Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's try again for the hundreth time.

It wasn't suppose to be like this by the fourth year of blogging I was suppose to be the most popular blogger around. People would recognize me at the grocery store, I would be flying to blog conferences on my summer break from school. I would even have blog buttons that people could wear on their tops.

Now back to reality: I have hardly blogged for months my readers have given up on (Or most of them) It's my own fault I haven't been doing it, I haven't been sharing my life I just have been living my life with my fingers hitting this keyboard and it's not right.

If I can't blog I should close down shop instead pulling my faithful readers on the rope of nonexistence. The question is how?

HOW? Is the 3 letter I think of when I ponder upon closing my beloved blog. It has been through so much with me. I mean really. When I'm going through a tuff time I blog. When I am going through a joyous time I blog, when I'm just plan board I blog.

How could I give my outlet to the blogging world?

How could I say goodbye to the friends I have made through these four years?

The simple answer is this:

I can't

I can't give up those sweet memories. The links to the blogs that has become so special to me. The faces on the pictures that stare back at me as I read their words. As I cry with them, laugh with them oh steady my fingers on the keyboard bow my head and pray for them.

I can't.

This isn't a blog it's a community and I am not going to throw thee towel in. Instead I am going to jump back on that bandwagon and I'm going to start no I am going to continue what I started was back then. When I was a nineteen year old barley out of high school ready to dip my feet in the river of blogging never knowing how many sweet people I would find alongside that river sinking their sparkle color toe nails in as well.

It has been a journey.

And I am swimming on in the river of everything bloggy.

Join me in this will you?

Please continue to comment! Make my comment box filled! And I will hop over to your blog and do the same lets keep this blog thing going!!

Sincerely yours,


Megan.Margaret said...

Ahh, I can totally relate! Not only have become really lax at commenting on anyone's blog, but it is so rare that I post as well... :-/
I don't think I could ever delete my blog. Way too much of my life is there, so many important milestones. For awhile I was even thinking of making it into a book :)

Stepheny Weaver said...

WHAT? CLOSE DOWN YOUR BLOG? Don't you DARE! Don't even think such thoughts! I think if you ever did that I would cry. LITERALLY CRY

Your blog is my aboslute favorite... the one that I come to even when there is no new posts... the one I get so excited about when there is a new post... the one I tell my family about... the one that makes me cry or laugh, or smile or frown... but most importantly... I've come to love the person writing the blog... Miss. Ginger. The one I pray for almost daily... (and we've never met!) the one who might not be the best blogger in her opinion, but in mine, she's the one I look up to... the one who I say "Boy, I wish I could write posts like her" the one who tells the truth about what is going on in her life.

I LOVE YOU GINGER! Don't EVER stop blogging, no matter if you don't post for a year (oh, and try not to do that) just keep BLOGGING!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!


Mrs. H said...

I'm making it my goal to be back in the blogging saddle by next week! I'm going to do it. No, really, I am. So, you can't close up shop and leave Bloggytown yet. I'd miss you!

Jessica said...

I thought you were going to say you were deleting your blog! I was going to cry. I'd miss your blog for sure. I love sitting down reading everyone's posts on here! Glad that you aren't going anywhere!! :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were posting to say you were deleting your blog, too!! You can't do that...I LOVE your blog!! I check almost every day to see if you have posted anything new! :)