Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have been tagged....

Jessica tagged me...Thanks Jessica!!:)

1. What is your favorite color? Purple
2. What is your favorite place to shop? JCPenny,Best Buy, and a local thrift store in our area
3. What is your favorite junk food?Chips and cheese
4. What is your favorite thing to do in the summer? Be outside or inside cooling off with the AC
5. What is your favorite dog breed? One that has no odor,doesn't lick, or bark...
6. What is your favorite flower? Roses
7. What is your favorite Hair style? Probably a barrette pulling the hair out of my face
8. Favorite thing to wear around the house? My PJ's
9. Favorite thing to do with your Family? Just being together and having a good time.
10. One of your Bestest friends? I have too many to choose one...
11. What is your favorite Bible verse? Psalm 27:1 among others
12. What is your favorite shoes? High heels however I wear flats more and more

I will tag....

Friday, January 30, 2009

A quick note.

So, it's about time I head to bed. However I thought you all would enjoy some pictures of last weekend .
We were able to finally meet my adorable sweet nephew Liam. Isn't he a sweetheart? He fit right in the crook of my arm. I could have held him all night. Oh wait a minute I did!:D I actually was able to hold Liam and my five week old second cousin Lilli we also had two, two year olds to chase and Alyvia too hold and a six year old and four year old. Yes, my Mimi's house were filled with children last weekend.

Here I am with my sweet niece Alyvia. Isn't she getting so big?? Ohhh, I just LOVE her!My sweetie pie Devyn! Talk about getting big he is getting so old. Every time he says "Gi Gi" My heart melts.:)

My oldest nephew Patrick with his Uncle Aaron.:) Patrick is so smart! He is so fun!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hey look what I got!!

Hmmm...have I mentioned lately how much I love Morgan's blog?? A few weeks ago I entered in a contest not knowing it was a contest and then found out later every one who commented on that certain post won!! So I received my prize in the mail today....

It was a candy bar!!! It was such a fun surprise! And the wrapper was hand made. It was so cute!!!

Thanks so much Morgan!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

A real post?? Can it be??

Yes, bloggie people, it can be and it is...a true, real life, real post from no one other than little ole Pieces Of My Heart author, me.:) I am afraid I went back to the days before Christmas break where my blog sat on the back burner and just waited for me to turn on the dial so the kettle could get hot and I would have a nice steaming cup of blog. I am afraid the water got mighty cold for a while except for a couple of my cheated postings, I have written so little. My intent was not to get back in that ole habit, but as we know, it happens to the best of us. So here I am with my semi hot cup of an apology. Please take this luke warm mug and find it in your heart to forgive little ole me.

Now that we got that taken care of I can bare my heart out. First things first. I need to give a gigantic huge cyber space THANK YOU to my sweet friend Mackenzie for the beautiful design she did to this blog. Isn't it beautiful???? It was such an awesome surprise when I came home from school yesterday and found it! Those of you who are new to this blog, those sweet children on my header are my pride and joy. The boys are my nephews and that sweet baby girl is my niece. The two other stunning children are not children any more. Carole is my sister and Aaron is my brother and I think that just about sums my title right up. Pieces of my heart, yup, family means a lot to me!!

And speaking of family......on Sunday afternoon we are having a family reunion.:) It's my Aunt's birthday and the only thing she has requested for a gift was to have her whole family together. So...yup another trip down to my grandmother's. YAY!! Love when that happens. We are leaving tomorrow morning and I will ask all of you to pray for a safe trip and a good time once we are there. We are also going to be picking up my sister Carole. I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but, Carole has been down there for two weeks!!!!! She has been babysitting our little niece. She brought her school work and she has been having a blast. Although, I must admit I miss her a lot!!:)

