Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Musings

Nothing to wonderful happened today. BUT....I did go shopping. my budget officially went out the window. However, I found some good deals, a five dollar Toy Story Pajamas for Jeremy. And a skirt and sweater for myself!! Very happy about that!
More about my musings...the other day after I posted on here I saw this SCARY, HUGE, SCARY, SPIDER on my wall. After, I gasped,screamed and scurried from my desk...I grabbed the first thing I saw my sneaker yes, a sneaker will do...I said to myself. I picked up my sneaker and slammed it on the wall and held it on there. Willing myself not to let go, praying it was dead. As, I stood there holding the sneaker against the wall telling myself it was time to release the sneaker Carole came into my room with no worries as she opened the door, the door hit my back the sneaker went flying onto my laptop and the spider fell. To this day I have no idea where the spider went but for two days now I am scared to go near my desk!!

I thought it was about time to post another adorable picture of my niece Alyvia. She is getting so big she is talking more and I love how she laughs and scurries away with this look on a face like she is saying "Just try to come and get me!" :)

Well, going back to talking about my Saturday, we went to out local thrift store. And I have to say I am very disappointed because the prices are getting pricey. A sweater was 9 dollars, a book case holder that was quite adorable it was the "old" fashion Winnie The Pooh and Christopher Robin and Rabbit but Rabbit's ears were missing and they were asking 10 dollars for it!!!

Now, changing the subject again I also thought we needed a new picture on here of my adorable nephews. Aren't they getting old?? Patrick is in kindergarten this year, Devyn is three and is as busy as ever and Liam is a fun little one year old!!

Jeremy,has been sick the last few days but he is now feeling better. I hated seeing my adorable baby brother sick! I just love him! He is just so much fun.

Well, as I hold Jeremy in my lap listening to his new favorite song "Climbing Jacob's Ladder" Sung by Ann Downing. I am looking at the time and am thinking, I should call it a night!!

You all have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So do you remember when...

...I mentioned being on a budget.

Well, as much as I tried by the end of the month (which would be now) it's soooooo hard to stay on that budget.

But when I had that Kathy purse in my hand...I thought do I really want to spend twenty two dollars on a purse? How will it actually benefit me? Sure it will hold my make up, my wallet,my band aids, triple antibiotic ointment, the unmentionables, the spit up rag,the rattles,the camera,the gum,the cough drops, the keys,the phone...etc..etc...But the REAL question is how will I ever find anything???

It's really quite comical watching me fish for something in my purse. First,the wallet comes out, then the phone that opened while sitting in my purse then the eye liner which is missing the cover so then I am not only searching for the one lonely band aid at the bottom of the purse for my paper cut/slash flesh wound I mysteriously got from filing some papers but I am also searching for a clear white cover for my eye liner. Now, the receipts are coming out Dunkin Donuts,Walmart,etc..etc..etc coming to the surface of course half of them are over six months old. "Hey, on this receipt it said I bought a lemonade on August 7th where was I on August 7th? Oh ya that was the day before Jeremy was born it must have been at the hospital."
So, as I was standing in Marshall's after a day of school on Tuesday night holding two different type of Kathy purses that were the same price. I contemplated, I agonized, I asked my mom's opinion, I thought and thought...I went back over to the pocket book isle I drooled over the BIG Kathy pocket books that could fit my laptop, Jeremy's bumbo and a small microwave but the cost you may ask was WAY over my budget! Forty dollars!!! For a purse oh the style was quite right the feel was amazing I absolutely giggled as I imagined it draped over my shoulder...but I kept saying no not forty dollars. I will not spend forty dollars on a purse.
I could buy 40 things at the dollar store for forty dollars. I could go to the Sephora store (Make up) and get well, okay probably an eye liner and mascara for forty maybe not the best example. I could put my forty dollars away for my travel fund...
So, I opted against the big gigantic cool purse and held onto the two different twenty two dollar purses "brown plastic looking,smooth shiny brown purse? Or cool looking pattern, just like my other Kathy purse but cool looking pattern purse?" Up and down the purses went from arm to arm, my eyes kept turning, I kept opening them and shutting them trying my hardest to decide. AND happened....
....somehow me and my two candidates ended up in the toy isle or more known as the BABY isle....I'm weak people....very weak....(not to mention) I hadn't seen Jeremy all day long...
Baby gyms, and blocks,dvd's and sleepers all at my finger tips....I could just smell fisher price and Baby Einstein, I just could reach and feel the hard cover candidate dropped from grasps the other one was next and I reached for the last snail rattle they had it needed to come home Jeremy needed it. BUT....then I saw it a farm with a pig and a cow that had suction cups to stick on the high chair he was just telling me needed one of those...really we had in dept conversation about it.
So, the Kathy purse was a goner and Jeremy had two new toys and I had a new black sweater. What can I do? I just have a weak spot where that little boy is concerned. So, maybe Kathy herself will have pity on a *Big Sister* Come to my door and hand me a BIG Kathy purse that will fit my every need. Or...maybe I can fit it in my next paycheck...sigh...or just keep on carrying my little black purse that I can't zipper, for the brush,wallet and fifty other things are kind of in the way.

