Friday, October 21, 2011


Blogging is all about what you are feeling. My dear friend wrote this post a few days ago and stayed in my head for days. I wanted to write a post about it but couldn't figure out how.

Until today that is.

This afternoon during break I sat down at my computer and chatted with my big brother on instant message about my Aaron's birthday party tomorrow. I was laughing and enjoying my break and then I remember a young man who was fighting for his life. I hopped on to his mom's facebook and my heart fell to my feet.

"He is now with Jesus!"

My word. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I haven't known this young man since he was 8 or so we both moved and just didn't keep in touch except for the Internet. But just remembering him coming over our house being in our school and church going over his house, It's sad so sad.

And then I go back to this post...writing this down isn't pleasant it makes my heart hurt for his parents who couldn't wait to have him, who prayed for him who cherished their only baby. Having a young man in his early twenty's shouldn't consist of saying goodbye to him. In this family they have.

But in my writing I couldn't leave out the hope and promise that God gives us. If we are his child we have a mansion waiting for us. This boy did not die in fear. He knew he was going to be with his Jesus. What great news that is.

Life his hard but the Lord is great.

Write every day down.

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Anonymous said...

:( So sad for your friend's family. :(