Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it really October??

Wow, I can hardly believe that September is over already! When I was a child and I complained about something taking too long, I was always told by the adults in my life "Wait until you get to be my age! Time will fly." I always thought that was a lousy excuse because I knew they felt the same way that I did.

However, I now know exactly what they were referring to. Do you realize Thanksgiving is next month??? Next month?? How can that be?? I feel it was just yesterday that I was posting pictures up from last Thanksgiving. Now it's coming again. Mind boggling, I tell ya!!

So, once again I left all my bloggy readers hanging for a few days. Sorry about that. Honestly nothing too overly thrilling has been going on so my mind draws a blank when I try to write a very interesting post.

School has been going well. Enjoying every minute!!! As usual. I just love my students and enjoy them so much. It's so much fun when I get a hug or piece of paper filled with crayola scribbles. I love to see those smiles on their faces and sometimes wonder how in the world they even come up with some of the things they say. Yup...I would have to say teaching has suited me very well.:)

So I am going to close for now. Maybe I will have something neat to post about later....

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guitargirl said...

Hey! Neat blog! You can bet you're going on my blogroll. LOL! Come visit me sometime @
I love comments!! :-D
Time HAS flown! It's hard to belive this year is pretty much over! Can't wait for Christmas tho...;)