Friday, April 29, 2011

So Sorry

I am so sorry at my lack of appearance over here. And my only excuse is I am on spring break and I am getting a lot of things done with my time and really had no time to log on here. I haven't forgotten about the give away and you may still enter it will be closing very soon though! This may just be my longest give away yet.

There is just so much going on in my little world right now that I am finding no time to do it all. I appreciate all of you that have participated in this contest and have followed this blog through out my four years of doing it. Hopefully I will be more dedicated after the wedding.

I have pictures to upload of  Carole preparing for the big day and as soon as upload those I will post. It's been bitter sweet these last few months before the big day we are all so excited but would be lying if I didn't say a bit weepy at times as well.

Carole and I have been cleaning our rooms slowly I am moving into her room and she's moving out. After June 18th I will be owner of both our bedrooms. Again bitter sweet!

Jeremy is getting so big he is talking all the time his newest thing is singing "The Mickey Mouse" song....funny we are listening to it right now. He loves marching around the house and signs please when it ends and won't stop till I press repeat.

Aaron is graduating High School in  a few weeks. It just blows my mind how we are not kids anymore.

I can't believe my spring break is over already! Man, did that go fast!

Well, I am preparing for kindergarten graduation. I can't wait it's my first year doing it all by myself!!

I promise I will post the winner soon!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking For Purpose

I like watching my students watch me, the curiosity in their eyes, the wonder, the excitement that shows through out their being as they sit and watch me.
I am nothing special I am only a sinner saved by grace I have no special ability that makes me more better than someone else. I'm just me, I have my own,corks and sins I have moments I am not proud of other moments I wish wasn't so.
But, what I do have and what you could have to is Jesus.
My students love me and I love them they have respect for me and they show it to me by listening to every word that comes out of my mouth (Well....sometimes) they show it to me by hugging my waste when they first see me or kissing my cheek when I'm sitting down they tell me through their actions and through there tiny words.
I have a purpose when I walk into the school building each morning. Even if I am tired or just waiting for the weekend I try to put everything aside once I enter the classroom because my purpose is to educate these tiny minds.
However, is teaching my only purpose in life? Oh, sure I love my kiddos. I love each smile, each laugh, each hug each funny moment but is that my sole purpose? No, no it's not.
My purpose like I said before is Jesus. He is my purpose He is the reason why I am here today He is my everything. Oh, not by any means am I saying it's easy following the purpose sometimes it's very hard to find a purpose in anything but if I keep my eyes on the main purpose everything falls into place.
Finding a purpose?
Seek the true purpose the Lord He will take you into His arms and show you purpose. There is purpose in living for Him. Sweet....sweet...purpose.
You won't need to be in a classroom...
at a desk...
taking notes from a chalkboard...
To find this purpose you just need to call upon the Lord, where you are whoever you are and He will give your purpose.
Teaching is my passion and pride...Jesus is my purpose in life.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Heart

I was out with a friend today enjoying a "Girl's day out" We had planned this day for a while I had told her back in January I wanted to take her out for lunch for her birthday with busy schedules etc we didn't get to have the day till this morning we went thrift store shopping stop for coffee and then had lunch. We then went to some local stores and shopped and shopped some more. We had an awesome day and found some good buys. While we were out we started talking about teaching. We both teach at the Christian school and both enjoy it so much. However, I learned something new today we both had said when we were teenagers that we would never teach. Isn't that funny? When I was teen I said I would never be a teacher. I think it's a great that God knew better. He knew I needed to teach, He knew that He planned a long time ago that Ginger P was going to be a teacher. I think often how lost I would be without my students each one has place in my heart each one makes me smile in a different way, each one has a talent, a desire, a dream and each child melts my heart like ice cream on a hot summer day. Last Monday we had a scare in the classroom one of the students was sick and was one of the most frightening things I have ever gone through but praise the Lord everything was fine a few minutes later. However, it scared me half to the death but I had this one student who has been with me in my classroom the longest to help me I knew he would be the one I could count on to get another teacher for me while I was with the ill student. He was so fast and he didn't ask me why he just did what he was told in lightening time. He then said to me later maybe I should use your cell phone and call my doctor. I had to smile at his willingness to help. Yesterday, we were practicing for the kindergarten graduation and after the k5's finished singing one of their songs one of my first graders spoke up and said "Amen that was beautiful!" I laughed so hard I thought I was going to fall. I love it when one of my students come up to me and hold my arm for no apparent reason. Or when I look away at the snack table and when I look back at my snack in front of me and see half of an Oreo and then later to be told the snack fairy came to visit me. I just love being a teacher I just love being the person my students see when they first come into school. I just love being blessed to do what I love to do. And I am so glad when I said "Never" God said "Forever!" ;)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four years ago today...

