Monday, December 27, 2010

Let It Snow

It has been snowing all day long and it's been nice...

We had a very nice Christmas it was sweet...

And I needed to wish my dear sweet Carole a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY....

She turned 21 on Christmas day!

I LOVE you my sister!

Friday, December 24, 2010


I love the glimmer of Christmas you just say the word and you feel as though sparkles shine through your eyes. You ride down a normally dark street and you see lights every which way in the month of December you see colorful lights on each side donning each house cheering up the tired toddler in the back seat of the car.

In the month of December the whole world has a different view on everything when the Christmas season rolls around it becomes magical...

I LOVE Christmas...

But do you know what I love more?

I love that God sent his only son Jesus to this world.

I love that he picked Mary to be his mother.

And Joseph to be his earthly father.

And so it was that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

I LOVE that Christmas is the season of giving.

And I want to share a gift with all of you tonight.

That gift is Jesus.

Please don't put this gift in the closet or try to return it to the store, don't forget it after you turn off your computer, don't leave it in your car.

Accept this gift tonight.

It's wrapped in truth.

Sealed with love.

Delivered with care.

And given to the ones who will believe in it.

You can settle this right now.

Open up the gift.

Jesus came as a baby, was born in a stable to save you and to save me.

He died on a cross, yes my friend on an old rugged cross for you and for me. Nails pierced through his hands and his feet. Blood stained his skin as he laid lifeless on that tree.

3 days later he arose and promised he would come again one day.

This is for the taking.

So please ask the Lord to come into your heart today. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and accept this gift this wonderful gift of salvation.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

So....I am back...

I am so sorry at how long it has taken me to grace all of you with my presence over at Pieces Of My Heart.
The Christmas season is so upon us that I am finding no time for blogging. Hence the reason my contest lasted for almost 2 weeks. Although I am so glad you all had fun entering. Well, I didn't have time when I posted the winner to post some pictures so I decided to do it now while I am sitting on my bed making jewelry. Yes, I am making jewelry now...I am LOVING it.

So, the winner of the give away which is Lauren will be getting the basket Jeremy is looking into in the picture above (not the hand though, sorry:)). She will also be receiving an original necklace or a bracelet from Ginger's Creations. ;) So, Lauren if you could leave a comment on what you would rather have that would be great and faithful readers if you want to help Lauren in the decision making that would great as well!

I hope all of are having a wonderful Christmas season!

I picked a number... my head...

and...then...I counted the comments till I got to that certain number and then scrolled that comment....

And that comment was....


I will be emailing you soon with the details!

Thank you all for commenting it has been great fun!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Give Away!

A basket full of Christmas goodies including the way sparkly gold ornament my model is holding. ;) Is at your finger tips.

"How do I win?" You may ask.



See? How simple that is.

Enter as many times as you want.

Tell me your favorite movie?



What Christmas means to you?


I happen to LOVE Christmas.

Could you tell?

The trick to winning the super cool basket?

Enter a lot.

I will draw the winner sometime in the near future you won't know the day I will just randomly pick a winner and post it.

So enter....enter...enter...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Pieces Of My Heart is hosting the third annual Christmas giveaway.

Please come back soon and check out the details.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Deep And Wide

I am so glad God's love is SO deep and SO wide. It's just amazing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all of my bloggie people have a real blessed Thanksgiving!

Anyone going black Friday shopping this year?

Tell me one of your Thanksgiving traditions?

Love you all,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sniffles...soreness...and ME..

I will totally skip the apologies for not blogging.

I am on my Thanksgiving break. It's so nice having a break even though I do miss my little "people" and can't wait to see their smiling faces and wrap them up in their ready hugs.

I have been enjoying this break at my Mimi's house. It was not planned for months it was the spur of moment thing and I grabbed the opportunity.

Me and a few friends went to a popular city for the day and had a blast and it just so happens my Mimi lives near that popular city so I stayed here at the end of the day.

Now, the reason why I am sore is because we walked and walked and walked all over that city on Saturday we had the most amazing time but boy oh boy my legs have been sore for days. Thankfully today is the first day my legs are feeling back to normal. Which is wonderful.

