Saturday, October 31, 2009

Did you miss me?

Jeremy, here again! My big sister Ginger decided to try to download some pictures of me on Big Moe. I think she is going to try again today. But I thought this picture could hold you over for a while!

I know I am so cute! I just can't help it. I am smiling a lot more and I even laugh in my sleep! I will be three months on November 8th! Can you believe it?

I LOVE to spit up on everyone. That is my favorite sport! I have a real talent for it! I also love talking to my Winnie The Pooh mobile and my quilt that is hanging on the wall next to my changing table. So whenever I need to be change I just carry a conversation with Quiltie!

I also want to say "hi!" to my friend Breanna! Morgan's niece! I hear she likes seeing new pictures of me so she is my friend!

Everyone have a fun Saturday! Love, Jeremy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

And I did it again..

Well, you see I have this thing where I don't like wearing socks or slippers around the house. I don't know maybe I should have been "Tarzan's" daughter or something. But I like being bare foot instead of having something on my feet. My mom always gently reminds me to put something on my feet.... "What are you nuts it's 30 below out there get something on your feet NOW!" She's so gentle as she rebukes her 22 years old! :)

So, when I have no socks or slippers on I sometimes sit on my foot to keep it warm. However, when I do that my foot fall asleep. Which happened when I started this post. I guess I should just listen to my mother and wear the slippers. Instead of hopping around the house try to wake up my foot.

Well, in other news. I once again smell like baby spit up. I was just holding Jeremy and he spit up all over my sweater. You know? I stopped changing every time he spits up on me. My laundry is already to the ceiling I would end up having no more clean clothes if I tossed every top or bottom he threw up on.

I for one had a blast writing about my day the other day! It was a lot of fun! If you haven't yet jump on the bandwagon go one over you still have time! Also take a peak at all the other bloggers that participated it was fun reading a lot of there days as well!

I am still wanting to redesign/ change my room around! Ideas people!! I think I may be taking a trip to Wal-mart and getting some handy dandy organizing things! Fun stuff!

I hope I have not bored you! I am trying to post more often but it gets a little challenging when you can't think of things to write about!

I am hoping to try to download some adorable pictures of Jeremy on here soon! We will see if "Big Moe" will let me! Until then have a graet weekend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A K-4 Teacher

There are certain sounds I can do without in life. One being the sound of Thunder. I HATE the sound of thunder. If you live in the mountains, as I do, you may understand my feelings. When there is a thunder storm up here there is nothing louder than the rip roaring crash of thunder.

A fire drill: Being a teacher, I have had my share of fire drills. And let me tell ya, I think I may just rather hear the thunder. I honestly can’t say I blame my kids when they plug their ears as we rush out of the building. I am tempted to put ear plugs in my own! “Oh, I am sorry honey. What was that? Let me take out my ear plugs. What? Oh yes, we always need to have our ears open during a fire drill to listen to directions. So you keep those ears open while I protect mine…” *Smirk*

And number three… THE ALARM CLOCK! Yes my friend, even when I am watching television and an alarm clock goes off on the show, it grates on my nerves. I hate, hate HATE the alarm clock.

As with every morning, the cruel modern day rooster started blaring way too soon. I tossed and turned, threw my blankets over my head and thought “Well, I could turn off the offending object instead of listening to it blare in my ear.” So, I did just that.

I then slowly took off the covers and swung my feet onto the rug. A cool morning chill passed by my feet. I quickly rubbed them together to get some warmth back in them and quickly found my pink comfy slippers and slipped them on.

My hair was a mass of tangles as I grabbed my pocket book with all my make up inside and went stumbling down the stairs. I gave a casual grunt to my father as I walked by the kitchen and went into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I silently gasped. “Wow Ginger, you need some eye liner, dear.” I said to myself as I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and pressed my sparkle gem head phones into my ears and started playing “Whispers In The Night.” By the late Roger Bennett. Something about piano music just gets me in a sophisticated mood in the morning.

6:10 AM
“Ahh, there you are!” I said to myself as I took one more glance at my face, made sure everything was in place and opened the bathroom door. I then heard the most wonderful noise…My adorable baby brother, Jeremy, crying. I rushed to the bedroom and scooped his sleep warm body into my arms. Of course then something waft up my nose but it wasn’t very sweet. After I explained to Jeremy that he needed to have some manners when he was in the presence of his sister I went in search of breakfast with Jeremy snuggled in my arms.

Peach oatmeal made, baby now content in Mommy’s arms, being fed. I sat down with my breakfast, now needing to rush.

