Friday, January 22, 2010

The King Is Coming.

The King is coming, the King is coming I just heard the trumpet sounding and soon
His face I'll see The King is coming, the King is coming Praise God, He's coming
for me

Not doing too much today. Day off school surfing the Internet while holding Jeremy. Clicking page after page on Facebook, blog hopping while making pizza bites in the oven. Fooling around with pictures and slide shows, talking to my aunt on the instant message. Start playing music on my laptop and "The King Is Coming!" I listened to David Phelps begin the song I smiled. I have always enjoyed the song but as I really listened to the words, to the meaning to what it was saying. I started thinking...

How many people know the King Is Coming? Not just the lost but the saved? We do our daily things, teach,mother,father,work,shop,surf,read,go to church...etc...But how many people do you know live like the King is coming soon?

I know I don't. Maybe some days I do when I am around the round table talking to my little ones about how much Jesus loves them...quoting verses like "Fear not for God is with thee" But how about when I am home relaxing, reading a book or on the Internet. How many times do I think the King Is coming and what am I doing about it?

Sometimes we feel like going to church is enough. But it's not. We need to be an example and be a witness wherever we go. Now, I'm not saying don't go to church. Because I believe church is very important. But it's not just going to church, it's reading your Bible, watching what you watch on TV what you are reading, what you are doing, how you are acting.

I know, I have struggled with that. I will be at a store and a cashier is being plain rude and I just want to give her a tongue lashing of her life in a respectful manner that is. ;) But I have to stop and think would that be a good testimony?

How many times do we think will today be the day? Will today be the day the King will come?

I have often wonder will I hear "Well, done thy good and faithful servant?" Or will I hear "Ginger, please tell me what you did to serve me?" Chilling...but that is how I need to think sometimes to get back on track and to put in that handy dandy planner of mine the King Is Coming...clean that heart, take a trip to your Bible, grab, some verses, apply them to your life, listen to the sermon on Sunday, think about what you will have for lunch on the car ride home. Etc...

My Friends... the King is Coming...vacuum your heart strings dust your thoughts, wash your mind make it new. The King is not any ordinary company lets make our heart as clean as we can!

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Megan.Margaret said...

The sermon at church today was about this! Repent NOW for the wrath of God is coming.

Good work :-)