Let's now explain the sniffles. For the past few weeks each member of my family except for me and my mom has had the real bad cold. So, when do I decided to get it? Yup, on my vacation. Typical, I say very typical.

So, back to the subject....ME.

I have been doing well. I have gotten into a new hobby the Rubiks cube a friend of mine has figured out how to solve the cube right away and I have been bitten by the bug I found one lying around my Mimi's house and have been trying to solve it. :)

My aunt has painted my nails with this shellac polish it's suppose to stay in your nails with out chipping for months! I was able to do the laundry right after she did my nails they didn't even need to dry!

As always I miss my Jeremy. I can't wait to see him. It has only been a couple days but he is just my little pumpkin head.

Well, I should end for now get some more laundry going...

Have a nice rest of the afternoon...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

...The 16th...

...of November...

Always makes me think of my Papa entering the gates of glory.

...fourteen years...


I can't even imagine how fast that went.

He would of loved Jeremy...he would of had a special nick name just for him.

We all had nicknames. Many. Actually.

More than I can count.

He was so special.

So sweet, so loving.

My Sweet Papa...

Monday, November 15, 2010


...are you ready to call me a bloggie slacker and going to lock me up and throw away the key?

Well, okay before you do let me chit chat a bit...


Okay, so I know I haven't been blogging in a bit which makes me kind of sad because well, I love blogging and it's my passion and when I don't blog my fingers seem to get a little weepy 'cause there not chit chatting in their cute little way.

So you may think I owe you an explanation on the reason why I am not blogging...


The reason...



I don't have one.

So, now that we got that all cleared up.

Lets talk about something a little more exciting shall we?

Jeremy is getting so big and so adorable. He loves running and playing and humming. I think he is going to be the next big southern gospel singer....but hey that's just me...

Christmas is in 40 days...:)

We had pizza tonight oh and it was good.

I had the pleasure of leading one of my little students to the Lord last week. I had tears shimmering in my eyes when I ask her if she wanted to ask me more questions on Friday and she said so "No, I don't want to worry till Friday I want to get saved now." WOW! What a blessing a wonderful blessing.

We had a great revival at our church many decisions were made.

Carole thinks she has found her maid of honor and bridesmaids dresses so cool.

And in closing I asked my students today what they were thankful for...

and the girl who asked Jesus in her heart last week said...


Ain't it the truth?

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 8, 2010

And where have I been?

I know my posts have been few and far between. I guess I have been totally put back in the school schedule. With late nights grading papers and working on making my classrooms look like "Thanksgiving" Trying to rake my brain for Thanksgiving crafts. And then just thinking about my Thanksgiving week long vacation. Has had me busy!

Right now we have a week long evangelistic meetings. So that's where I am heading next. However, since we all be having late nights the school has given us an hour delay this week! YAY!!!

I just wanted to check in...

Fill me in whats going on in the lives of my bloggie Friends...

Missing ya!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Fun

We had a festival at my school Friday night and the theme was "hillbilly" Of course some of the babies came as animals instead because come on now how cute is this puppy??
We had a really fun time enjoying the food and fellowship. The food consisted of soups,stews,and chilli's. Mmmm! They were quite yummy!

Just thought I would share some fun fall times....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Is A Sister?

Painting By: Sandra Kuck

My sister is my best friend.

I love her more than life.

She knows my heart.

She knows my tears.

We know what the other one is thinking.


The other night we talked while we were in our own beds and in our own separate rooms.

We talked.

And talked.

We laughed.

And laughed.

I didn't care that it was late that I needed to get up in six hours, that my eyes were feeling heavy that we were probably disturbing the neighbors beauty rest with our cackles.

I cherished each moment. Each laugh, each sigh,each funny remark coming from the horsey border bed room. Where a beautiful girl with a diamond on her finger laid in her bed just waiting for my giggles that were muffled by my pillow over her witty remark. Boxes graced her floor filled with memories, cherished memories, photos, snow globes and more.