6:35 AM
MP3 back on, quickly making my bed, brushing my teeth, getting dressed in my cozy red turtle neck sweater that matched my red nails and my “swish when I sway” black skirt.

6:40 AM
Grabbing my Bible and plopping on the bed I fingered through the pages of the Word. Right here is not a very strong point in my mornings. That, I am trying to work on. Giving myself only an hour to get ready before I leave does not leave much Bible reading time. I do most of my reading at night but, I always read in the morning as well, not getting much out of it in my haste.

But this morning I turned to Psalm 61 and started reading in verse one. When I got to verse three, a verse I have read many times before, I stopped. I paused my busy morning, I forgot about time and I read it again and again and even again “For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a stronger tower from the enemy.” I thought about how I could use that verse through out my day when little things happen. Not necessarily a bad guy coming into the school or anything like that, but the enemy of sin, the enemy of annoyance and lack of patience, the enemy of tiredness and laziness. The Lord is my shelter and I should cling to that truth and not fall into these easy sins.

6:50 AM Sitting in the nursery having mom French braid my hair.

7:00 AM
Out the door with tea, school bag, purse, teacher teddy bear, story books for my class room and a lunch box full of snacks.

7:40 AM
Looking at the class picture that was taken a few weeks ago and arrived yesterday. Hanging picture on the door.

7:45 AM
Looking at class picture with a friend who is the 2nd and 3rd grade teacher.

7:50 AM
Setting a teacher parent conference up with a parent.

8:10 AM
Welcoming students and complementing them on all their different Teddy bears (In honor of learning T and B we brought out Teddy bears to school with us)

8:30 AM standing at the kidney shaped table with students all around singing “My Country Tis OF Thee”

Skip a few hours….Bible, Restroom breaks, snack, (For me, much needed coffee minute) Phonics….

11:30 AM
Lunch time. Tuesday is our lunch special day. That meaning I don’t have to make a lunch for myself. I always jump on that band wagon and so do a lot of my student’s parents. Holding hands, plates of Sloppy Joes, cups of lemonades while balancing brownies on my head is quite a talent I proudly speak of. But it also gets a little tiresome especially when that yummy sloppy joe has not been touched because you are too busy cutting up sandwiches, getting napkins, running to the kitchen, grabbing dish clothes, running back to the cafeteria, mopping up spilled lemonade and getting a migraine when one student accidentally flings sloppy joe at another teacher….

12:30 PM
Eating cold lunch at my desk while talking to friend/fellow teacher before students come back from recess.

Writing, reading time, Math, work pages, play time…

2:15 PM
Getting ready to go home, putting class pictures in folders, bathroom breaks, picking up teddy bears, last minute hugs…


3:00 PM
Bugging dean of administration along with two fellow elementary teachers (very good friends of mine) over how bad our individual pictures look on our new school ID’s.

Many hours of working on school stuff.

6:30 PM Shopping in Wal-Mart, holding Jeremy, kissing his warm head and smiling at Jeremy’s on lookers.

7:40 PM Getting very tired, looking at clothes in Marshals, time to go home.

7:50 PM Putting Jeremy in his car seat while mom puts the stroller in the trunk with dad. Well, dad wasn’t in the trunk with the stroller he was helping mom put the stroller in the trunk. However, when I was putting Jeremy in the car seat as he was screaming for his bottle, I broke my nail.

8:00 PM Late supper. Took pictures of my messy room, for like the greatest room designer ever! ( Good friend has graciously offered to help me redesign my room.)

9:00 PM Headed on to big Moe (AKA the old family computer) to start documenting my day.

9:30 PM Mom and baby come upstairs to visit.

10:30 PM Still documenting….

11:22 PM (That would be right now) about to end this super long post. I guess I should mention that while I documented, I also showed my mom yesterdays post and the comments. I then held Jeremy, checked my Facebook, wrote a status and asked someone to be my friend, checked my mail and checked some blogs…etc.

Now, I am going to end this post press “Save” Cry if dial up freezes and won’t let me save. Brush my teeth, ready my Bible, turn on my heated mattress cover and fall fast asleep.

And there you go. A day in the life of a k-4 teacher with a broken nail!

