Friday, April 29, 2011

So Sorry

I am so sorry at my lack of appearance over here. And my only excuse is I am on spring break and I am getting a lot of things done with my time and really had no time to log on here. I haven't forgotten about the give away and you may still enter it will be closing very soon though! This may just be my longest give away yet.

There is just so much going on in my little world right now that I am finding no time to do it all. I appreciate all of you that have participated in this contest and have followed this blog through out my four years of doing it. Hopefully I will be more dedicated after the wedding.

I have pictures to upload of  Carole preparing for the big day and as soon as upload those I will post. It's been bitter sweet these last few months before the big day we are all so excited but would be lying if I didn't say a bit weepy at times as well.

Carole and I have been cleaning our rooms slowly I am moving into her room and she's moving out. After June 18th I will be owner of both our bedrooms. Again bitter sweet!

Jeremy is getting so big he is talking all the time his newest thing is singing "The Mickey Mouse" song....funny we are listening to it right now. He loves marching around the house and signs please when it ends and won't stop till I press repeat.

Aaron is graduating High School in  a few weeks. It just blows my mind how we are not kids anymore.

I can't believe my spring break is over already! Man, did that go fast!

Well, I am preparing for kindergarten graduation. I can't wait it's my first year doing it all by myself!!

I promise I will post the winner soon!!

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