Friday, October 31, 2008

The Last day Of October.

Hi all, do you remember me?

Is there any possible way my fingers can type so fast to tell all of my bloggie peeps what this month has entailed for me? I don't even think I deserve the name "blogger" any more. I have neglected this blog so much lately.

If only my brain had a publish button. I come up with all these great posts inside my mind, but just never type them down. I remember my Mimi (grandmother) would say to me as a little girl, "I write so many letters to people in my head but never on a piece of paper." Well, Mimi I know exactly what you mean now!

I try to make a schedule, have everything in a place in my very neat brain. I have my blog around the top of my list and my Facebook in between, my bedroom at the bottom. ((Smirk)) Oh, yes, it is in need of some major cleaning. My school, of course has to be on the top and then I make room for talking to family and friends on the net and phone. Of course, then there is my life which always pushes it's way on top and of course my Lord and Savior is at the very top of the list. But sometimes other things go even above Him....and that is when I need to STOP!

I have never forgotten a Sunday School lesson taught by one of my favorite Sunday School teachers, years ago. She had all these books, school books, novels, cook books all of these books in her hands. At the bottom of the pile of books she was balancing the Bible. It was the very last book being squished by the other ones.

She explained that many times in life that is what we do. We have,school, work, and all sorts of other obligations and our precious Savior gets squished at the bottom, totally forgotten. I can honestly say I have been guilty of that very thing. So that is when I need to stop, reorganize those books until Christ is at the top again.

So besides my blogging dilemma I have been meaning to mention voting. (A hush comes through the blogasphere) lol... I have been getting many emails saying not to vote for either candidate and other stuff. I fully understand where all these emails are coming from, however the bottom line is this, one of the two candidates are going to win.

Even if you vote for the man on the moon he will most likely loose!:) It all comes down to this who would you rather have in office, Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama? This is my very first time to be able to vote and I am taking this very seriously.

Sure, I wanted Mr. Huckabee to win but he didn't. Maybe other candidates could have done better, maybe others mimic more what I believe. However, if Mr. McCain doesn't win then we'll have someone in office who believes in aborting babies (which is murder) who believes in same sex marriage (which is an abomination to the Lord) and other things I am not even going to go into. I did not mean to turn this post into a whole political debate and yes I may be opening my comment box for doom.

But I needed to get that out in the open.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Apple picking pictures!

I am sorry about how long it has been since I have written a real post. I promise one is coming soon! I thought you would enjoy some apple picking pictures. We took my nephew, Patrick when he was with us for a week.

Patrick took this one of himself! I just thought this picture was so funny for some reason! I just had to post it!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Friend...

Almost two years ago this spring, I found your blog. Being new at this bloggie thing I decided to stick around. Reading each post and smiling a lot. I decided I really liked it a lot. So I pressed comment and wrote a desperate cry. Help me!! I have no idea what to do with this blog that I decided to create! Your helpful hints and simple comment made my day.

Today however, I feel like I have known you forever even though I have never met you before in person. But through this bloggie world we are a part of, I am happy to say you are a friend!

Congratulations Courtney and Christopher!!! I know the wedding must have been wonderful and my prayers,thoughts and wishful thinking that I was there went through my mind all day!!

If anyone hasn't been on Courtney's blog yet, check it out. You will be glad you did!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A neat tag.

I really do appreciate everyone who tags me. I know some people get annoyed when they are tagged but I am honored. However, sometimes I just don't get around to doing them. Please don't take offence to it I truly am honored you think of me I just don't have as much time I used too.

However sometimes I have a minute or two in the day to accomplish a tag and such is the reason I am doing this tag right now! It also helps that I haven't done this tag before and I for one think it's totally cute.

Just grab the nearest book to you...turn to page 56. Start at the 5th sentence and post 2 to 5 paragraphs. Okay so I have a about a million books just at my reach all over my bedroom so I grabbed one randomly. Although I happen to enjoy this book yes you guessed it Lori Wick...

"Do you have to work?" Laura asked Liberty the next day. Bible study had just ended. "Yes.Griffen and I have to check on something." "Can you give Griff a hug for me?" "I certainly can. Is there some special reason?" Laura only shook her head,not seeming in no hurry to leave her sister's lap. Their mother was sitting beside Liberty, and the younger women decided to question her if she had a chance. the opportunity came a few minutes later. Their hostess, Mrs. Caron, offered cookies to the children, and Laura, looking only mildly, interested, left her sister's lap.

Don't you want to know what happens?? Read the book! I strongly suggest it. This was taken from "Every Little Thing About You."

I tag...
Morgan Denise
Megan (Goldfish)

Have fun!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


*Hands on my hips* Apparently my picture post of my weekend was a total flop. Usually people are happy,pleased, excited, giddy until they topple over a chair that I posted some pictures. But this post, NOTHING, no comments, no smiles, no "so cute!" I am VERY displeased! I received one comment!!! So Susie, you are now my all time favorite blogger!!

LOL...okay after I grumped and yes all bloggie peeps, I WAS kidding. I am also guilty of viewing and reading a post but not commenting. So I will let this one slide this ONE time. Alright? *SMILE*

I did have a wonderful time with my family. Getting to see that adorable niece of mine and my adorable nephews was music to my heart. And the neato part about the end of the weekend was that we got to bring back my cutie pattotie nephew. Patrick for the week. What a doll he is! LOL he is hysterical. I can't believe how much he has grown. He is really a big boy now!

