Monday, January 4, 2010

New Beginnings

In my last couple of posts. I have mentioned about pressing forward. I love the thought of new beginnings. I love being able to erase my slate and start again see that slate clean, new and ready for my chalk to slide down and begin a new list, start over a new beginning.

I am what you called "A dreamer" I will read a book, watch a movie see something live and personal and then my mind will start working. By the time I make up my mind I will be gathering my family around and sharing my latest ambition. Carole has gotten to the point that she knows what I am going to say before I even say it.

Last night was one of those nights. All during vacation Carole and I were watching this movie it was a very long movie so it's all divided in parts. Every night we would watch a little and last night we decided to finish it because vacation is over for me.

It was about a man researching his roots. He ended up tracing them all the way back to Africa. At the end of the movie the real author came out and encouraged any one who watch it to do the same research your family history. I have always been interested in my family history and imagine the prospect of me (Little ole Ginger) traveling back to where my family began. Excites me to no end.

Of course I am only dreaming. You won't be finding a post any time soon where I am saying "Farewell bloggie peeps off to Germany I go!" But, I do think it's something to think about maybe just maybe I will be able to finally write a book and that first book would be about my roots. Alright my head is officially out of the clouds. But you never know! :)

Back to my title. New Beginnings not only do I dream about new beginnings. I see new beginnings all around me. The fresh coat of snow on the ground, the small flowers growing on my plant in my classroom. And my adorable little brother rolling over...

It's so fun to see all the new beginnings Jeremy is experiencing he is trying to cut his first tooth, he is laughing so much more, he plays with his toys and he loves books. I sometimes try to use my "teacher" title on Jeremy. "Okay Jeremy "Ba" is a blend can you say "ba" He tries but I usually just get spit on my face but we are still working on it! ;)

I will end for now. Hope you all are enjoying this new fresh day of new beginnings!


Mrs. H said...

Lovin' the beard, Aaron!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture and I can't wait to read your book!!!!!! :) Good for you!!