But Jeremy sure does enjoy his rattle. I mean really he can't snuggle with a Kathy purse!! ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And it's another day...

...The other day I was explaining how fast a day goes. How the hours fly by and all of the sudden the sky is dark and I am preparing for another. Laying out my clothes for tomorrow,packing my lunch,bringing down my school bag, getting into my pajamas and turning on my laptop. Discussing what movie to watch with Carole while in the back of my mind thinking about all I have to do tomorrow. Reading groups, crafts, story time,numbers...etc...

...Just this moment as I was pondering what to write Carole came up stairs bringing forth two giant mugs filled with root beer and coffee ice cream. What a doll! :) I love these types of nights *Cute sister nights*

Back to blogging...I need an applause people have you noticed my January roster? I have been blogging A LOT this month! YAY FOR ME!!!!! Alright enough of that....

Sigh...can you tell I don't have much to blog about tonight?? Well, that's okay, I just wanted to enter into my little bloggie world. And see how all of you bloggie peeps are...

...tell me any plans for the weekend??

Stop by my comment box tell me how you are...until then... Have a wonderful night and day tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


....classroom stuff....

Little boy playing puzzles at the round table with other students. "I am saving up for a treadmill and it's like two hundred dollars!"

Little boy "Miss P I am still kind of sad about Mittens." "What happen to mittens?" Little boy looked devastated. "Remember? His eye fell out?" (His rabbit by the way) "Oh, yeah I do remember you telling me that."

Little girl : "When can you come to my house?"

Little girl: "You should ask your mommy if she can by you an x box!"

Little boy: Eating his lunch he decided to put both hands on either side of his cheek and pressed on them his sandwhich went spewing over a substitute teacher that was sitting at our table.

Little girl: "You are tall!" "I am!" "Yes, you are very tall!" I had no idea I was tall that was an eye opener! lol
And TALK ABOUT RANDOM! This was taken tonight after I put on my pj's and was enjoying some sweet time with my adorable baby brother!! I just had to post this picture though isn't he funny??

Good night bloggie peeps,

Monday, January 25, 2010

And another day is over...

How does one day end so fast? Wasn't I just getting out of bed? Stumbling down the stairs pouring myself some captain crunch cereal? How does a day end so quickly? Twenty four hours seem long until you live them. Have you ever noticed that?

Well, the days are just flying by with Jeremy in the house. In the above picture is Jeremy and I on the computer this morning. No make up and in my pajamas and all. Remind me again why I am posting this on my blog?? LOL I just couldn't resist. You see his hand on mine? That is what he is doing right now. He just loves to help me out!

