Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

If you know my family you can honestly say that we never have a dull moment in our lives there is always something to laugh about when you are around us.

Well, it was just such a time this past Sunday night heading home from my grandmothers (my Mimi). Having a large family we know all the rest areas quite well, some of the workers ever know who we are when we enter their fine establishment.

I was just about asleep when my dad pulled into the parking lot of the rest stop. I was kind of groggy and didn't feel like going in but glancing over to my half empty Dunkin Donuts Large Ice tea cup I knew it would be a wise decision to put on my sneakers and go in.

Jeremy was sound asleep but mom also decided to go in with him and Aaron and Dad followed. Aaron was the first one to go in and mom and Jeremy was close in second I on the other hand sat in the car longer trying to put my sneakers on my dad stayed with me. I finally jump out of the car and looked at my mom who was backing up with Jeremy in her hands I hear my dad say. "Oh,no!" I looked at him very confused. "What's wrong?"

"It's a skunk!"

I had to laugh and gasp at the same time as my mom stood there holding a sleeping Jeremy. I am sure she was praying that Jeremy would stay asleep because if he was awake they would have surely been sprayed as Jeremy would have seen the skunk and said "THAT!" Or "CAT!" In a high pitch ear drum killing screech.

The skunk looked at my mom and then waddled over to the front door.

Let's pause for a moment.

Who do you think came out of the rest area just as the skunk made it to the door?

Yup, my brother Aaron. Of course!

Aaron came out of the rest stop not seeing my mom waving her one free hand or hearing my dad's loud whispers or my quiet screeching.

All of the sudden he looked as if some one said "Put your hands in the air!" His hands went flying back and his back landed against the glass door way back at the car it looked like he was holding his breath. It was quite intense watching my brother and the skunk have a staring contest.

Finally the skunk ran away and Aaron got away with out being sprayed.


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Anonymous said...

Hahahah!! Oh my word that's so funny!!! Glad you all made it without being sprayed. :)