Monday, August 29, 2011


We had a taste of Irene this past weekend. It was quite scary just knowing a hurricane was passing through. Thankfully we are all fine and our home is fine. We did have our first "snow" hurricane day today. No first day of school. Can you believe that? That was a first!

It was nice to have an extra day off get some much needed things done that I wouldn't have gotten done if school started today.

I was able to come over to Caroles and hang out with her that is always fun to do.

So, hopefully tomorrow I will have a full list of things to share with you about the first day of school!

Tell me did Irene pass you? If she did please let me know how you are?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's not my fault....

I tried to post I really did. I tried to continue the blogging spree I was going through. However my internet at home wouldn't allow it. I have no idea why but it just wasn't working.

So here I am now. I am very satisfied with how my classrooms turned out. I finished up today. Tomorrow is the teachers meeting and will officially be school.

Yikes, this summer went by so fast.

Here, is a little recap of our summer.

Carole and Mark's wedding

Dad's surgery
4th of July

Carole and Mark bought a house

An Old Country Fair
The Circus

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion problem...

You should have seen me it was like watching a ping pong match.

I finally decided enouugh of sitting at my laptop doing my morning checking on emails, facebook, etc  I needed to get ready for the day. Shopping is in order and I wanted an outfit I would be comfortable in.

However, the open window in my room was giving me mix messages. The thermomter reads 80 but the cool breeze swooping in the cracked open window brings me to the relization that Fall is just around the corner.

I couldn't decide do I go in my Summer drawer or Fall? I went in my summer got dressed and stood in the middle of my room "I am cold." So I went over to my fall darwer and changed went down stairs and my mom was sitting in the middle of the nursery getting Jeremy ready. "Hon, you will be hot in that."

I am going mad this time in the year always gives me a headache I never know how to dress with this strange weather.

Do you have 4 seasons where you live?

Do you know what I'm talking about?

Please tell me how you deal with it without packing an extra outfit in your purse!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blowing Kisses

Since Carole said "I do" to Mark things have been very quiet in my room and Carole's old room. The late night movies, and our bizarre snack choices ceased and in it's place was me watching TV by myself, in no mood for crazy snacks and just getting used too the new arrangment. The new normal.

Well, after my dad came home from the hospital mom asked me if I could stay down stairs just incase she needed me to help with Jeremy while she was helping dad. So during those couple of weeks me and mom satrted watching a show everynight together. So, now it's a tradition mom and I have been watching a show together almost everynight.

Well, tonight was no different, I made a snack and mom and I sat in my bedroom she took up the bed while I sat on the floor seperating papers for school (a very long process) we watched the show for a while but soon stopped and listened. Jeremy was crying it is very unusual for him to cry during the night so my mom went down to check on him.

Ofcourse I was close behind and peaked into my mom's bedroom where Jeremy was now lying on her cuddling with his blankie I went to retrieve his cup my mom ask me to get him and I watched as he sipped his cup while he hugged mom's arm.

I smiled at the sweet moment and told mom I would be upstairs before I left I watched as Jeremy's chubby little hand touched his mouth and blew me a kiss. I had to smile.

That boy is a sunshine to my heart.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I like to start things fresh don't you? For example you want a clean face before you put on make up right? Or you want a fresh canvas before you paint? A clean pair of socks before you run?

You get my point right?

I'll be back in my classroom soon getting ready for the big day.


I say this every year.

I want a bouquet of sharpen pencils to show up on my doorstep before the school year begins. It hasn't happened yet but maybe just maybe this year will be the year. How do you like my Anne Of Green Gables drama? It suits me don't ya think?

However, in all honesty I think that would be the coolest way to start the year!

A couple of weeks ago me and a friend (who also teaches at the school) worked in our classrooms together and then went school shopping. Oh, it was so much fun looking at all the isles getting cool paper clips and fun colorful pens. I found myself giddy for school to begin.

My Mimi bought me a new lunch box for my birthday and it's shaped like a purse it's the coolest.

I just love starting fresh. I just love school.