Carole had been holding him on on my bed while I sat here at my desk blogging. But all of the sudden I heard this scream. I look over and Jeremy is holding his arm out to me and started getting all giddy when I stood up and picked him up! Have I mentioned I love that brother of mine??

I just handed him back to Carole so I could finish blogging with both hands on the keys so now he trying to help Carole text! lol

He has now sitting by himself on the floor while he plays with his toys. It's so adorable!! (I would have the above picture right under this paragraph but...blogger is being annoying!)

I LOVE it when he gives me one of his biggest smiles when I tell him I love him!

Well, I hope you don't mind another post filled with Jeremy! But he is one of my favorite subjects!! You all have a wonderful day tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Floats Your Boat?

This post has been in the works all day long. I had to push it aside a couple of times while in Sunday School. As I played with the babies in nursery during morning service I started playing with words in my head how can I word this or how can I word that?? Pushing the post out of my head I rocked Jeremy to sleep. I talk to my friend who was also in nursery. I imagined myself tubing down a snowy slope at a teen and young adult activity that's coming up. And felt my whole body shiver!

But on the way home from church sipping my dunkachino I started really thinking. This post will be good this post is long in coming this post I hope will reach readers pull them in encourage my regular readers, re pull them in to my world, to my blog, to my spot on the web.

Now hold on bloggie people don't start rolling your eyes placing your finger on your touch pad or mouse ready to click out of my blog and say here is another post crying for comments! Because even though this post I hope will get feedback it's not exactly where I was heading.

I want to know what floats your boat? Yesterday, I went on one of my site meters and I was amazed at how many people from not only this country but others visit this blog! Why do you come over here? What do I write/post on here that interests you? Do you sometimes sit at the computer trying to think on what to search on the web and you think "Hmm, I wonder if Ginger updated her blog today?" Do you enjoy the pictures I post? Or the sweet comments I get from my students? Do you like when I spill a little from my heart? Etc...

Is there something you would like to see come out of this blog?

I write a post about hopping on one slipper I get many comments, but I write another and I get none. So what floats your boat? What do you like to read about?

I would LOVE to hear what you think I would love to hear what floats your boat?

I have been racking my brain for a while how to make my blog more out there, more available, more likable. Not so I can be the next world wide famous blogger. But, so my little blog out reach could go a little farther...

So that's my post, that's my thoughts, that's me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The King Is Coming.

The King is coming, the King is coming I just heard the trumpet sounding and soon
His face I'll see The King is coming, the King is coming Praise God, He's coming
for me

Not doing too much today. Day off school surfing the Internet while holding Jeremy. Clicking page after page on Facebook, blog hopping while making pizza bites in the oven. Fooling around with pictures and slide shows, talking to my aunt on the instant message. Start playing music on my laptop and "The King Is Coming!" I listened to David Phelps begin the song I smiled. I have always enjoyed the song but as I really listened to the words, to the meaning to what it was saying. I started thinking...

How many people know the King Is Coming? Not just the lost but the saved? We do our daily things, teach,mother,father,work,shop,surf,read,go to church...etc...But how many people do you know live like the King is coming soon?

I know I don't. Maybe some days I do when I am around the round table talking to my little ones about how much Jesus loves them...quoting verses like "Fear not for God is with thee" But how about when I am home relaxing, reading a book or on the Internet. How many times do I think the King Is coming and what am I doing about it?

Sometimes we feel like going to church is enough. But it's not. We need to be an example and be a witness wherever we go. Now, I'm not saying don't go to church. Because I believe church is very important. But it's not just going to church, it's reading your Bible, watching what you watch on TV what you are reading, what you are doing, how you are acting.

I know, I have struggled with that. I will be at a store and a cashier is being plain rude and I just want to give her a tongue lashing of her life in a respectful manner that is. ;) But I have to stop and think would that be a good testimony?

How many times do we think will today be the day? Will today be the day the King will come?

