Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is it October?

It doesn't feel much like Fall this morning as my windows are frosted over with snow. It's beautiful outside as each tree is graced with a fresh coat of powered snow. Jeremy's snow man is standing proud with his toy carrot sitting proudly in the middle of his snow face.

We had a fun weekend our school/church had a festival Friday night a hillbilly festival. My plaid shirt and french braid did well to fit into the atmosphere. We had soup,chili,stew cook off all the families came bringing their bowls, and crock pots filled with yummy recipes.

I made my mushroom soup. I tried the recipe a month ago at a church dinner and I decided to make it again for the festival.

I didn't think I would win there was so many yummy soups.

and then I heard my name...

I won. my soup won.

It was neat night!

Did you wake up with snow on your windows?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My day

I didn't go to school today instead I went to my child hood friends going away celebration.

It was sad.

22 years old.

Sickness. Horrible sickness caught up to his body and the fight was over.

The most wonderful news ever?

He was saved and we know where he is.

However, even with that wonderful news watching his parents say goodbye to their only child...

heart breaking.

It's so sad.

Once again I'm writing everything down,

Friday, October 21, 2011


Blogging is all about what you are feeling. My dear friend wrote this post a few days ago and stayed in my head for days. I wanted to write a post about it but couldn't figure out how.

Until today that is.

This afternoon during break I sat down at my computer and chatted with my big brother on instant message about my Aaron's birthday party tomorrow. I was laughing and enjoying my break and then I remember a young man who was fighting for his life. I hopped on to his mom's facebook and my heart fell to my feet.

"He is now with Jesus!"

My word. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I haven't known this young man since he was 8 or so we both moved and just didn't keep in touch except for the Internet. But just remembering him coming over our house being in our school and church going over his house, It's sad so sad.

And then I go back to this post...writing this down isn't pleasant it makes my heart hurt for his parents who couldn't wait to have him, who prayed for him who cherished their only baby. Having a young man in his early twenty's shouldn't consist of saying goodbye to him. In this family they have.

But in my writing I couldn't leave out the hope and promise that God gives us. If we are his child we have a mansion waiting for us. This boy did not die in fear. He knew he was going to be with his Jesus. What great news that is.

Life his hard but the Lord is great.

Write every day down.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have had my first graders since k4 or most of them anyway. So I have watch them from the first day they came into my room with their adorable dresses and shirt and ties watching my every move not too sure if they want to leave their mommies for the day and hang out with this Miss.P lady.

I watched their shy smile as I introduced our class pet, my heart melted when the ice became water and the hugs started coming and the "I love you" started to flow to my glad ears. I watched them read their first word, solve their first addition problem, coach them through their first book.

My heart was sad when they missed school or the first time they disobeyed in my care.

I rejoiced with them when they held the baby food jar in my face with a lonely tooth hitting each side of the jar as the heroic story was told again on how the tooth was released from the gums of the five year old, my stomach tied itself in a not as I gazed at the still blood stain tooth.

I feel like I myself had just run a race as the last spelling word is written and checked and I can proudly say the child has received a 100.

First grade is harder than it looks and my first graders are some hard workers. They truly are.

The last few weeks they have all been receiving a 100 on their spelling pre-test so a couple of weeks ago we had a pre-test pop corn party!

One of my students said "Does that mean we can throw popcorn around the room?"

I love my class!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not going to give up

It's funny at one point in my blogging life I would be so discouraged if no one commented on my posts. Now a day I am just excited when I have time to post let alone seeing if any one is reading.

The thing is I know people are reading because many of you have told me on different occasions it's just a matter of not having time to comment.

Believe me.

I understand. 

I really, truly do.

I also don't have time to comment on  your sweet posts on your adorable blogs. However, I thought even if you don't have time to comment you could still enjoying reading my rambles.

Could I have a favor though could you comment on this one?

Just to let me know your still peaking into my heart? ;)

I found some time to blog today so I am fully take advantage of it!:)

Never a Dull Moment

If you know my family you can honestly say that we never have a dull moment in our lives there is always something to laugh about when you are around us.

Well, it was just such a time this past Sunday night heading home from my grandmothers (my Mimi). Having a large family we know all the rest areas quite well, some of the workers ever know who we are when we enter their fine establishment.

I was just about asleep when my dad pulled into the parking lot of the rest stop. I was kind of groggy and didn't feel like going in but glancing over to my half empty Dunkin Donuts Large Ice tea cup I knew it would be a wise decision to put on my sneakers and go in.

Jeremy was sound asleep but mom also decided to go in with him and Aaron and Dad followed. Aaron was the first one to go in and mom and Jeremy was close in second I on the other hand sat in the car longer trying to put my sneakers on my dad stayed with me. I finally jump out of the car and looked at my mom who was backing up with Jeremy in her hands I hear my dad say. "Oh,no!" I looked at him very confused. "What's wrong?"

"It's a skunk!"

I had to laugh and gasp at the same time as my mom stood there holding a sleeping Jeremy. I am sure she was praying that Jeremy would stay asleep because if he was awake they would have surely been sprayed as Jeremy would have seen the skunk and said "THAT!" Or "CAT!" In a high pitch ear drum killing screech.

The skunk looked at my mom and then waddled over to the front door.

Let's pause for a moment.

Who do you think came out of the rest area just as the skunk made it to the door?

Yup, my brother Aaron. Of course!

Aaron came out of the rest stop not seeing my mom waving her one free hand or hearing my dad's loud whispers or my quiet screeching.

All of the sudden he looked as if some one said "Put your hands in the air!" His hands went flying back and his back landed against the glass door way back at the car it looked like he was holding his breath. It was quite intense watching my brother and the skunk have a staring contest.

Finally the skunk ran away and Aaron got away with out being sprayed.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just A Sister Thing.

You know we are kinda close. :)

I was so afraid after the wedding I would hardly see her.

Thankfully, Carole was right like she always is I see her all the time.

Especially since they are only two minutes away.

We still have sleep overs at my house.

Texting galore and chit chatting on the phone.

I was searching through my photos on my laptop and found some keepers from the wedding. Here are a few.

 I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Love Of mine.


Well, I'm kind of picky when it comes to History.


.....this history I enjoy and LOVE.

Meeting with a maybe future president of the United States. I am liking Hermain Cain and it was quite uber cool to meet him!!He was very nice and was more than happy to pose for a picture. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Love.

I have so much to love. My Lord. My Family. My friends. My students. My Church. So much more.

However there is a roll of love that tumbles into my heart each day when I see him peaking through the window to welcome me home from a long day at school.

The love does a flip flop when his pudgy arms wraps around my neck and his slobbery lips hits my cheeks in a kiss.

Loves mounts like piles of ice cream on a cone when he says "Gingy." In his sing song voice or when he bows his head before dad prays for our dinner.

Loves climbs up my heart strings when I watch him sleep or when he rests his head against my shoulder.

Jeremy is such a blessing and that "love" is just rewarding.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Jeremy Post

It's been a while so I thought I would give you all a sweet Jeremy post.

I love this boy so much.

He is my sweet pumpkin face.

He calls me Gingy. What could be better?

He gives me wet kisses and big bear hugs.

He holds on my hand EXTRA tight when he decides to be shy.

He has this big belly laugh when you tickle him.

And he LOVES Thomas the Train.

MY fave thing is when he looks at me with his brownie eyes and says. "I wuuwooo!" (I love you)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cute things.

"Miss P, could you please write a note to my mommy and daddy?" Thinking this was a very odd request being notes are normally sent home when the child is doing the wrong thing. I looked at him and said "Why?"

"So you can tell them I need to go to Disney Land!"