Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jeremy Post

If you a new comer on my blog this a quick run down...

I was twenty one years old when my parents told me they were going to make me a big sister again.

I was beyond thrilled!

A few weeks after my twenty second birthday little Jeremy came into our hearts. I would stare at him for hours just waiting for my dream come true to end. But it wasn't a dream I really had a newborn brother at the age of 22!

He is now my "greeter" when I come home in the evening. "Inna" "Inna" I could listen to it all night. He's my snuggle bug during st
story time.

He's my joy when I am tired and frustrated.

He's my laugh when I need one.

He's my sweetie pumpkin head!

And I love him a lot!:)


Jodi said...

He is a darling!!! Cannot believe how big he looks in the last pic!!

Stepheny Weaver said...

Awww. what a sweet post! I feel the same way about my sweet baby sister.... they are growing up TOOOOOOOOOOOO fast!

Jeremy is adorable in all the pictures!