A pile a books stood near the "good bye" pile that holds just as much memories.

To young suburb "tweens" trying to "fit" in the mountain life. Huddled on a twin bed while the older sister (That would be me) read the China Tate series. Laughing, so hard tears would fall down our face as we acted like it was a secret that we were huddled in Carole's room actually enjoying a book.

As we chit chatted away this night I thought about the boxes, the books, our life and I didn't care what my clock read or how early I needed to get up.

I am cherishing these moments. Our moments.

We only have a few more months to be called "Girls" Carole will be "Mrs." and I will be glad I cherished these moments.

I think the reality is setting in as I make plans for showers and looking into a new laptop to make the most perfect slide show.

My heart.

Oh, my heart slightly weeps as I hold up her train on her wedding dress while she walks down the stairs to show a close friend who was visiting. My heart aches when I see her walls turning bare in her bedroom. My heart rejoices when I breeze by the living room and see Carole and Mark's heads bent reading the word of God.

I will miss my sweet sister next door.

Even though she will be a few minutes away I will still miss her.

Yes, tears are shinning in my eyes as I type this all down.

But it's all good.

I couldn't be happier.

But my heart...misses her already.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jeremy Post

If you a new comer on my blog this a quick run down...

I was twenty one years old when my parents told me they were going to make me a big sister again.

I was beyond thrilled!

A few weeks after my twenty second birthday little Jeremy came into our hearts. I would stare at him for hours just waiting for my dream come true to end. But it wasn't a dream I really had a newborn brother at the age of 22!

He is now my "greeter" when I come home in the evening. "Inna" "Inna" I could listen to it all night. He's my snuggle bug during st
story time.

He's my joy when I am tired and frustrated.

He's my laugh when I need one.

He's my sweetie pumpkin head!

And I love him a lot!:)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, I had to stay home again today. I hated to have to stay home again but if I went to school today most likely I would be staying home tomorrow.

So I decided to stay home and rest I have been drinking juice all day and having Popsicles. I am so ready to go back to school and the way I am feeling now I think I just might be able to go!

While I have been sick I have had to stay in bed and since I have a laptop I have been able to go online in bed and while I have been online I have been doing some much needed blogging.

It's been nice catching up on the blogs I don't get to read as often anymore.

I have mentioned Courtney many times before. She was the very first blog I went on. Well, I just realized yesterday that she has a new blog! Go check it out...and take a peak at her adorable little Clint.

Also my coolest blog designer has a new cool blog herself...Go check out Mackenzie's new blog.

Now...this proves that I have lacked in blogging because Anna has had a new blog for a year now...yikes! Go check it out!

So enjoy checking out these blogs and makes sure you leave a comment.

Comments are so fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Your Trash Can Is Your Friend..

You know it's not going to be a pleasant night...

When I came home from school and the meatball's my mom was heating up smelled horrible to my little nose I knew it wasn't going to be a peaceful night.

I decided to take the Mountain Dew out of my lunch box that I never touched during lunch say my good nights and retire to my bedroom praying all the while the feeling would go away and I would not get sick and I would be able to go to school the next morning.

Well, when I grabbed my trash ca and placed it o my bed I knew school would not be happening the next morning. A few hours later when I still had my ole buddy trash can with me I started think if Thursday would be an option for school.

I was so sick. I hate being sick I think I would rather walk on my hands or jump on one foot or be named Hilda then be sick with the stomach flu.

By one in the morning I started writing down all the phone numbers of all the different people I needed to call to let them know I wouldn't be coming in. I then somehow managed to get downstairs to place the paper on the table so my dad would be able to call them. I felt that I couldn't even make the phone calls.

I was very much bored watching the Lucy show, one episode after another but I felt to weak to change the DVD so when Carole stumbled in my bedroom at one point (being woken up by me) I asked her in my very sick whining voice... "Carole could you put on a movie for me?" So she put on Enchanted. Not my favorite movie but it did the trick it made me fall asleep. :)

Which I was very grateful about!

I am now feeling some what better. I still can't eat too much. And I am praying I will be able to go to school tomorrow. One thing I hate is missing school!

