Friday, August 12, 2011


I like to start things fresh don't you? For example you want a clean face before you put on make up right? Or you want a fresh canvas before you paint? A clean pair of socks before you run?

You get my point right?

I'll be back in my classroom soon getting ready for the big day.


I say this every year.

I want a bouquet of sharpen pencils to show up on my doorstep before the school year begins. It hasn't happened yet but maybe just maybe this year will be the year. How do you like my Anne Of Green Gables drama? It suits me don't ya think?

However, in all honesty I think that would be the coolest way to start the year!

A couple of weeks ago me and a friend (who also teaches at the school) worked in our classrooms together and then went school shopping. Oh, it was so much fun looking at all the isles getting cool paper clips and fun colorful pens. I found myself giddy for school to begin.

My Mimi bought me a new lunch box for my birthday and it's shaped like a purse it's the coolest.

I just love starting fresh. I just love school.

I can't wait to see my returning students all ready for first grade. There sweet smiles and ready hugs it just swells my heart with joy.

My summer was suppose to start out fresh and it did Carole got married, I started cleaning a changing my bedrooms, plans were being accomplished...and then everything changed, scary things happened and I learned to lean on God through it all and lessons that I wasn't planned to learned I learned fast. I am still learning I am still learning to lean.

You know it's hard sometimes. Really hard.

You want everything fresh, everything planed, but that's not how life goes. Sometimes those lessons are pretty hard to take.

I don't mean to bring up my father in the hospital in every post but you know it was and still is a huge chunk in my summer and in my life and sometimes you just need to write it down.

The first night my dad was in the hospital and he was still in the ER, was one of the most frightening things. we didn't know what was going on what was going to happen why he was in so much pain.

I remember walking down the hall way while pushing Jeremy in the stroller thanking God for the smallest of blessings.

I thought I started the day fresh but the longer day was I knew it was steal when the ambulance came it was a very steal moment but then in the hallway pushing a very tired almost two year old in the stroller crying out to God my very early morning was turning fresh the way it should with God by my side.

Like I said I am still learning to lean on the Lord. Trials never stop coming but praise the Lord the Lord never stops working.

Tonight as I brushed my teeth I looked down at the tooth paste Aqua Fresh and the post just came to me. ;)

Start fresh with God!

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