Friday, October 16, 2009

Sitting at my old spot.

This past week I had plans of blogging again not my little cheat posts but all in all BLOGGING! But my plans were put on hold when my laptop would not turn on. I tried everything and it won't budge. I am hoping that Dr. Lapdoodle (Mackenzie's dad) will be able to look at it this weekend while they are here for Aaron's 18th birthday party. I miss my lappy! And I am hoping it has not died on me because I for one will be mourning!

So at this moment I am sitting where my blog was first created on big Moe as Carole so sweetly calls our very old family computer. But it is allowing me to go on the Internet and blog so I am not complaining!

It's funny though how quickly things come back to you. Going into the classroom turning on the tower and monitor actually using a mouse and not my touch pad looking around the school posters and bulletin boards my mom has put on the walls and just almost...almost feeling like I am 16 again without a real care in the world. Going on the Internet and checking out all my favorite Southern Gospel sites.

My how things have change how my family has changed Aaron is turning 18 tomorrow. Carole has a very special someone in her life (More on that later:)) A new addition to our family named Jeremy! And three beautiful nephews and one niece. Of course then there is me teaching k4 and training for k5. So much has happened from those days of sitting at the computer dreaming about the future. I am not a homeschooler anymore but a teacher! Man, how things change!

As I waited for the Internet to load I started searching through this computer finding stories I wrote long ago. I found myself impressed at the words I used and how I wrote at 16 and 17 I found myself itching to continue the story and maybe have it publish. One of my dreams. And one day that might come true but not tonight. Tonight I am just basking in the blessings that the Lord has already given me.

So, I should end this post for now. Because I have a room that needs to be finished cleaning for our company who will be arriving tonight.

You probably won't see any pictures until my laptop is working again. But hopefully you will see more rambles from me!! Have a great weekend!


Jodi said...

Wow! alot has changed at your house ... I'm sure your Mom is so proud of her K4 teacher --- Sharing with those little ones all the principles she taught you so many years ago!! :)

Happy Birthday to your brother!! And I'm dying to hear more about Carole's special someone!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What's this about Carole?! More, more!

Happy Birthday to Aaron!

And it's always nice to see a post from you! :)