Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is it October?

It doesn't feel much like Fall this morning as my windows are frosted over with snow. It's beautiful outside as each tree is graced with a fresh coat of powered snow. Jeremy's snow man is standing proud with his toy carrot sitting proudly in the middle of his snow face.

We had a fun weekend our school/church had a festival Friday night a hillbilly festival. My plaid shirt and french braid did well to fit into the atmosphere. We had soup,chili,stew cook off all the families came bringing their bowls, and crock pots filled with yummy recipes.

I made my mushroom soup. I tried the recipe a month ago at a church dinner and I decided to make it again for the festival.

I didn't think I would win there was so many yummy soups.

and then I heard my name...

I won. my soup won.

It was neat night!

Did you wake up with snow on your windows?

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