Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Floats Your Boat?

This post has been in the works all day long. I had to push it aside a couple of times while in Sunday School. As I played with the babies in nursery during morning service I started playing with words in my head how can I word this or how can I word that?? Pushing the post out of my head I rocked Jeremy to sleep. I talk to my friend who was also in nursery. I imagined myself tubing down a snowy slope at a teen and young adult activity that's coming up. And felt my whole body shiver!

But on the way home from church sipping my dunkachino I started really thinking. This post will be good this post is long in coming this post I hope will reach readers pull them in encourage my regular readers, re pull them in to my world, to my blog, to my spot on the web.

Now hold on bloggie people don't start rolling your eyes placing your finger on your touch pad or mouse ready to click out of my blog and say here is another post crying for comments! Because even though this post I hope will get feedback it's not exactly where I was heading.

I want to know what floats your boat? Yesterday, I went on one of my site meters and I was amazed at how many people from not only this country but others visit this blog! Why do you come over here? What do I write/post on here that interests you? Do you sometimes sit at the computer trying to think on what to search on the web and you think "Hmm, I wonder if Ginger updated her blog today?" Do you enjoy the pictures I post? Or the sweet comments I get from my students? Do you like when I spill a little from my heart? Etc...

Is there something you would like to see come out of this blog?

I write a post about hopping on one slipper I get many comments, but I write another and I get none. So what floats your boat? What do you like to read about?

I would LOVE to hear what you think I would love to hear what floats your boat?

I have been racking my brain for a while how to make my blog more out there, more available, more likable. Not so I can be the next world wide famous blogger. But, so my little blog out reach could go a little farther...

So that's my post, that's my thoughts, that's me!


J.E.A. said...

Hello! I just stopped by, following a comment you left on Ashleigh's blog - "Heart and Home"! I'm a writer too and loved how you agreed with what Ashleigh's definition of a writer: "A writer doesn’t become a writer by getting a steady stream of comments or a high-profile agent or a higher-profile publisher. A writer becomes a writer by writing." As a writer, I totally agree! :)

I understand your question in this post - I'm always wondering how to make my blog more ... bloggie, I guess! :) Not for the sake of a zillion comments. Just because I'd like it to be more bloggie! Every blessing in your research! :)

Stepheny Weaver said...

I love your blog Ginger! It is such and encouragement and blessing!I love it when you post about what is in your heart! I can't write in a comment or in a letter, email etc. But you are so helpful to me. You show that you are not perfect,but you try to please the Lord and serve your family and friends. I think you need to post about whatever is in your heart. I love to listen to what you have to say... As I have said before I check your blog every time I get on the computer. I am sorry though, being the Oldest of 5 is not easy plus my firstr year in high school... I have a hard time commenting.. but I love to read it!

Could you maybe send some readers over to my blog?

Thanks.. I get maybe two comments, My gramma, and a friend!

Keep up the good bloggie work!
Love ya!