Next on the agenda.... once upon a time I was real savy with this thing called "a blog" I then started finding more things on my plate and then there came a point when I only picked up my fork and pressed published and left the blog design to Mackenzie and the rest up in the air until I had time to tweak different things on this nook of mine. However, I have noticed this called followers on a lot of my bloggie friends blogs and I even have a follower, I found out. So the reason why I didn't add this new fangled feature was because I was afraid I would have no followers and I would look like a girl who has neglected her blog and nobody cares to check it anymore.:) And so I wasn't going to add it, however I thought with my new look and actually posting I should do something different today. So I am going to add this feature. So do you wanna follow me??? It may be fun???:) So I will add that hopefully when I am done writing this post.:)

Well, I guess it is time for me to stop this rambling once again. I appreciate each one of you who faithfully comment or even who don't comment but faithfully reads my blog. Even if I need a lesson or two on keeping up with my little corner on the net.:) Hopefully I will have plenty of pictures to show of this weekend!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A proud moment

I have been meaning to post this small "proud" moment I had with one of my students the other day and thought....well, I haven't posted in a while why not I post it tonight! So here it goes...

I wrote a simple word on the board and encouraged one of my students to sound it out. We first focused on the blend in the word... BA which says??? Come on bloggers I know you can do it!!! That's right BA! Very good.

We then concentrated on the last letter T which says t...t...t as in table.:) All of the sudden my little student said "Bat" I was so thrilled!!

He said "Miss_______ I am going to go home and read a book!" LOL

Well, I need to head to bed.School is tomorrow and I am sure I will come home with many more "proud moments" to share with all of you!:)

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yes, I am grinning like a fool because I am ashamed to's almost been a week since I posted! ((cringe)) I am sorry!!! I am also grinning because I am going to cheat and not write a big ole long post tonight. Nope I am afraid not.

Instead I am going to direct all my bloggie people to a very fun blog! I just was over there and frankly this post is just like all her other ones fun to read. So, bloggy people go on over to my kindergarten teacher's blog and have a good giggle. Yes, indeedy Mrs.H was my kindergarten teacher and one of my early role models who encouraged me at a young age to become a teacher. ((Smile))

Well, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a longer post but until then go over and say hi to Mrs.H....I won't give you a failing grade or anything if you want to say "Hi" to me as well. ((Smirk))

Good Night!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Liam Joseph

We ended up not being able to see my sweet nephew this weekend.:( Sniff...sniff However, we will Lord willing see him in two weeks!! Although, we did get to see lots of pictures. So I thought I would share one with you!!:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby update

Mom is showing and she is only nine weeks!!! Can we say twins??? HA HA HA???? I think so!! Yup, yup!!

My father can't understand why my mom is winning EVERY scrabble game they play! Between me and you this baby must be a great speller!

Did I tell you we found a bassinet for fifteen dollars at a thrift store!!??!!! Practically brand new!!!

My mom found a baby bath...sooo very cute!!

We have been finding more girl outfits than boy.....

Maybe a sign? Maybe two girls how about three??? Just kidding, Mom!

Okay...a favor. I want my bloggy people to give me your most favorite boy name and girl name okay??? Don't let me down, now!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Award...or awards....

I have been given three awards in the past two months, but I am afraid as much as I have appreciated them, I took the easy way out and posted the awards on my side bar, never having announced them on my blog. I am afraid I have just been too preoccupied with life. I don't however want to seem ungrateful because every time I get an award or even a simple comment it makes me want to write more. I am encouraged and uplifted by each of you. This isn't just a bloggie world, it's a place where you can make life lasting bloggie friendships which I have done with a few of you and who knows, I might make some more in this new year.

So after that drawn out explanation, let's get down to the good stuff.

Steph presented me with two awards....

Thank you Steph!! I am going to present two of my bloggie friends with this award.

Danielle (Who is going to have her baby soon and very soon)

Jessica (Who's due around the same time as my mommy)

This is the other award Steph gave me and the two bloggie buddies that get presented with this award are...


Morgan Denise

And it's very fitting that Morgan Denise was presented with that last award because I just found out today that she presented me with this lovely award. So with this one I am only honoring one person and that person is....