I can't wait to see my returning students all ready for first grade. There sweet smiles and ready hugs it just swells my heart with joy.

My summer was suppose to start out fresh and it did Carole got married, I started cleaning a changing my bedrooms, plans were being accomplished...and then everything changed, scary things happened and I learned to lean on God through it all and lessons that I wasn't planned to learned I learned fast. I am still learning I am still learning to lean.

You know it's hard sometimes. Really hard.

You want everything fresh, everything planed, but that's not how life goes. Sometimes those lessons are pretty hard to take.

I don't mean to bring up my father in the hospital in every post but you know it was and still is a huge chunk in my summer and in my life and sometimes you just need to write it down.

The first night my dad was in the hospital and he was still in the ER, was one of the most frightening things. we didn't know what was going on what was going to happen why he was in so much pain.

I remember walking down the hall way while pushing Jeremy in the stroller thanking God for the smallest of blessings.

I thought I started the day fresh but the longer day was I knew it was steal when the ambulance came it was a very steal moment but then in the hallway pushing a very tired almost two year old in the stroller crying out to God my very early morning was turning fresh the way it should with God by my side.

Like I said I am still learning to lean on the Lord. Trials never stop coming but praise the Lord the Lord never stops working.

Tonight as I brushed my teeth I looked down at the tooth paste Aqua Fresh and the post just came to me. ;)

Start fresh with God!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You can comment again....

Yay......Mackenzie has done it again she has fixed yet another blogging problem.....

I believe you can now comment without having troubles.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


When I think of this blog I think of the beginning. On an April night being in our home schooled classroom I was just about to finish my first year out of high school. I sat at our old family computer feeling so bored. Then a blog I read once came into my mind and started to have that desire the huge desire to write.

So I went downstairs and asked my parents what they thought...and that was the night I began this.

I have been proud of myself this past week I have blogged every night. When I blog like this I begin to think I need to go to every blog I have ever been on and comment so maybe they will come over here and see I have written. Even though that's tempting tonight I think I'll refrain if you read this and don't feel like commenting that's okay it just feels so good to write again.

I thought it would be difficult to change Carole's room into mine.  The months before Carole's wedding was trying for me I had my ups and I had my downs. I had moments where I just wished we were playing house. It took me a little while to really start cleaning but it's looking like me except for the horsey border. ;) Which in time will go but for now it's one of my many memories of our dear childhood.

Carole and Mark have a home of their own now. It's just adorable. When I first went in I looked at Carole and I said 'We now have our very own playhouse!" :) She is quite the little homemaker. If I do say so myself I think it's from all the hours of playing house with me during the years!

This week Jeremy is a little confused Aaron is away at camp so Jeremy is missing his buddy. So this afternoon we found him in the living room kissing a picture of Aaron! Is what adorable.

I hope you are enjoying my random posts. Please scroll down to the other ones if you haven't been on in a few days!

My Third time in a row....

Happy? :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!

My Sweet Jeremy.

Man. What can I say?

I would be lost, bored...oh so bored without him.

I just love my cutie brother.

He is such a fun toddler...and always keeps his family laughing.

 And he is sweet baby brother is two!!!

I just love this CUTIE!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What have I been doing?

.....Well.....I guess it's not been blogging. :(

I have been working....working...working very hard in organizing my two bedrooms and my two classrooms. I tell ya this summer has flew by and it's almost over. :(

I am glad though that my bedrooms are looking quite nice. I will show pictures once I am all finished with the fun decorating and of course rummaging through old memories, foolish little toys and once it's all complete then and only then pictures will be posted. :)

My classrooms are also looking nice. I am getting excited over the fact school is coming soon I  mean I always miss my summer but I also look forward to coming back to school. :)

Lets see what else is going on please continue to pray for my daddy. He is feeling better but he still needs prayer for his recovery.



Tomorrow will mark two tears since my baby brother was born. I can't believe my Jeremy will be 2!!! I just love that boy!!

Okay, I am sorry about my lack of posting....again...I will try better I PROMISE!