I have often wonder will I hear "Well, done thy good and faithful servant?" Or will I hear "Ginger, please tell me what you did to serve me?" Chilling...but that is how I need to think sometimes to get back on track and to put in that handy dandy planner of mine the King Is Coming...clean that heart, take a trip to your Bible, grab, some verses, apply them to your life, listen to the sermon on Sunday, think about what you will have for lunch on the car ride home. Etc...

My Friends... the King is Coming...vacuum your heart strings dust your thoughts, wash your mind make it new. The King is not any ordinary company lets make our heart as clean as we can!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The many faces of Jeremy.

How can you not love that face? Oh, he is my sunshine! I love his laugh,his smiles. His new thing is to put his one arm out when he wants someone. He tries to eat my nose. And his first tooth will be coming in pretty soon!

I just realized today that on February 8th he will be six months old!! How did that happen?? He is sitting up on his own. He started the day after we came back from our trip.

He LOVES books! I think he MUST have gotten that from his big sis Ging! ;)

He also loves to talk and JUMP! :)

Well, I guess I should end my bragging post! :D and go to bed! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Budget... Smudget

Oh...please bloggie friends fill my comment box with reassuring words that I am not the only adult on this earth that has a hard time holding onto the cash? PLEASE, don't let a girl down!

I am doing well, I gave myself a limit of twenty five dollars to spend while I was visiting family this past weekend. I spent four dollars out of that twenty five. ( On Nylons I might add) So it wasn't even something fun it was my dire need at the time.

But after a long day of school I am sitting here thinking what I can charge to my credit card and it's just horrible. ( A little fact about me: I don't trust credit cards so....I am one of many who gets those cool credit card-a-ma-bob pay as you go jobs. You give the clerk at Walmart how much you want on the card and there ya go! Instant shop on line mechanism.)

But the problem I am having is trying to put things on two categories what I need and what I want. It's hard people! Very hard!We don't have cable and NetFlix I think would be a fun way to rent a film.Blah..blah..blah...however that is ten extra dollars a month I will need to keep aside.

Then there is my desire to travel. However, the fear of planes are helping me save money. If I ever get over the fear my poor budget will go out the window.

We now need to add clothes in the budget. I have not purchased a cute,adorable outfit in a LONG time. I also really want to get a cute church/school coat. How much money do I have left now?? :) I try to be a bargain hunter. Find the deals pass up the not so good ones. But when hold out for so long you just want to rip the piece of paper in your planer that has all your money going every other place and get that KATHY PURSE! Sob!

Alright, maybe I need to spend my money on a program for staying on a budget!

Here is your turn to help bloggie experts...give me all the advice you have....I'm waiting....still waiting....getting close to my purple cool wallet you better hurry!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas again??

One GREAT thing about not living in the same area as your family and friends is the extended holidays we get. This weekend we had our Christmas!! It was so fun going to house to house having Christmas after Christmas.

I could start listing what I got but I am afraid I am just too tired! But I will try to make it brief, steamer, bag with my "Teacher name" Miss ______ embroider on the bag, heart necklace, sweater,TV season, DUNKIN DONUTS GIFT CARD,Sephora make up (my fave), etc...etc... It's been fun! I also had way too much junk food but it has been fun!

Oh, I also got Orbit gum my fave!!! Love, love,love orbit gum! For some odd reason When I mentioned Orbit gum I thought of a post. I wrote two years ago about Altoids that was my obsession at time like Orbit is now. If you a fairly new to my blog check it out. I think it may just be one of my favorite posts I have ever written on this blog!! ;)

I was going to do a random video of my life. It's a tag going around the blogsphere. But I am afraid my try turned to nothingness. So, maybe before I leave wireless land (my mimi's house) I will do a random video and post it.

I am also on a mission. What else is new? I know! :) BUT....have I mention I am trying very hard to stay on a budget?? Well, I am but it's so cool because a couple of expenses I was going to need to spend on was given to me as a Christmas gift this weekend. So I am thinking about using that extra cash to buy a Kathy purse. Like I need another purse? But, I just have this desire for a purse! Oh, blah...talking about pocket books again.