I wrote this.... and then 3 years ago I wrote this and two years ago I wrote this... and last year it was this... And this year I am going to allow my heart to melt and share my heart. I love blogging. I'm afraid though this year has been horrible so far for blogging. The beginning of our year was pretty ruff and I couldn't blog that much I just couldn't. My eyes would fill up and my hands would go numb and I just couldn't type my heart out. But then the Lord showed me again He is in control and that valley moved and that mountain formed. I then found myself busy. Oh so busy and I couldn't find the time to blog. (I still can't) I almost think I lost most of my followers. (But this isn't a sob story post) I totally understand I haven't been faithful in my bloggy world and I shouldn't expect people to stay with me if I am going to keep my laptop closed on my desk. Then there are days like today where I can't stop typing and words are forming and ideas are spilling and I would go nuts if my laptop just up and died right this very moment! But then there are other days where I am tired from a day of school and I just don't feel like it. And those are the days that saddened me because there was a time where I could never get bored of blogging every post was an adventure every comment was a Jewel every newcomer was the highlight of the day. But I guess I grew up and my blog wasn't the most important thing. But even though my Barbies are all sold and my dolls are packed away and my doll house is no longer in my room I'm afraid my blog will not be packed in the basement I am afraid some things no matter how old I am will be staying with me. And my blog is one of them. I can't promise you I will always have a post but when I can manage I will still be blogging because blogging will always be a passion of mine. My life has gotten crazy. My little brother Aaron is graduating high school next month, my little sister Carole is saying "I do" to her prince Mark in June. My baby brother Jeremy will be two in August. Me, well I am finishing up another school year already planning for next year, taking over Carole's bedroom and just being me. So many changes coming but the Lord is great. So, today do me favor drop on note in my comment box. I want to feel like that nineteen year old girl again getting giddy over every comment. Let me know you dropped by maybe even where you came from etc. Also don't forget to enter my blog give away I am extending the contest there was a problem due to posting and the post didn't show up till the other day. So I am going to give you a little longer to enter. Thank you for making 4 years of blogging great can't wait to see what the next four years will bring!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Guess what Thursday is?


Alright right then I will tell you.

My fourth year in the blogging world!!!

So, in honor of my fourth year I am going to have a GIVE AWAY!!!

And what am I going to give away you may ask...

A few of my favorite things...

And one of those things....are books....:)

Among a few other little surprises.

So PLEASE enter.

Come one come all.

You may enter twice a day.

You will get an extra entry if you post this on my blog.

You will get another entry if you write a post about some of your favorite things.

The contest will end on Thursday my Bloggy anniversary!

Also please let me know you are still around tell me something you like about my blog when I actually write in it that is!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Drawing By: Sandra Kuck

I would like to see a show a hands if you like Monday?

*Clearing Of The Throat.* Please show me your hands if you like Monday?

Well, I guess that settles that no one likes Monday.

Monday has never been my favorite day of the week. Since I was a school girl (haha) I have always favored Friday! I still do.

But Monday.....

You are only just beginning.

With me Mondays are the worst to get up in the morning...

The worst to find something for lunch...

And the worst make up days...

But do you know when my Monday starts to perk?

It's when a child says "I love you!"

Or a snuggle hug.

A story about the weekend.

Or a joke that needs to be worked on

Or a proud smile over a scribble art work.

My Monday gets brighter when I see a student walking in the door with his backpack taking over his small body and his toothless grin....

My Monday turns to Friday when my classroom fills up with the little people that makes my day shine.

That's when I love Monday!