Friday, January 16, 2009


Yes, I am grinning like a fool because I am ashamed to's almost been a week since I posted! ((cringe)) I am sorry!!! I am also grinning because I am going to cheat and not write a big ole long post tonight. Nope I am afraid not.

Instead I am going to direct all my bloggie people to a very fun blog! I just was over there and frankly this post is just like all her other ones fun to read. So, bloggy people go on over to my kindergarten teacher's blog and have a good giggle. Yes, indeedy Mrs.H was my kindergarten teacher and one of my early role models who encouraged me at a young age to become a teacher. ((Smile))

Well, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a longer post but until then go over and say hi to Mrs.H....I won't give you a failing grade or anything if you want to say "Hi" to me as well. ((Smirk))

Good Night!


Anonymous said...

I found her quite a while ago in your links and realyl enjoy her blog! She's so funny!!

Nice to see a new post from you. ;)


Sis. Julie said...

(Grin) Love you!!

Mrs. H said...


I was reading your post and when I came to the part about the Kindergarten teacher's blog, I thought you had started a blog for K teachers! I could hardly wait to click on the link to see what you had on there!! (shakes head in disgust)

Just a little slow on the uptake, Mrs. H.

Between my lack of reading comprehension skills and the fact that I can't seem to master chili in a can, I'd really question that role model thing.

Thank you for being so sweet and sending your bloggie buddies my way. Leave it to you to think of something like that. :)