Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, I had to stay home again today. I hated to have to stay home again but if I went to school today most likely I would be staying home tomorrow.

So I decided to stay home and rest I have been drinking juice all day and having Popsicles. I am so ready to go back to school and the way I am feeling now I think I just might be able to go!

While I have been sick I have had to stay in bed and since I have a laptop I have been able to go online in bed and while I have been online I have been doing some much needed blogging.

It's been nice catching up on the blogs I don't get to read as often anymore.

I have mentioned Courtney many times before. She was the very first blog I went on. Well, I just realized yesterday that she has a new blog! Go check it out...and take a peak at her adorable little Clint.

Also my coolest blog designer has a new cool blog herself...Go check out Mackenzie's new blog.

Now...this proves that I have lacked in blogging because Anna has had a new blog for a year now...yikes! Go check it out!

So enjoy checking out these blogs and makes sure you leave a comment.

Comments are so fun!

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