HA! And you thought I was finished…

2:19 AM “GINGER!” “Hmm?” “GINGER, WAKE UP!” I knew I had a day off on Wednesday so knew I didn’t sleep through my alarm. So why is my sister from the next room screaming my name?” I quickly turned over to look at the alleged alarm clock and read the time. I then knew what must be wrong…

“Ginger! Wake up! Thumper (Our cat) has a mouse in my room! Come here!” “What do you want me to do about it?” “Ginger! Call Aaron!” (Our younger, stronger brother) “Aaron!” Poor sleep deprived Aaron came stumbling in my room. “What?” “A mouse!” I said getting a little more excited since I just saw the sad looking rodent stumbling in my room. Aaron grabbed an empty peanut container captured the victim and then I fell back to sleep.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

If I kept a remembrance book I would write down....

Have you ever watched Little House In The Prairie? Laura would always narrate and say if I kept a remembrance book and she would tell you what she would write in it.

I always want to keep a journal but not just one journal many journals one for day to day stuff like "This morning as I was getting ready for school my nail jammed into my new nylons and I had to change my skirt for a longer one so no one could see the nice patch of skin on my tan nylon legs." Or a journal where I write my thoughts and dreams to my prince who I have not met yet. I also would love to have a Bible journal where I could record my prayers and thoughts and questions to the One who knows all.

But as much as I would love to have a remembrance book I really doubt I would write in it. Sure, I may find a moment and write about the child in school who looked up at me with a big smile and said "Miss_________ You are so cute!" Or how I felt when I saw Jeremy come into the world. But all in all I have a disorder and that disorder is not following through.

Take my blog for instant I started this blog three years this next spring. On that Saturday night I was bored, disappointed and just wanted to do something new. I had never dreamed I would still be writing in it.

I would never have dreamed all the people I would "meet" on here. I would never dream how much my life has change since I started this bloggy thing. I totally would not have thought I would be posting things like "My mom is having a baby after seventeen years!" "I am going to be a teacher!" "My niece is born" "My nephew is born" "My baby brother is born" etc...the things that have happened in my life and are documented on this blog is awesome!

But back to my example you also see posts on here like this "I am the worst blogger ever!" "Sorry for leaving you hanging" "Where was I?" I still blog but not as much as I should not as much I want to. I need to follow through.

So where is all this going? Well, I am turning over a new leaf this afternoon. That saying came to my mind as I took a walk with Carole, Mom, Aaron the dog and Jeremy of course all wrapped up in his stroller just about a half hour ago.

I looked at all the beautiful leaves above my head. Golden yellow, rustic red, bright startling orange. I said to myself as felt the cool fall breeze on my face while I clung a little tighter to my denim jacket "I am turning over a new leaf." I am going to write more I am going to do my best. Now, some nights I come home from school exhausted and the computer is farthest thing from my mind. But even on those nights I am going to try harder.

It's about time I stop dabbling in the gift of writing God has given to me but instead dive into the cool waters of words and splash into the creak of creativeness and fall in the fountain of putting pictures with your words.

And as I turn over this new leaf I am going to start at a website I love and visit when I have time it's such a fun website for any age the name of this site is I am going to start writing about the joys of being single and see if they like and publish my stuff. :) Also I am going to join in the fun and I am going to write about a normal day in my week and post about it on my blog like many other bloggers will do on their own this Wednesday. And the best part is there is a giveaway! Post the button on your sidebar as well and lets have some fun!

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Saturday night...

The rain has stopped tapping on the window as if it was asking to come in. The thunder has subsided and the lightening is gone. As I look out the window I only see the the dark sky a few moments pass and I may see a some headlights from some cars passing by. All in all it looks calm out there compare to a few hours ago where the only thing I could here was rumbles of thunder and the wind whistling through the trees.

I have never been a fan of thunder storms. And even though I don't grab my doll and run to my mom like I did when I was younger. I still get that un easy feeling in the pit of my stomach and pray that it would pass soon.

So tonight as I sit at the computer I think about our yard how there's a huge puddle in our drive way how all our out door furniture is probably all wet and how the grass is probably all muddy.

How it's such a nice feeling to be in the dry class room being in my pajamas. Feeling nice and warm.

On this Saturday night is no different than others. We had a nice meal as a family. Nothing big and fancy tonight some hot dogs and french fries from the oven some peas and a glass of milk. Jeremy sitting content on mom's lap as she fed him his bottle and taking random bites of her meal. Us talking about the future. Rooms, we want to redo (Or more importantly rooms I want to redo) Just being a family.

After dinner was over Carole changed the baby's diaper and I found a new pair of pajamas for him since he had a slight accident in the other ones.:) Dad then fed him his bottle and then burped him and then right after I took him so dad could change his shirt for Jeremy had made an accident on that as well!:) I then put him in his crib and watched as he laughed, cooed and kicked his legs over his Winnie the Pooh mobile. (Jeremy not dad) :)

Later on I came back up and turned on the computer to blog to all of you. I hope I am not a bore. I sometimes have nothing to write but just my life in general. But that is the meaning of blogging isn't? Just blogging about life in general?

