Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a fun night!

Southern Gospel is my favorite type of music. It's one of my passions. I have loved this type of music since I was a young teen. I was so happy when my family and I were able to see the Down East Boys. They are one of my favorite male quartets. We have seen them before. But it has been a couple of years. So, it was quite a treat we got to hear there refreshing male voices singing rich Southern Gospel music.
Here is Jason Runnels hitting the high notes. I have to say he is one of my top ten favorite tenors ever!!

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of the night. They were getting so sick of my dad taking pictures they called him up to the stage and had Carole take a picture of them with my dad!!

This was right after the concert Ricky Carden remembered our family! And came off the stage and went right over to us!

Jason Runnels with Carole and I after the concert. It was so great seeing all of them again. The first time we saw them I was 17 and Carole was 14! They all were mentioning how old we have gotten. And were quite surprise to see an addition to our family! Yes, this was Jeremy's first concert and please don't be mad at me when I say we didn't get one picture of him at his very first concert....:(

Here is Carole and I standing on the stage after the concert with Stuart Carey and Daryl Pascal (They had already changed in there casual clothes as you can see)

I am so sorry at how little I have blogged I had actually taken a week off the Internet last week. And it felt great! I may be doing it again this week. I found it was less stressful and I got a lot more things done without having the Internet distract me.
I have to write some bloggers an email or two that have been waiting forever for me to respond. I am so sorry about that if you are one waiting for an email from me I have been having troubles with my email at this moment. I will try to have some new Jeremy pictures soon!
Have a great week!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It just can't be...

But it's true I am in my night gown my "school" clothes are ironed for tomorrow. My bag is packed. My lunch is made. I am sitting at my desk on my laptop while sweet piano music by the late Roger Bennett is playing in the backround....WELL...I guess I should say "WAS" playing in the back round.

Now, Carole has come in and turned off my music and put on a movie! I do declare my serene quiet night is now ruined oh brother now she has the "boogie" machine up here! If anyone who does not have a young one around it's a Graco thing and it actually sucks up the baby's mucus while "Ole Suzanna is playing in the back round." Yes the machine has music that turns on while the thing plunges up his nose. Disgusting? Very!

So where was I? Oh, yes my sweet quiet night where I was enjoying typing in my blog. I have to say a dear bloggie friend of mine has been encouraging me through her blog to blog more! I am afraid again I have gotten into the habit of "ignoring" my blog. Pushing it down in my mind telling myself I'll write a post tomorrow and then tomorrow comes "I'll do it this weekend!" I say but the weekend comes and I am happy if I even have a moment to post a picture or two of my adorable baby brother.

Well, I am in my fourth week of school. I have been enjoying my class even though it can be tiring at times I am still honored and just amazed I am able to be these precious children's very first teacher! I love it!

I know I am jumping from one thing to another but if you are regular on here you are used to that from me! My Jeremy is growing up so quickly I love snuggling up with him and kissing his little head he is just my sweet pea! I love him so much!

I also have not thanked my dear friend Mackenzie on here for my amazing blog look! Don't you just love those leaves! Just beautiful!!

So, besides school books,crafts,hugs, and songs and then at home cuddling a one month old feeding, and changing holding and kissing. I have just been doing what I do... enjoying time with family and friends. I enjoyed being down at my Mimi's last weekend. And seeing relatives hold Jeremy for the first time! Just priceless!!

So, now I am coming to the end of my post. And I have to say I am quite please with myself that I actually sat down and wrote a post. I am now going to enjoy some cuddle time with Jeremy if Carole will let me that is! :)

I'll post soon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I thought I would post some more pictures on here of my adorable baby brother!! By the way he is FIVE WEEKS TODAY!!! He is growing up!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

A little story...

So first off I trust you all had a great Labor day. I enjoyed just relaxing and having a day off school! However, tomorrow starts a fresh new week. With more adorable comments from my students. New fun filled things like fire drills. And other new adventures. I was thinking I haven't shared many cute stories from my class this school year. Of course it just began but I still have a pile of cuteness I haven't written down yet.

This story happened a few days ago and I just thought it was so funny. I always get people thinking I am younger than I am but usually my students think I am ancient. Well...accept for this one child..."

Me: When, I was a child I would do that as well. But now that I am an adult...."

Little boy: Miss________ Your not an adult! You are a teenager!

Sigh....I guess I just have a young looking face! LOL