Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas again??

One GREAT thing about not living in the same area as your family and friends is the extended holidays we get. This weekend we had our Christmas!! It was so fun going to house to house having Christmas after Christmas.

I could start listing what I got but I am afraid I am just too tired! But I will try to make it brief, steamer, bag with my "Teacher name" Miss ______ embroider on the bag, heart necklace, sweater,TV season, DUNKIN DONUTS GIFT CARD,Sephora make up (my fave), etc...etc... It's been fun! I also had way too much junk food but it has been fun!

Oh, I also got Orbit gum my fave!!! Love, love,love orbit gum! For some odd reason When I mentioned Orbit gum I thought of a post. I wrote two years ago about Altoids that was my obsession at time like Orbit is now. If you a fairly new to my blog check it out. I think it may just be one of my favorite posts I have ever written on this blog!! ;)

I was going to do a random video of my life. It's a tag going around the blogsphere. But I am afraid my try turned to nothingness. So, maybe before I leave wireless land (my mimi's house) I will do a random video and post it.

I am also on a mission. What else is new? I know! :) BUT....have I mention I am trying very hard to stay on a budget?? Well, I am but it's so cool because a couple of expenses I was going to need to spend on was given to me as a Christmas gift this weekend. So I am thinking about using that extra cash to buy a Kathy purse. Like I need another purse? But, I just have this desire for a purse! Oh, blah...talking about pocket books again.

Okay, back to reality. I need to get off the Internet check on the laundry pack my suit case and make myself a midnight snack! HUH! Like I need it!!

Good Night!!


Anonymous said...

When you mentioend that post I thought 'oh yeah', but couldn't remmember it all so I went back and re-read it. LOL It's hilarious!!

Oh, and your embroidered bag sounds cute! And I'm afraid I'll sound totally "out of it" in the fashion world, but what is a Kathy purse?!


Mackenzie said...

Ummmm.....hello it's a KATHY PURSE! You don't want it, you NEED it. Just put it in the budget book that it was a health expense, because you would die without it.

See? Aren't I good. I have about.....300 health expenses in my budget at the moment! : )

Anonymous said...

Is your lunch tote a Thirty-One tote? With your love for purses you should check out Thirty-One if you haven't heard about it. Sounds like you would like our skirt purse. One purse with different skirts that you can change the look of your purse-one day red the next day black without changing the contents of your purse to a new bag.
By the way Thirty-One is a christian company that got its name from Proverbs 31. I love, love, love their bags!

Anonymous said...

Well, now I feel bad for not mentioning a friend of mine's purses too. ;) (I started to the other day but didn't!) Her site is and you'd love her purses too! :)