Well, I am feeling better! I stayed home from school yesterday and just rested. I felt well enough to venture off to the thrift store this morning. I didn't find much though. I actually did find a couple of beautiful pieces of furniture but not only was the prices a bit high there is no way I could fit them in my room.

Yes, once again I am trying to redecorate and rearrange my room. If any of you have some ideas or some websites. I would love to hear about them. With a small room it's hard to rearrange your room!

Okay, I guess it's time to end the blogging for tonight!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Funny Things In Life

The funny thing is I just came up with that title while I sat here thinking on what to write about.

You know I hardly ever have I a theme on what to blog about sure once in a while I do but I usually sit at the computer and just type about everything. And tonight is no different I sat down at Big Moe and thought what should I blog about?

I then started thinking about funny things we do in life that we don't think twice about. For example. I just painted my nails for the first time in months. A friend of mine was going to paint them this past weekend and then I got sick and just couldn't handle the smell on my nails and couldn't do them. But since then I have been wanting my nails painted so I took a bottle of polish and did my nails knowing I was going to sit here and blog. Funny? Yes, it is because who do you know? Paints her nails and while they dry type at the computer. Not many people.

Another example? You may ask... okay this afternoon I had Jeremy up in my room and I was playing with him and knowing he had a full stomach I just wasn't thinking and forgot to bring up the spit rag when ole faithful spit all over me and my bed. Funny? Okay maybe that is just gross.

I just love blogging and I think just maybe I have been bit with the blogging bug once again. Maybe this time the bite will stay for a while. I sure do enjoy typing out nothingness but get feedback saying "I am so glad your back!" That is so encouraging!

Well, speaking of bugs apparently I caught the cold bug the other day. Today I have been home and stuffed up! I do feel better than yesterday but it's no fun being sick!

So, this my friend is the funny thing for the night. I just came up with an idea and if you are reading this maybe you will want to join in the fun. Like I have mentioned before as of right now I am in the classroom on the family computer because I don't have my laptop. And so I am looking around the room and I see so many story books I am going to randomly pick one and quote a page from there.

Now this is what I want you to do I want you to find a book laying around and in my comment box right a paragraph down. Lets see how many books we can mention...

I'm not packing. I'm not going to move. Nick says I'm a fool and get a brain transplant. Anthony says I'm being immature. My mom and my dad say that after a while I'll get used to living a thousand miles from everything.

Never. Not ever. Uh uh. N.O.

That was from Alexander, Who's not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going To Move.
Find a book and write a quote! Fun times!

Have a great night!

Monday, October 19, 2009


My laptop did not die! YAY! Mackenzie's dad (Dr.Lapdoodle) called me this morning and gave me the great news! It was the cord that was wrapped up in more duck tape than my grandfathers car (He was a man that was a firm believer in duck tape) Anyhow the cord finally died and so my computer battery died because the cord died hence the reason lappy not turning on! I am just thankful it's working. I was doing some heavy thinking on saving money for a new laptop. AND LET ME TELL YA...I would not being seeing a new laptop for quite a while! So I am just so thankful for Dr. Lapdoodle!!

In other news since I have been on Big Moe (The family computer) I have surprisingly found time to blog and to blog hop around the blogsphere. I don't know if it's because I feel like it's a strange kind of reunion between me and ole big Moe here or what it is. Or maybe it's just knowing I won't be interrupted by the phone. Big Moe has a habit of not turning off the Internet when the phone rings like Lappy does. Big Moe needs to teach Lappy a few things about staying strong and not being weak when they feel a phone call coming in! Maybe he can work on that after we have a welcome back Lappy party! :)

A little while ago when I was blog hopping I was holding little Jeremy in my arms while he slept on my shoulder what a feeling! Oh, I just love that boy! He fits so perfectly in my arms even though he is getting quite heavy these days. He turned 10 weeks this past Saturday!!

