Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not going to give up

It's funny at one point in my blogging life I would be so discouraged if no one commented on my posts. Now a day I am just excited when I have time to post let alone seeing if any one is reading.

The thing is I know people are reading because many of you have told me on different occasions it's just a matter of not having time to comment.

Believe me.

I understand. 

I really, truly do.

I also don't have time to comment on  your sweet posts on your adorable blogs. However, I thought even if you don't have time to comment you could still enjoying reading my rambles.

Could I have a favor though could you comment on this one?

Just to let me know your still peaking into my heart? ;)

I found some time to blog today so I am fully take advantage of it!:)


Roberta said...

I look at your blog almost every day! I'm waiting for your birthday post for Aaron. You know, where you write all kinds of mushy stuff about your brother and make everyone cry? I'll always read your blog no matter what!!

Anonymous said...

I check your blog several times a week. I especially enjoy reading Jeremy posts. He's just plain adorable :) Blessings Lisa

The Piano Girl said...

I'm right there with Roberta... lately I don't read it everyday, because I am a Junior this year, and don't have alot of time for the computer, but whenever I am on, I look at you blog... I'm still here!

Are we the only ones?
I feel the same way with my blog... NO ONE comments on my posts... I have 34 followers, but I wonder where they are! lol :) Hang in there Ginger!

J said...

Don't worry I'm still here !! :) For some reason my comments usually won't go thru :P ... but I'm still reading even if I can't comment!! :)
I wanna hear all about going to the debate ;) I'm quite jealous!! ;)
love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I haven't gotten to stop by the last few days because we've been busy-busy but I'm getting caught up tonight! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ginger!
Sorry I haven't commented in a really long time!! I don't usually get to check everyday, but I do read EVERY SINGLE post! :) And I thoroughly enjoy all of them. :)