Monday, January 19, 2009

A proud moment

I have been meaning to post this small "proud" moment I had with one of my students the other day and thought....well, I haven't posted in a while why not I post it tonight! So here it goes...

I wrote a simple word on the board and encouraged one of my students to sound it out. We first focused on the blend in the word... BA which says??? Come on bloggers I know you can do it!!! That's right BA! Very good.

We then concentrated on the last letter T which says t...t...t as in table.:) All of the sudden my little student said "Bat" I was so thrilled!!

He said "Miss_______ I am going to go home and read a book!" LOL

Well, I need to head to bed.School is tomorrow and I am sure I will come home with many more "proud moments" to share with all of you!:)


Mrs. H said...

...and he'll always remember the amazing teacher who gave him the key to open the wonderful world of books.

And that, my friend, is one proud moment.

Jodi said...

Awww... that is too sweet!!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww! That is so sweet!!!


mel said...

That is too sweet!

I love the new layout!

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