I am sure you all have enjoyed my detail rendition of my eventful it's your turn how are you today?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


(Just to inform you there is lady behind me and that is her hair I do not have a HUGE flower in my hair just a cute small one lol)

Jeremy and I have found a new game we love. We watch our reflection in the mirror and make faces.

We also love playing chase.

Pretending to snore while the other "wakes" them up.

Singing songs and reading books.

All my students no him by name. And ask about him often.

He is my sugar pop.

I love when we snuggle together.

When his soft hair brushes against my cheek while I rock him and his favorite blue bunny.

I just love my sweet Jeremy.

How was there ever life without him? ;)


Who makes you smile?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sweet Little things

You know those sweet little things usually are the biggest things. Have you ever discovered that?

This perfect Saturday morning I was snuggled in my bed sleeping in. Ahhh yes, sleeping in a teacher's dream. I think most teachers are thrilled when Friday rolls along. Not to get out of the classroom, not to get away from the papers ('Cause most likely the papers come home with them. They do with me.) But because they know Saturday is in a few hours and Saturday you won't have to be waken by the cruel modern day rooster, because on Saturday you can snuggle in your pj's on Saturday you can sleep in. So, yes that is what I was doing this Saturday morning when I heard the sweetest sound close to my ears and warm breath breathing in my hair.

I squinted my eyes open to see my toe headed brother giggling in my face. His toothy grin looked down at me as he patted my face "Inna" "Inna" That's "Ginger" In Jeremy talk. I grabbed him in a hug and tickled his round little belly as more giggles assailed my ears I couldn't think of better way to be woken up.

In the early afternoon I decided to "Try" (Being the important word here) to get my bedroom in some order. While I "tried" I popped on a Greenes CD. While I placed a few more little knick knacks in my hope chest I listened to the words flowing through my CD player.

"When there is no step left to take no moves left to make a pressing fears and tormenting doubts prayer after prayer and there is no where out and it seems like pain is all you gain. Hold on, Hold on, through every storm hold on even in the darkest night walk by faith not by sight hold on hold on. There is a Father Of Love holding peace like a dove in the midst of all your dark despair with open arms He is waiting there to hold you until the hurt is gone...."

I couldn't help but think of Taranda Greene as I listened to her singing those words as I dusted off my chest. I couldn't stop thinking that she is now clinging to those words as she I am sure is walking in a fog hand in hand with her two precious daughters trying desperately to live without her sweet husband. This family has been in mind ever since Tuesday afternoon. Please continue to pray for them.

Of course what made me smile is when I discovered a photo album I kept when I was a teen and when I opened it up I was staring at the pictures my dad snapped when we met the Greenes.

After I cleaned I hopped on the Internet and the first site I went on was Ashleigh's. I was so excited when I saw a new post and I knew this was the post about who won the Uganda beads. I read about the most wonderful time she had at a blog conference. (Which by the way I am so envying) and then it was time in the post she announced the winners and guess who the second winner of the Uganda beads was? Just guess? Yours truly! I was so excited.

I know I have mentioned it many times before.

But with my whole heart I want to adopt. I believe the Lord has given me this desire for a reason. I pray one day I will be able to adopt not one but many sweet babies and teach them all about Jesus. To show them what my parents showed me. You don't need money, or a huge house or a fancy car or all the toys in the world to have a loving family. You just need plenty of love and Jesus and your life is complete.

Oh of course there will be trials, there will be heart aches but if your faith is Jesus He can pull you through anythings even the toughest valleys.

I long for the day I can teach my sweet the alphabet and his numbers sing the B-I-B-L-E and teach him the signs to Jesus Loves ME it will be so fun going through the itsy bitsy spider and reading him some of my favorites like "A Possum Come A Knockin At The Door." and "Arthur The Aardvark"

I sometimes can close my eyes and imagine looking at his dark eyes.

Yes, my heart is already to adopt and I pray that my prince wherever he may be will have the other half of my heart and when we say "I do" Our hearts will connect and we will hop on a plane to Uganda, Africa, China etc.

