Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess what??

I won runner up over at Mackenzie's Heart!! Isn't that cool?? I thought so! I will be sure to let you all know what I got when I get it!!
I'll try to do another post sometime this evening!! We will just see if I will get to it! Have a good rest of the day!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rainy Days.

Rainy days can be plainly disturbing when you have had snow for many months and then FINALLY the snow is gone. You can see the ground, you can wear spring/summer clothing and then what do you see next RAIN! Although, some people cringe when they think of the word rain. I have two different opinions about it.

I understand the crowd that despises rain for it's drippy and wet,muddy and a down right nuisance when your brand new heels are now covered in a fresh coat of mud. BUT....I also understand the crowd who says that rain is soothing.

Oh yes, I understand that. So many nights I have laid in bed and just listened to the the drops hit my window. I could hear my sister's light breathing coming from her bedroom, my lamp off and the only lights I see are shadows of cars driving by our home.

I feel safe knowing I'm in my bedroom, my parents are just below me, I have a Savior that is just a prayer away. I'm telling you, nights like those I am reminded at how much I have.

Sometimes I get restless. I want to know when my prince charming will arrive. When will it be my turn to leave this safe nest my parents have worked so hard to give me.

But on those rainy nights when I have my eyes on the ceiling and the comforters around me, I think I may just be exactly where the Lord wants me for right now.

You may ask where this random post came from. Where is all this randomness going? I honestly don't know.

So, you may just put this post in my little random pile. But sometimes something comes into my heart and I decided to jot this thought down in my little corner on the net. Thank you all for reading!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another GREAT Give Away!!!

Mackenzie over at Mackenzie's Heart, is celebrating her one year blogaversary. In honor of her first year in the bloggy world, she is holding a give away!! I can tell you since I was with her when she bought the gifts, that she is giving away some very neat stuff!! So enter!! The give away has officially started!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Winding Down.

I can not believe it but our April vacation is coming to a close. Carole and I have had such a fun and interesting time. With our great aunt and uncle being here for the last few days, we were able to see inside of many restaurants we never thought about stepping into before. I needed to remind Carole, and myself for that matter, to put the napkin on our laps, no elbows on the table, where to put the knife,and how to pick up the fork. A whole lot of work just to eat a meal.

Okay, now don't get me wrong, it's not like we are totally un cultured. It's just that these restaurants were gorgeous and actually had cushions on the seats!! No booths!! Okay, so we ate out ALOT this trip!! But it's been nice. LOL...but talking about NOT being un cultured I should have stopped while I was ahead. I did forget this one incident. You see, on Sunday afternoon after church, we traveled long and far to this one very popular city, and ate lunch there. Well, we were just being ourselves and one thing led to another and well...Carole knocked a flower vase full of water on the table. The water was slowly coming toward my camera which thankfully, our uncle George saw, and told me before my camera was ruined!! So we put napkins all over our spot of the wet table and tried to act cool and collective about it. *Smile*

Tomorrow Carole and I are just planing to stay here with Mimi, having our last day with her! Since all her other company have now gone back home, we will have ONE day without having to share!!!

Today our Aunt Barbara took me, Carole and Carole's best bud, Mackenzie, out for the afternoon. Carole got her hair done and so did our Aunt and Mackenzie and I chatted and watched and took pictures of Carole with her hair all wet and covering her face.
After some shopping and the whole hair salon experience, we got some subs for supper and came back to Mimi's with Mackenzie and watched the Disney channel. We had another full day. It was a lot of fun and now I am ready for bed!!!

Yesterday's Adventure!

Carole and I had a wonderful time with Mackenzie and her family yesterday!! We went to a plaster place where we could paint our own different plaster things. This is Maddie and me painting our plaster. She just may be the cutest little friend I have!! She is so fun to be around!!
Here is Maddie's finished product!! It's a rainbow shell. Isn't it purty??
This is another picture of my buddy Maddie! Working on her shell.
Carole painting her chocolate heart.Here are the finished products. The above picture is my finished product of Eyore from the adventures of Winnie the pooh. I had such a fun time and it was sprayed with pearly sparkles!!

This is Carole's candies!! Don't you want one? Isn't adorable? I love it I thought it was such a cute idea!!

We had a great day yesterday and today I am sure we will have plenty more to share later on!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Of Our Vacation.

