Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The God On The Mountain... the God in the valley when things go wrong He'll make them right,and the God in the good times is still God in the bad times don't loose faith because your never alone...

Wow, that song gives me chills. I have always love that song. A good ole southern gospel singer named Lynda Randle sings that song like no other and I think I need to scramble through my old Cd's and pull out hers where she is singing that song.

I need to hear her smooth deep voice sing the truth of those words into my heart. When we were going through some trials back in the winter a good friend of mine sent me those lyrics in an email.  I let the roads seep through my being as small tears ran down my face and I knew every word was true.

While my dad was in the hospital and I walk the halls of the hospital while pushing Jeremy in the stroller I heard those words in my head..... "The God in the good times is the God in the bad times..." I knew at that moment that I deemed that song "my" song.

It's no longer a song I like I believe it is my life song. Just a few short weeks ago I watched my dad healthy and strong walk Carole down the isle. A few short days ago I pushed the stroller closer to the gurney so Jeremy could tell dad he loved him before dad went to surgery. I stood close to my mom that early morning trying not cry as my mom lips trembled. God with us on the joyous that dad gave Carole away and He was with us when we told dad we loved him as he was being brought to the surgery room.

It's been a trying couple of weeks. But God has been so good. He has used this time to teach me so many lessons. I have learned to thank him for the smallest blessings.

My dad is on bed rest and will be home for the next six weeks.

Well, with all of this I really had forgotten about my favorite day of the year my birthday which is tomorrow July,28th.  It's so weired how fast things change how fast things that mean the world to you one minute the next you totally forget it's coming soon.

I am so thankful my dad is back home that is truly the best gift this year. Please continue to pray for him this was BIG and he has a long way to go for recovery!

Thank you so much,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Still lift our family up... prayers please...Dad is doing well but we still need your prayers. The tube came out of his nose and throat yesterday! YAY!!

We hope he can come home soon. We all want him home. Jeremy misses daddy and mommy but he's getting used to being with just me. We have been together more than apart. I have a new found love and respect for my mom she does a whole lot a real whole lot!

Please continue to pray!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Please pray...

My Daddy was rushed to the hospital he then had emergency surgery. He is feeling a little better but he is still in pain. Please, please pray!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time is flying.

I think it dawned on me this afternoon that my summer is half over. How did that happen? I received an email about the upcoming school year and my eyes were opened.

The summer is flying by and I'm trying my best to hold on while my hair is flying in the wind. I have so much to do before school starts and I'm getting that strange knot feeling in my gut that I am not going to be able to finish my whole to do list.

I can't believe it's July already? Where did the time go?

I am going to be the big 24 this month. I am feeling old very old.

AND....Jeremy is going to be TWO this August!! HOW did that happen???

I have been working on both of my bedrooms it's a sloooooooooooow progress. I can't wait for both rooms to be done so I can share some pictures with all my bloggie friends.

Okie dokie, I am tired. Hope all is well.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Dear Friends...

I wanted to share something quite special with you....

I finally decided to share my bead work with the Internet world.

Here is goes check out my site.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Heart Melting Stuff

I was overwhelmed over the bloggers who "stopped" by my latest post and expressed how happy they were that I was not closing down Pieces Of My Heart. I had to smile at each comment and I knew in my heart I did the right thing.

How could I close a piece of my life?

My blog has become so close to me over the years and I am so thankful of the community of bloggers that have welcomed me in with open arms.

My summer days have been mostly relaxing. I have been working on Carole's room turning it into mine I had recently traveled with a friend of mine for a July 4th celebration. I am planing a surprise for my almost two year old brother and I am also planing on going to a circus with the family sometime soon.

I have thankfully been doing quite well with Carole not being in the next room. We see each other all the time and it's almost like when she lived at our house except for the little fact that she doesn't.

We also went to a parade this past weekend and really enjoyed the whole 4th of July weekend!

So...I thought to end this post with a.......

Jeremy picture!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's try again for the hundreth time.

It wasn't suppose to be like this by the fourth year of blogging I was suppose to be the most popular blogger around. People would recognize me at the grocery store, I would be flying to blog conferences on my summer break from school. I would even have blog buttons that people could wear on their tops.

Now back to reality: I have hardly blogged for months my readers have given up on (Or most of them) It's my own fault I haven't been doing it, I haven't been sharing my life I just have been living my life with my fingers hitting this keyboard and it's not right.

If I can't blog I should close down shop instead pulling my faithful readers on the rope of nonexistence. The question is how?

HOW? Is the 3 letter I think of when I ponder upon closing my beloved blog. It has been through so much with me. I mean really. When I'm going through a tuff time I blog. When I am going through a joyous time I blog, when I'm just plan board I blog.

How could I give my outlet to the blogging world?

How could I say goodbye to the friends I have made through these four years?

The simple answer is this:

I can't

I can't give up those sweet memories. The links to the blogs that has become so special to me. The faces on the pictures that stare back at me as I read their words. As I cry with them, laugh with them oh steady my fingers on the keyboard bow my head and pray for them.

I can't.

This isn't a blog it's a community and I am not going to throw thee towel in. Instead I am going to jump back on that bandwagon and I'm going to start no I am going to continue what I started was back then. When I was a nineteen year old barley out of high school ready to dip my feet in the river of blogging never knowing how many sweet people I would find alongside that river sinking their sparkle color toe nails in as well.

It has been a journey.

And I am swimming on in the river of everything bloggy.

Join me in this will you?

Please continue to comment! Make my comment box filled! And I will hop over to your blog and do the same lets keep this blog thing going!!

Sincerely yours,

Yay, It's July

Maybe....maybe....maybe....maybe I'll be a better blogger this month. It shouldn't be too busy so I don't have an excuse not to blog. I have heard that the comment box is not working very odd. I'm hoping it will work now.