So all that to say when I look at these beads I don't just think they are beautiful, or get transfixed at how they were made (Although sometimes I do they are amazing) but I think of where they came from and how many children will benefit from them. Check them out and buy one or twenty and support these precious orphans.

I am now going to close. Have a wonderful Saturday evening!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When All Of God Singers Go Home...

My heart is breaking...

I just learned that Tony Greene who was a member of the Greenes went home to be with the Lord a little while ago.

I can hardly believe I am writing this I never would have guessed in my wildest dreams I would be posting this blog.

I don't know all the details only that his lung collapse he was in ICU and incautious. He is now in Heaven with no pain at all.

My dad, Carole and myself met Tony and TaRanda and one of their daughter's when I was eighteen years old.

It was a summer afternoon and I couldn't stop thinking about the Greenes being in our area. I couldn't believe they were so close but we couldn't attend the concert.

It was our midweek service that night and even for the Greenes my parents stood their ground and said we needed to go to church. I understood. I did. Honestly! But I was bummed real bummed.

I then came up with the most brilliant idea...

"Dad?" In my most adorable daddy's girl tone I could muster... "Could we just swing by the place they will be at and we could buy a CD at least?? PLEASE???" My dad smiled and said he had already thought about it and then his two very famous words. "We'll see."

All day I wondered if my dad would come home early Carole and I were dressed for church early just in case we were taking a trip to maybe see the Greenes or at least buy a CD. My mom told me not to get my hopes up. (Her famous words) and I tried but it was hard.

My dad pulled up and said "Let's try!" I squealed with glee.

On the way over we almost turned around 'cause the car was acting up but my dad decided to keep going.

I will never forget pulling up to the place and seeing Tony Greene take something off their bus. "Dad it's Tony Greene the real Tony Greene!!" He had a yellow tee shirt on and tan shorts. I was plan giddy with excitement.

By the time we parked Tony was no where to be seen and we were not sure what our next move would be. We then saw a young couple who was related to the owners of the venue and asked us if we were there for the concert. My dad told them our situation and they said "Hold on" They went in and the next thing Carole and I know was that TaRanda Greene was holding the doors open waving us in!

I was in shock. I probably was just staring at her until Carole pulled my arm forward. The next thing we know we are inside and Taranda starts chit chatting away with us telling me how much the CD's were and when I picked the five CDs for twenty dollars she plopped the brand new on on my pile and said you need this one and then she looked at me and smiled "For five dollars!" WOW! Carole then asked about their only daughter at the time Belle she was just over a year. She said "Just a minute!" And went in search for her husband and daughter we then met Tony and Belle. My dad took many pictures and we knew it was almost time to go.

I hated even thing of leaving but then TaRanda put her hand on my shoulder and asked if my sister and I could stay a few more minutes we looked to my dad and he nodded his head. TaRanda brought us to the front and sat us down and then Tony, Brad (A singer who was singing with them at the time) and TaRanda and Belle;) Sand "Living In The Middle Of Love." To just me, Carole and my dad.

We said our goodbyes TaRanda told us we made her day and we went home all the while pressing repeat to "Living In The Middle Of Love." all the way home.

Please, please pray for TaRanda and their sweet little girls, Belle and Josie. His brother Time and his sister Kim Greene Hopper and the rest of their family.

When all of God singers get home...

Monday, September 27, 2010

A quick post...

Number one: It's finally feeling like fall! YAY! Bring on the sweaters!

Number two: Jeremy finished his sippie cup at church last night and said "All gone" So cute!

Number three: We had a pizza party at school today and lunch special tomorrow two days in the row I won't have have to pack a lunch! YAY!

Number four: Carole and I have been getting into Little House again. Love that show!

Number five: I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to be a teacher.

Number six: Ashleigh, is having another give away! Go check it out!

Number seven: I need all of you to pray for a southern gospel singer. His name is Tony Greene and he sings with the Greenes. This group has been such a special blessing to our family. One day I may blog about the sweet story. But for now he is in ICU and he needs all your prayers and please remember his wife TaRanda and there two little girls Belle and Josie.