Okay, back to reality. I need to get off the Internet check on the laundry pack my suit case and make myself a midnight snack! HUH! Like I need it!!

Good Night!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

How could I have been so blind?

I woke up this morning ten minutes before six. Tired and groggy I slipped out of bed. Grabbed my purse and went down to the bathroom. I started my make up while I played "The Broken Ones" By the Talley Trio on my mp3. Just another day...the same way I start all my school days...

I entered Jeremy's nursery and heard his small whimpers I scooped him up and snuggled my nose against his cheek. I started to giggle as I saw his smile coming to the surface.

Later, I made my oatmeal and had my orange juice half hearing the news on the radio I grabbed my ironed outfit and scurried up the stairs to change. Making my bed and reading my Bible. I grabbed my jacket and shoes and started my day.

Ruff, day at school students not obeying, my cut on my leg from a freshly new razor from the night before stung most of the day and the brightly green band aids made for a rather interesting conversation.

I came home not to thrilled on having french fries and hot dogs (A normal mid week service meal) And then going to church and being disappointed the new family that came on Sunday didn't come tonight.

Trying to find a way to buy some new clothes on the budget I am on...and figuring how I can manage in my fiances to be a member of netflix...

Pouting to myself that we are not leaving to go to my Grandmothers for the weekend as earlier in the day as I wanted.

Coming home and complaining that the yogurt I was eating was frozen...

I may sound like a spoiled brat to you...I am here to tell you I am.

Here I am laying on my heated mattress on my laptop... people in Haiti are trying to find love ones right now on streets crying them selves to sleep.

Here I am trying to think what I am going to pack for the weekend...someone in Haiti may think life is over...

Here I am holding my sweet adorable baby brother...a mother in Haiti is mourning over the loss of her child.

I complained about the hot dogs, and the yogurt and someone in Haiti is listening to their stomach rumble as they try to figure out what has happened to the life they knew.

As, I hopped on over to one of my favorite blogs tonight the author of the blog did something that she often does to me she made me stop and think and ponder and cry. Please go on over read her post I know it will touch you as much as much as it touched me.

Let's not be so wrapped up in our own lives and to be blinded from a tragedy that isn't as far away as we think it is.

We may not be able to go there and be a medic or a missionary but as believer's and children of Christ we can do something very important we can pray....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watch out....

...or you may just get a mouth full of...

Okay, maybe I should start at the beginning. This afternoon I was laying down in the nursery on the floor playing with Jeremy. We were having a grand ole time. We were playing peek a boo and watching a video I recoreded of him on my laptop and watch him stare at the screen in amazment.

Carole was on the rocking chair texting and enjoying watching Jeremy and his antics.

"I am going to get Mr. Jeremy." I said in a sing song voice as I nuzzled my face in his tummy. Sweet little giggles assailed the air. "I am going to get Mr. Jeremy" A bright smile popped up in his cute little face.

"I am going to get...." *SPLAT* All of the sudden it was like everything stopped and went into slow motion. I could hear Carole's shocked laughter ring through my ears. I could see Jeremy's smile get bigger and I could smell soy formula/ mixed with squash (Yes he is now eating baby food) waft up my nose. The slow motion stopped and I was back in reality. Still holding the "puker" "MMMMMMMM" Carole laughing harder. "MMMMMMMM" Oh, by the way "mmmm" is me moaning and trying to hand my very laughing sister the baby as she was trying to covince me she needed to take a picture of me before she took the baby. *Notice there is no pictures in this post*

She finally took the baby so I could run to the bathroom. And wash the spit up formula/slash baby food off my face.

I hope you all enjoyed my story! :) And next time you hold a baby lying down you may not want to tell him "You" are going to get him because he may just turn around and get "you" instead! ;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pieces Of My Heart

My Bloggie designer Mackenzie asked me what I wanted for my next template and header. As always I was going to leave it up to her. Sometimes I think she knows me better than I know myself.