Also this past weekend something happened that has never happened to me before. I met my very first blogger that I did not know before I stumbled on her blog. So...she may be related to someone I do know but that is not the point. I met her through her blog. So when I ran into her at the mall and she recognized me right away, let me tell ya that was a proud moment! :) Nice meeting you Susie!!

Well, once again my brother is turning older. This Friday will mark his seventeenth birthday. My little Arnie is growing up...sniff...sniff. He is having a football party he is getting very excited. It's crazy how time flies. It feel like I was just posting his birthday pictures from last year on here.

This weekend I caught a cold while I was at my grandmothers! SIGH....I am not all to thrilled about that. I have been coughing,sneezing....coughing some more. YUCK! I hate being sick.

Since I have just been hop scotching all over this post and have no real one subject I am talking about, hence my title, I will confess something to all my bloggie peeps...

I am a strict believer of not listening to Christmas music before December 1st, not a day earlier. Well...for some odd, strange reason I can hardly believe I am typing this I have already started. Not full time or anything, but once in a while I will pop in a CD. Craziness I know!

What??? I said I was getting into Christmas!!!!LOL

Well, this random post is coming to an end and I won't demand comments nope...nope I wouldn't do that. However, lets just see how long it will take me to write another post if I don't have any "thanks for posting" comments! See if that will teach you! LOL Just kidding!! :)

Side note: After I posted my complaints I saw another comment so I could not leave it un noticed. Thank you Jodi! LOL

One more thing I have no idea why there is such a huge gap between the end of my post and my comment button. No idea at all! lol... Anyhow have a great night!!:)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Weekend!

We were able to visit our family this weekend!!!

Aaron and Devyn poor Devyn hurt his head at the playground.

Dad and Devyn

Carole and Patrick in the car!

Us at Build a Bear.

Alyvia is getting so big!! What an adorable niece I have!!!
Carole and Alyvia.
Alyvia and I.

Mom and Alyvia!!

Devyn and I.

Patrick holding my nose while I was talking to him. lol

Isn't she adorable???

Alyvia's nursery my mom painted this mural and my aunt did Cinderella.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, besides the fact that I have been so busy, I can hardly think (no exaggeration there) I have been great. However, I am sure my bloggie peeps have just about sobbed for another post. Well, throw away those Kleenex boxes I am back, for tonight anyhow....:)

I really do not have the energy tonight to tell you all about my week and trust me there is plenty to picture day all the way down too complaining about a public restroom. Ya...well maybe you will just have to use your imagination on that one.:)

Oh yes, and then there is a tag I need to do. I have been tagged the same tag three times by three different bloggers in the last two weeks. I feel horrible that I haven't done it yet! In time people, in time....

So, about my title... you just read the title... and knew it had to do with school didn't you??? I thought so.

Setting: my classroom.

I had just moved a little girl's desk to one side. I put a little boy in the middle where she had been and a little boy she had been next to was now on the other side of the room.

Little Girl (C I will call her) "Miss P., why did you move me? I like sitting next to B!" B: "Thank you. I don't like sitting next to C!"C: "What!, I like sitting next to you!" (Frown on her face)

B: "C, I still like you but I don't like sitting next to a girl!" D: Just sitting there kind of feeling rejected or happy...because B was happy that he was next to him but kind of sad C wasn't enjoying being his new seatmate. Still being confused his head bobbled to either side as his two seatmates debated.

C: "B, "I really like being your friend stop being mean!!" B: "I am still your friend, C!" C: (Feeling very rejected) "B!! Stop this right now! I have dreams about you!"

So by now my face is turning beat red!! Laughing into my desk. Shortly after composing myself I quickly changed the subject with my charges, (LOL) and went on to something else.

Never a dull moment!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prayer Is Needed.

I can't write a long post tonight it's getting late, and school is tomorrow. However, my heart has been so saddened for a friend I have met though the wonderful world of blogging. She has been such a blessing to me and I just need you to pray for her and her husband as they are going through a trial.

If you like to read Jessica's story hop on over to her blog and let her know that you are praying for her. Hopefully, I will be posting sometime soon!! Good night for now!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it really October??

Wow, I can hardly believe that September is over already! When I was a child and I complained about something taking too long, I was always told by the adults in my life "Wait until you get to be my age! Time will fly." I always thought that was a lousy excuse because I knew they felt the same way that I did.

However, I now know exactly what they were referring to. Do you realize Thanksgiving is next month??? Next month?? How can that be?? I feel it was just yesterday that I was posting pictures up from last Thanksgiving. Now it's coming again. Mind boggling, I tell ya!!

So, once again I left all my bloggy readers hanging for a few days. Sorry about that. Honestly nothing too overly thrilling has been going on so my mind draws a blank when I try to write a very interesting post.

School has been going well. Enjoying every minute!!! As usual. I just love my students and enjoy them so much. It's so much fun when I get a hug or piece of paper filled with crayola scribbles. I love to see those smiles on their faces and sometimes wonder how in the world they even come up with some of the things they say. Yup...I would have to say teaching has suited me very well.:)

So I am going to close for now. Maybe I will have something neat to post about later....