Number eight: It's time to go to bed!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Heart

I think I have mentioned more than once my desire and dream to adopt. I have held this dream in my heart since I was fourteen years old. I pray if it's the Lord's will one day my dream will come true...

I often think about the day when me and my husband (whoever and wherever he may be)
Stepping off the airplane holding all my babies belongings while trying to tamp down my excitement long enough to find out where to pick up my beautiful baby.

A few months ago. I was on one of my favorite blogs and she posted a heart melting post but more than that she mentioned Uganda beads. I immediately fell in LOVE with them.

A few weeks later came my birthday and dear friends of ours gave them to me for a gift.

I was thrilled.

I wear them often. I think of those sweet children and one day by God's grace I may be their mommy.

Until then....

I want to send everyone over to Ashleigh's blog...

She is giving away two necklaces to two commenter's...

Go check it out and read the whole will melt your heart like it did mine.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten, Son that whosoever believth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

Isn't the love of God something wonderful?

In Bible I have been teaching my students about Adam and Eve. They have been so interested in the fact that they actually disobeyed God and did something God told them directly not to do.

I think about how shocked they were when they learned about disobedience. How someone really could disobey God.

And I was reminded...

To adopt that child like faith.

And be just as shocked about sin and not act like it's an everyday thing like we so often do.

My students teach me so much.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blogging Is In The Air.

Do you ever get inspired to blog?

I did.

Tonight, I hopped on my blog to go on my friend's list to hop on another blogger's blog but before I could I realized something was different...

I allowed dial up to take it's pretty time to load and then I saw the most cutest header ever and then it dawned on me it was my very own blog and my very own header. :) Thank you to my dear bloggie artist Mackenzie who made my blog so CUTE!!

I love it when she surprises me like that!

Isn't she so talented?

So back to my first thought. Being inspired to blog. That was me when I first saw my header with my laptop on my lap. I knew it was time for another post.

So, last night I dreamt Carole's wedding was in a couple of weeks and I couldn't believe how fast the wedding came. I then woke up and realized we were still in the month of September and I breathed a sigh of relief 'cause in my dream I didn't even throw her a shower! ;)

Well, this Monday will mark my fourth week in school. How did that happen? The year is flying already! I have been having such a fun time. My students are so fun! And I have such fun with them!

Well, I am going to sign off because it is Saturday night and I will be waking up early for church.

I promise I am going to try to blog more this month!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My favorite Boy...

Jeremy, is walking ALL OVER the place now. He has figured out how to turn on and off the light.

He loves playing "chase"

He says "I wu woo" (I love you)

He loves picking out "two" books and crawling on daddy's lap to be read to.

He finds his sneakers and brings them to mom so they can go outside and "play"

He loves playing.

He loves his animal (real and stuff)

He is a lovable little boy.

I just love my baby brother Jeremy!! ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

I think of my precious bloggie friends often. I totally have not forgotten about you. But besides my quick little posts here and there you would think I have left the wonderful world of blogging. I miss the nights where I would ramble on and on. Where I couldn't lift my fingers off the keys. When my eyes started to kill from reading and re reading my post before publishing making sure everything was perfect. And then...the most exciting part ever....

Waiting for the comments...

I would make myself leave the computer for hours and do other things and then when I could convince myself I wasn't married to the computer I would log back on and check...

My heart would jump when I had more than four comments when I only posted a few hours before that. It meant people were waiting to hear from me people cared about my nook on the net.

I now hardly post. *SIGH* What to do?

Well, I am going to continue doing what I'm doing post when I can, jump on your blogs when I have a chance and just live life.

My second week of school is going well. Just like the last two years I am enjoying this year fully. My kids make me laugh, make me sigh, make me think. They are so fun...:)

So, the reason for this post?

To tell you I'm still in the blogging world and I would love to hear from all of you. If you still often check this ole timer of a blog let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's Go Sailing!

We went boating yesterday with our cousins,uncle and dad. It was a lot of fun!!! And we made a sweet memory!

I would love to write more but I have to go to bed.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!