Friday, October 31, 2008

The Last day Of October.

Hi all, do you remember me?

Is there any possible way my fingers can type so fast to tell all of my bloggie peeps what this month has entailed for me? I don't even think I deserve the name "blogger" any more. I have neglected this blog so much lately.

If only my brain had a publish button. I come up with all these great posts inside my mind, but just never type them down. I remember my Mimi (grandmother) would say to me as a little girl, "I write so many letters to people in my head but never on a piece of paper." Well, Mimi I know exactly what you mean now!

I try to make a schedule, have everything in a place in my very neat brain. I have my blog around the top of my list and my Facebook in between, my bedroom at the bottom. ((Smirk)) Oh, yes, it is in need of some major cleaning. My school, of course has to be on the top and then I make room for talking to family and friends on the net and phone. Of course, then there is my life which always pushes it's way on top and of course my Lord and Savior is at the very top of the list. But sometimes other things go even above Him....and that is when I need to STOP!

I have never forgotten a Sunday School lesson taught by one of my favorite Sunday School teachers, years ago. She had all these books, school books, novels, cook books all of these books in her hands. At the bottom of the pile of books she was balancing the Bible. It was the very last book being squished by the other ones.

She explained that many times in life that is what we do. We have,school, work, and all sorts of other obligations and our precious Savior gets squished at the bottom, totally forgotten. I can honestly say I have been guilty of that very thing. So that is when I need to stop, reorganize those books until Christ is at the top again.

So besides my blogging dilemma I have been meaning to mention voting. (A hush comes through the blogasphere) lol... I have been getting many emails saying not to vote for either candidate and other stuff. I fully understand where all these emails are coming from, however the bottom line is this, one of the two candidates are going to win.

Even if you vote for the man on the moon he will most likely loose!:) It all comes down to this who would you rather have in office, Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama? This is my very first time to be able to vote and I am taking this very seriously.

Sure, I wanted Mr. Huckabee to win but he didn't. Maybe other candidates could have done better, maybe others mimic more what I believe. However, if Mr. McCain doesn't win then we'll have someone in office who believes in aborting babies (which is murder) who believes in same sex marriage (which is an abomination to the Lord) and other things I am not even going to go into. I did not mean to turn this post into a whole political debate and yes I may be opening my comment box for doom.

But I needed to get that out in the open.


Susie Homemaker said...

Hi Ginger...scary...I clicked on your 1 bloggy buddy at the top left of your page and it brought me to an adult site...just thought you should know.


Ginger said...

Thank you so much for telling me! I had no idea!! I am not sure how I can change it because blogger provides that feature. WONDERFUL! (Roll of my eyes) I will be warning my bloggers about that though. Thank you again I would never have known.