Speaking of Saturday Aaron had his party and went very well. Pictures will follow sometime soon. A lot of our family and friends came up for the occasion. And some how some way I am totally blaming my nephew Liam for this(Yes the almost 1 year old) Carole and I had a cake fight! Still trying to figure that Liam sitting on my lap full of frosting me gently encouraging him to wipe some on Carole's face....led to Carole wiping frosting all over my hair and me wiping it all over her times and yes pictures as well. (coming soon)

Well, yes as I quickly mentioned in my last post Carole indeed has a special someone in her life. little sister is all grown up. That special someone is named Mark. They have been seeing each other since the summer time. They met in church. (We associate with two other churches besides ours in the area) And he goes to one of them. He met her a few years back at a Christmas program...years past...and I will continue the story when I am able to upload a picture of the both of them on here! Some people may be wondering why I would blog about my sister and her special someone and here is the reason. This blog is not just about me it's about the pieces of my heart and Carole is definitely a BIG piece of my heart and I have always wanted to share in her joy and this my friend is a pretty big joy. So more on that to come!

Well, I think I have blogged quite a bit! I now am getting tired and need to head to bed for school is in the morning!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sitting at my old spot.

This past week I had plans of blogging again not my little cheat posts but all in all BLOGGING! But my plans were put on hold when my laptop would not turn on. I tried everything and it won't budge. I am hoping that Dr. Lapdoodle (Mackenzie's dad) will be able to look at it this weekend while they are here for Aaron's 18th birthday party. I miss my lappy! And I am hoping it has not died on me because I for one will be mourning!

So at this moment I am sitting where my blog was first created on big Moe as Carole so sweetly calls our very old family computer. But it is allowing me to go on the Internet and blog so I am not complaining!

It's funny though how quickly things come back to you. Going into the classroom turning on the tower and monitor actually using a mouse and not my touch pad looking around the school posters and bulletin boards my mom has put on the walls and just almost...almost feeling like I am 16 again without a real care in the world. Going on the Internet and checking out all my favorite Southern Gospel sites.

My how things have change how my family has changed Aaron is turning 18 tomorrow. Carole has a very special someone in her life (More on that later:)) A new addition to our family named Jeremy! And three beautiful nephews and one niece. Of course then there is me teaching k4 and training for k5. So much has happened from those days of sitting at the computer dreaming about the future. I am not a homeschooler anymore but a teacher! Man, how things change!

As I waited for the Internet to load I started searching through this computer finding stories I wrote long ago. I found myself impressed at the words I used and how I wrote at 16 and 17 I found myself itching to continue the story and maybe have it publish. One of my dreams. And one day that might come true but not tonight. Tonight I am just basking in the blessings that the Lord has already given me.

So, I should end this post for now. Because I have a room that needs to be finished cleaning for our company who will be arriving tonight.

You probably won't see any pictures until my laptop is working again. But hopefully you will see more rambles from me!! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey, this is Jeremy

And I just wanted to share some pictures of the concert tonight. We got to see the Talley Trio! Debra and Lauren remembered Ginger and Carole from the last time they saw them from three years ago (That was before I was born.) My sisters were pretty excited when Lauren said "I remembered exactly who you two were when you walked in!" Yup, I think we will be hearing about that for a while. My Mimi, Aunt Barbara and cousin Kyle also came to the concert with our family tonight we had a great time. I slept through the whole thing but enjoyed every minute of it!

I felt kind of bad that I was taking all of the attention but hey when your cute your cute and I was told a lot tonight that I am CUTE! If you don't know this is Debra Talley holding me. Yup she fell in love with me!

Well, of course Lauren wanted a turn as well. Sigh, it's hard being so popular! But I was pretty excited meeting Lauren Tally. I have heard a lot of Lauren from my big sister Ginger.

Well, of course I couldn't hog the Talleys all night so I allowed Ginger and Carole to get a picture with the group while mommy gave me my bottle.

And well the girls really wanted a picture with Lauren as well so I thought they could pose for one while I was being burped.

I hope you all enjoyed my pictures and my post! I sure enjoyed my second concert and loved the music! Jeremy!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jeremy is getting excited....

Because he is going to his second concert to come....:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hi from me the blogger...

Yes, I know the blogger who has not been "blogging" in quite a while. I am so sorry for my lack of posting. I think I may be having a little more time in the weeks to come to blog a little more often.

It has been a while where I could just sit at my old fashion roll top desk and blog hop to my hearts content. I feel as though I have lost contact with most of my bloggy friends. I feel bad I haven't been as faithful to my favorite nook on the web.

School has been my joy of course! I love it! There is just something about being able to be such a big role in these small children's lives! They encourage me every day to work harder and be the best teacher I can be!

Of course Jeremy is always close to my heart. Nine weeks! He will be nine weeks this Saturday! He is getting to be such a big boy! I love him so much!

So, I am just leaving this post with a question if you read this post and check my blog and smile at a new picture of my brother Jeremy. Please leave me a comment. So I can smile as well just to see that people still read my blog that really means so much to me.