But she then emailed me again and asked if I wanted something with the theme Valentines in it. As I read the word "Valentines" I just couldn't help but giggle. I pressed replied and told her I wasn't real big on "Single Awareness day" As I hoped she got a laugh out of that and reassured me she could have hearts on my blog without making it valentine-y.

Well, I happen to love what she did with the place! And not only that but she inspired me in writing a post that was way over due...

Many of you know I am a single gal. And most of the time I am happy about that. I can focus on my career and my family without having to check my phone to see if my love text me or having to juggle my lesson plans with dates.

But there are times where I read a Lori Wick novel or I watch someone close to me who is in love and I think "Lord,when will it be my turn?"

See, I am having a hard time writing this post because I want to get the right message across I am not home every night just wishing I had someone but I am also not hoping that someday my prince won't come. Does that make sense?

Well, all of that to say when I saw my header I just had to smile. That heart has a piece missing and when I saw that I thought "Pieces of my heart I got it!" But I also thought "That missing piece will come when God is ready to show him to me."

All my single bloggie friends, just wait God will show you your prince when He is ready to reveal him to you. You just keep hopping on with that one glass slipper on because when you least expect it you will see your prince carrying the other one.

My ending to this post is simply this: guide that spot on your heart don't let any one try to put their piece in your heart only allow the one that "fits" in that spot. And of course the only one that would"fit" is the one that God has planned for you. Don't settle for anything less. You deserve the best after all you are a princess!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Facts...

The planner I bought last week. Has been a HUGE help. I am finding myself going to it and jotting things down and looking things up and putting little sticky notes in filled with reminders.

Jeremy is enjoying his rattle I bought him the other day he moves his arm and smiles when he hears it rattle. He also loves bouncing in his bouncy seat. And playing peek a boo and patty cake.

I am watching the eighth season of the Walton's with Carole.

The snow is melting slowly.

I did a historic bulletin board in the school hallway this afternoon. It looks great if I do say so myself!

I'm falling asleep. So I am afraid my fact list will be short tonight!!

Good Night!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This And That

As I was getting ready for school this morning. My blog started crowding my mind. This and That will be my title I thought as I made my eyes real wide as I gently applied my mascara I put on the Booth Brothers on my mp3 as I followed my progress with my eye liner.

It was hard getting back into routine this morning. But once I was awake I was ready to start January, ready to start another month of school.

We had a good day today. Learning to count to thirty,sounding out words, reviewing in Bible. But as I sit here I am getting tired. My eyes are feeling heavy. And I just want to fall asleep.

I mentioned in my previous post that Jeremy rolled over so I thought you all may enjoy watching the video of my sugar pop!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Beginnings

In my last couple of posts. I have mentioned about pressing forward. I love the thought of new beginnings. I love being able to erase my slate and start again see that slate clean, new and ready for my chalk to slide down and begin a new list, start over a new beginning.

I am what you called "A dreamer" I will read a book, watch a movie see something live and personal and then my mind will start working. By the time I make up my mind I will be gathering my family around and sharing my latest ambition. Carole has gotten to the point that she knows what I am going to say before I even say it.

Last night was one of those nights. All during vacation Carole and I were watching this movie it was a very long movie so it's all divided in parts. Every night we would watch a little and last night we decided to finish it because vacation is over for me.

It was about a man researching his roots. He ended up tracing them all the way back to Africa. At the end of the movie the real author came out and encouraged any one who watch it to do the same research your family history. I have always been interested in my family history and imagine the prospect of me (Little ole Ginger) traveling back to where my family began. Excites me to no end.

Of course I am only dreaming. You won't be finding a post any time soon where I am saying "Farewell bloggie peeps off to Germany I go!" But, I do think it's something to think about maybe just maybe I will be able to finally write a book and that first book would be about my roots. Alright my head is officially out of the clouds. But you never know! :)

Back to my title. New Beginnings not only do I dream about new beginnings. I see new beginnings all around me. The fresh coat of snow on the ground, the small flowers growing on my plant in my classroom. And my adorable little brother rolling over...

