Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sweet Little things

You know those sweet little things usually are the biggest things. Have you ever discovered that?

This perfect Saturday morning I was snuggled in my bed sleeping in. Ahhh yes, sleeping in a teacher's dream. I think most teachers are thrilled when Friday rolls along. Not to get out of the classroom, not to get away from the papers ('Cause most likely the papers come home with them. They do with me.) But because they know Saturday is in a few hours and Saturday you won't have to be waken by the cruel modern day rooster, because on Saturday you can snuggle in your pj's on Saturday you can sleep in. So, yes that is what I was doing this Saturday morning when I heard the sweetest sound close to my ears and warm breath breathing in my hair.

I squinted my eyes open to see my toe headed brother giggling in my face. His toothy grin looked down at me as he patted my face "Inna" "Inna" That's "Ginger" In Jeremy talk. I grabbed him in a hug and tickled his round little belly as more giggles assailed my ears I couldn't think of better way to be woken up.

In the early afternoon I decided to "Try" (Being the important word here) to get my bedroom in some order. While I "tried" I popped on a Greenes CD. While I placed a few more little knick knacks in my hope chest I listened to the words flowing through my CD player.

"When there is no step left to take no moves left to make a pressing fears and tormenting doubts prayer after prayer and there is no where out and it seems like pain is all you gain. Hold on, Hold on, through every storm hold on even in the darkest night walk by faith not by sight hold on hold on. There is a Father Of Love holding peace like a dove in the midst of all your dark despair with open arms He is waiting there to hold you until the hurt is gone...."

I couldn't help but think of Taranda Greene as I listened to her singing those words as I dusted off my chest. I couldn't stop thinking that she is now clinging to those words as she I am sure is walking in a fog hand in hand with her two precious daughters trying desperately to live without her sweet husband. This family has been in mind ever since Tuesday afternoon. Please continue to pray for them.

Of course what made me smile is when I discovered a photo album I kept when I was a teen and when I opened it up I was staring at the pictures my dad snapped when we met the Greenes.

After I cleaned I hopped on the Internet and the first site I went on was Ashleigh's. I was so excited when I saw a new post and I knew this was the post about who won the Uganda beads. I read about the most wonderful time she had at a blog conference. (Which by the way I am so envying) and then it was time in the post she announced the winners and guess who the second winner of the Uganda beads was? Just guess? Yours truly! I was so excited.

I know I have mentioned it many times before.

But with my whole heart I want to adopt. I believe the Lord has given me this desire for a reason. I pray one day I will be able to adopt not one but many sweet babies and teach them all about Jesus. To show them what my parents showed me. You don't need money, or a huge house or a fancy car or all the toys in the world to have a loving family. You just need plenty of love and Jesus and your life is complete.

Oh of course there will be trials, there will be heart aches but if your faith is Jesus He can pull you through anythings even the toughest valleys.

I long for the day I can teach my sweet the alphabet and his numbers sing the B-I-B-L-E and teach him the signs to Jesus Loves ME it will be so fun going through the itsy bitsy spider and reading him some of my favorites like "A Possum Come A Knockin At The Door." and "Arthur The Aardvark"

I sometimes can close my eyes and imagine looking at his dark eyes.

Yes, my heart is already to adopt and I pray that my prince wherever he may be will have the other half of my heart and when we say "I do" Our hearts will connect and we will hop on a plane to Uganda, Africa, China etc.

So all that to say when I look at these beads I don't just think they are beautiful, or get transfixed at how they were made (Although sometimes I do they are amazing) but I think of where they came from and how many children will benefit from them. Check them out and buy one or twenty and support these precious orphans.

I am now going to close. Have a wonderful Saturday evening!

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Mrs. H said...

I was so happy to see your name on Ashleigh's post! Some folks may say it was the luck of the draw that you won those beads. I say it's the will of the Father. God will give you the desire(s) of your heart. I'm sure of it. And I can't wait to meet them!