard sale is not this Saturday but next Saturday. We are excited to see if we can raise a lot of money. And a lot of people have offered to donate there things they don't need. So they are getting quite a lot of things! Which is a huge blessing!

If you have any ideas on raising money for the wedding. Please leave a comment. We are having a fun time thinking of creative ideas.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy "late" 4th Of July!

I love this time of year. Where us as Americans can celebrate what God has given us. What many men have fought and died for and to rejoice over the fact that we truly are Americans.

This past weekend. My family came down to Mimi's to spend the weekend with her. We had a wonderful time. Saturday night, we went to a parade. It was Jeremy's very first parade.
I wasn't so sure how he would enjoy the sirens and the loud marching bands. But as soon as that first siren blew he was in love. He absolutely loved every single bit of the parade.

We were just in cuteness city as he started clapping his hands and moving his head back and forth. At one point he raised both his hands and we needed to remind him that we were Baptists! ;)
Our family has always loved the fourth of July. My dad has taught his children well to appreciate and enjoy this holiday. We have always enjoyed the parades and the fireworks. Our annual cookout and even our "patriotic" clothing. I think Jeremy is now an official lover of the 4th as well!
This weekend we are having our annual 4th of July cookout. And at the end of the night our town puts on an excellent show of fireworks that we can actually see while we sit in our front yard.

Last year we didn't have a cookout because Carole's graduation was so close to the fourth but we are having one this year. I for one am excited! It's going to be a fun time! AND it's Jeremy's very first fourth of July cook out. So if that doesn't sound like fun I don't know what does! :)

I hope you all have been enjoying our freedom this 4th! Pictures of the cookout will follow sometime after Saturday!