It's so fun to see all the new beginnings Jeremy is experiencing he is trying to cut his first tooth, he is laughing so much more, he plays with his toys and he loves books. I sometimes try to use my "teacher" title on Jeremy. "Okay Jeremy "Ba" is a blend can you say "ba" He tries but I usually just get spit on my face but we are still working on it! ;)

I will end for now. Hope you all are enjoying this new fresh day of new beginnings!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Your Story


Challenge: I want to challenge you with something. I am about to share a little about my past year with you so I want you to get cozy maybe grab a hot mug of tea or coffee cuddle on the couch with your laptop or pretend that you are cuddling while you sit at your desk. But my challenge is I want you at the end of this post to comment at least one thing God had showed you in this past year how little or big it is if you feel comfortable sharing it share. You have showed me in my last post that you are there reading so lets encourage one another lets have a time of sharing at the end of this post.

So, lets jump right in shall we? Lets get our little toesies wet as we dive into the sea of words. Yesterday, afternoon my family and I went shopping our previous plans were cancelled so there was no trip to my grandmothers (Mimi) or anything fun like that. We just shopped. So I went into Borders where I found a planner. I have been wanting a planner for a while. And Carole found me one and it was fifty percent off the original price and with my five dollar Border bucks I payed a whopping three dollars for it!

When I brought it home and flipped through the blank pages as I sat on my bed I thought I hope this is not another attempt of nothingness for me. As I say that I mean "Pointless" "Dumb" "A waste of three dollars" "Something else to get stuck on my book shelf" I have mentioned this before I always want to journal and plan but I never do it. But as I looked at the cool planner with a picture of a shoe on every page. I started getting inspired no not to become a shoe designer but to start jotting things down. I started filling things in for January writing down notes and jotting a Bible verse on the top of the page. So when I look back at the months I can see different verses that I needed at that particular time.

I started feeling like I was accomplishing something little but something I have been wanting to do. Besides washing off banana juice that leaked onto the side of the fridge last night (Long story) I rung in the new year planing and spending time in God's word. It was inspiring, it was helpful it was looking towards the future...

Can that be my second introduction? :) In 2009 I experienced a lot. I was tested to lean on God while my mom was carrying Jeremy. So many days I would find myself worrying found myself saying "What if?" And on that early August morning I found myself praying "Thank you Lord." As a few tears rolled down my face as I gazed into my baby brothers beautiful little face. God reminded me through that time that He is in control and He knows what is going to happen before it happens. Why can't we ever remember that? I know in my own life I forget often and God will have to take me by the hand like I am one of my students and say "Ginger, who is in charge?"

I found myself running the kindergarten graduation at the last minute and doing fine. Finishing off my first year teaching k4 and starting in my second year.

Watching Carole get to know a very nice young man. And sitting back and watching how God is working in their own lives.

I have watched the rest of the family grow and grow my nephews and niece my brother Aaron is growing a beard! GASP! How did that happen?? My sister Leslie such a busy mom and wife my brother Stephen such hard working husband and father to His adorable baby girl and baby on the way.

My parents giving me wisdom and advice always ready to have an open ear and tender heart.

And of course my Mimi. What a huge impact she is in my life.

I have learned to be more patient and understanding, I am still learning to be more in God's word and to always go to Him in Prayer. Even when my brain wants to fall asleep or just relax that is the time to go in prayer.

I have also learned how important this blog is. I have realized in the last couple of weeks that this is my little ministry. Sure, I love to tell funny stories and brag about my niece, and nephews and baby brother but it's also my place where I can share to others God's love.

So as I end this post. I want to remind you of my challenge above. Will you take it? I sure hope you do. I would love to see what God has showed you in your life. Tell me a piece of your story.