About The Author

I think it was about fifth grade. I realized my writing assignments did  not have to be boring. That I could take all my phonics lessons,spelling, reading, literature knowledge and create word pictures. Me little ole me could write something worth reading, something someone would enjoy to read.

It was through creative writing where I learned how to add humor, emotion and other fun ways to drag my readers attention. I was homeschooled from seventh grade on and in that time I poured my heart and soul into writing. I started over ten novels in the vast of five years. Never finished one, I started enjoying writing poems, songs without the music, special writings for different occasions. I also started reading in this time. It was a whole new world. My vocabulary started improving and broadening. I realized not only television,writing and surfing on the net were my options but I also could enjoy and grow to LOVE reading.

My true love since I was fourteen was Southern Gospel. I can't sing if my life depended on it. But the soul of Southern Gospel music was my passion and my interest. It still is. To this day.

But more to the present. I am now a k4,k5 and first grade teacher. I am in my fourth year of teaching. Teaching is my passion now. I have always had a secret desire to teach maybe not always a secret but I never thought I would actually be a teacher.

I'm also a daughter,grandaughter,sister, aunt and more. I am very proud of all my siblings. My heart has a special spot for my youngest brother Jeremy who is now two years old. He was our family's little surprise. And HUGE blessing.
Of course, I could not end "about the author" Without mentioning my Lord. I am a born again Christian. A child of God. He is my everything. 

I have been blogging for four years. I can't believe it has been four years! I truly believe God had put "blogging" on my heart. I love to write, I love to put my thoughts into words, and I love to be able to be a blessing to others. 

If you are new to this blog or have been a long time reader. I want to encourage you to come back, to sit back sip some coffee or tea for a few minutes while you read my latest rambling pretend we are both sitting at the kitchen table friend to friend sharing our thoughts, sharing our deepest feelings.

Please don't be shy tell me you are at my kitchen table with that cup of tea. Even if you cant stay for tea stop and tell me you stopped by. :)

I am so humbled that you have stopped by and I would be so grateful if you come again!