Julie: The reason why I am only nominating one this time, is because I wanted to make a "big deal" over this blogger. Julie found me over at my blog only a month or so after I started. I was actually quite honored to see an "adult" who really enjoyed my blog and said she was coming back over. And she kept her promise. She came by often, laughed at my foolish posts "Amened" my serious ones and always let me know she was praying for me or that I made her smile. Well, I know she still lurks over here from time to time and I still visit her when I have a chance. I really felt like giving a beautiful award to a beautiful person.

Phew.....I am done. All this nominating stuff has made me hungry!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacation is over.

Yes my friends, I am afraid that Christmas vacation had ceased to exist and school has once again come back into existence. I am excited. I miss my little students and can't wait to hear about their Christmas adventures. I just can't fathom how fast it went in some respects and in others it feels like I have been gone from school for ages.

I have been sick for the last few days. I have had a fever and just haven't felt real good. I am feeling somewhat better today and am hoping and praying I will feel a hundred percent better tomorrow (My first day back in school).

Like I mentioned yesterday, my darling little nephew has been born! I can't wait to hold that sweet little boy. I have been able to see some pictures and he looks just like Patrick when he was a new born. It's hard to believe I was sixteen years old when my first little nephew came into this world. Yikes!

Lord willing, we are planing on going down to see all our family and friends this weekend for our late Christmas celebration. We had to cancel going down there last week due to the weather. It was our first time ever having to cancel our Christmas "tour" with our family and friends. We make the rounds when we are down for Christmas, going from house, to house, to house having Christmas all over again. But now it gives us something to look forward to, this weekend after my first week back in school.

In baby news my mom is feeling good. She does feel sick to her stomach an awful lot and just this morning her leg has been giving her trouble. She looked it up and apparently it's normal. Even though she never had this pain with any of her other children.

Well, I should sign off for now. It's about time I started packing my school bag and thinking about what to wear tomorrow. School is back in session!!:)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

He's Here!

Yes, my friends, my nephew made his arrival into the world this morning. My brother in law sent me a photo through the phone. He is simply adorable!! We are hoping to see him this weekend.

My newest nephew's name is Liam Joseph. I can't wait to hold this new little bundle of joy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Yes....soon very,very soon....I am going to be an aunt again!!!!! Can't you see the excitement in the way I am writing??Another nephew is on his way into our family!!!

I can't wait. I have been texting my brother in law off in on all day he said she still has a while to go.

Don't worry you will be the first to know when I find out when my new little nephew comes into the world!!

Please keep my sister and my new little nephew in prayer!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life Is Great and Gettin Better.

Happy New year, bloggie people!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful day as we celebrate yet another year.

Can you believe 2008 is over already? I feel like it just started!! What a year! I am sure we all have had our trials and tribulations but also our victories in this last year. In my own life I experienced a summer away from home, starting my first year teaching, welcomed my first little niece into this world, found out I was going to be a big sister again, turned the big 21 and found out that growing up is not always fun.

I also know of some bloggie friends of mine that have had a big year Ashleigh (Her blog is no longer available) welcomed her husband back home from Iraq.

Courtney said her "I do" to her sweetheart, Christopher.

Jessica also said "I do" to her sweetheart, Ronnie. Our little bloggie world was saddened to hear of her two miscarried babies. But we are now rejoicing over her third pregnancy that is going very well.

Morgan Denise welcomed her little nephew into this world.

And now...we are looking toward the the coming year. We don't know what God has planned this year for our lives, but good or bad if we are saved we know God is with us.

My sister Carole will be graduating high school this June. Her best friend Mackenzie will be graduating also.

My older sister Leslie will be giving me another nephew any day now.

My nephew, Patrick will be turning the big FIVE!! My other little nephew, Devyn will be turning three! And my first little niece will be turning the big ONE!

In August I will be able to hold my new little sibling.

So I hope you all will have a happy New Year!! I for one am looking forward to blogging in this new year!