Tuesday, August 9, 2011


When I think of this blog I think of the beginning. On an April night being in our home schooled classroom I was just about to finish my first year out of high school. I sat at our old family computer feeling so bored. Then a blog I read once came into my mind and started to have that desire the huge desire to write.

So I went downstairs and asked my parents what they thought...and that was the night I began this.

I have been proud of myself this past week I have blogged every night. When I blog like this I begin to think I need to go to every blog I have ever been on and comment so maybe they will come over here and see I have written. Even though that's tempting tonight I think I'll refrain if you read this and don't feel like commenting that's okay it just feels so good to write again.

I thought it would be difficult to change Carole's room into mine.  The months before Carole's wedding was trying for me I had my ups and I had my downs. I had moments where I just wished we were playing house. It took me a little while to really start cleaning but now....now it's looking like me except for the horsey border. ;) Which in time will go but for now it's one of my many memories of our dear childhood.

Carole and Mark have a home of their own now. It's just adorable. When I first went in I looked at Carole and I said 'We now have our very own playhouse!" :) She is quite the little homemaker. If I do say so myself I think it's from all the hours of playing house with me during the years!

This week Jeremy is a little confused Aaron is away at camp so Jeremy is missing his buddy. So this afternoon we found him in the living room kissing a picture of Aaron! Is what adorable.

I hope you are enjoying my random posts. Please scroll down to the other ones if you haven't been on in a few days!


'Elle' aka Mackenzie said...

Testing testing...123.

(I'm just testing Ginger's comment problem!)

June Cleaver in Sneakers said...

This many changes taking place in such a short period of time would be difficult for anyone but you have handled them all with grace and a thankful heart. Your testimony in a time of trial has been an encouragement to many, I'm sure. Especially me. <3