Well, I know you all enjoyed my last post of our trip to Ikea. Well, now I have many more pictures to show you. Our great aunt and uncle took Carole and me and Mimi to their hotel for lunch. It was fun going up to the buffet and trying to figure out what in the world these large words above the food were.

Doesn't that look good??
After our adventure at the hotel we went back to Mimi's and had a refreshing walk with Uncle George. LOL...he said a mile, one mile. Carole and I both agreed that it was the longest mile we ever walked!!
Here I am enjoying the sun and the walk. You see how happy I look??? Yes, well that was when we first started!!
Here we are at the finish line. Ummm yes I think we look a tab bit tired!! What do you think??

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Peek Into Our Vacation!!!

I have so many stories to fill my little corner on the net about our vacation so far. Carole and I have already had many laughs and memories and I am sure we will have many more. I have many pictures to show all of you of our adventure to a big city far from we are that we traveled to. BUT....I thought I would show you what Carole and I were up to this afternoon. *Warning* Carole and I are having a blast and we may just be called a tad bit crazy!lol....
Here I am in my dream living room slash kitchen typing on my computer.Carole in her dorm contemplating what to write in her essay that is due in two hours.

Carole taking a picture of herself in the mirror.
Here I am in my dream kitchen pretending to get something off the top shelf.
Cooking in my dream kitchen.
Here we are leaving this very fun store!! I think we gave our great aunt and uncle who we were shopping with a work out. Although, our Aunt Barbara was having just as much fun!! Just a small tib bit no me and Carole are NOT twins.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Who will it be?

This contest was on my mind all day!! I got home, ran up stairs, got my floppy Easter hat, thanked Carole and Mom countless times for cutting out ALL the names while I was in school. Threw in all the little cards....

Jodi won the grand prize!!! Congratulations Jodi!! And the runner up....

I'm sorry my picture is not cooperating and I am just about rushing this post because I need to be heading for the destination of my vacation spot, aka my Mimi's, very shortly. So I am just going to have to spill it since my picture can't...Anna Joy won runner up!!

Thank you all who participated and I truly hope you all will come back over to my little corner on the net real soon.

Congratulations girls!! I will be sending your packages off Monday (actually my dad will) I won't be here!! lol...Leave a comment with your home address I changed my settings. Only I will see it and I won't post your address!!

Thanks again everyone!! Pray for my family while we are traveling!!

The Contest is Ending!

As of 12:00pm the contest will be officially over. We'll start drawing names and will post the winner this evening. Thank you to every one who has entered.Can't wait to see who wins. As I post this, you still have ten minutes to enter. Have fun!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random thoughts...

Spring weather has finally made it over my way! Yahoo!! Oh, the blue sky and the ground that is almost totally snowless is music to my eyes. I am taking advantage of this springy attitude of mine to continue cleaning my room. For this is my last day I will have time to do it. With being at the school and then going away with Carole for our April vacation on Saturday. Busy days are coming my way. It also means packing...well I can't win them all.

Speaking of winning don't forget to continue entering the contest. You have 'til sometime Friday. I am loving all the comments I am getting for this contest. I am quite envious of those of you who have seen or knows someone who has seen Greater Vision live...Yes...that means you Morgan!!LOL Oh, and yes I was pretty distressed when I heard Jason was leaving! Sigh...and then Jonathan Wilburn is also leaving Gold City another sigh... Also this is the one year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings. Well, I need to get off my little nook on the web and start getting down to business. Just to update you on Carole (my sister's) Best of state news she will be on the radio this Friday morning and will be interviewed by a newspaper reporter at our house tonight!! She is also gracing newspapers around our way and the nationals start tomorrow!! Yup I'm proud!! Keep entering!!! Oh, one more thing, I want to encourage everyone to head over to a friend of mine new blog, Girls For God. You will truly be blessed if you stop by and read some of her posts!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So It Begins....

Okay, I am finally posting my contest!! (now you are all supposed to clap.) I want to thank you all who have left comments on my last post. I have been having a blast reading comments from bloggers I didn't know existed!! If you haven't left a comment on my blogaversary post, I really would love it if you would. is the deal....I am going to automatically enter everyone who left a comment on my last post. However, if you'd rather me not, all you have to do is comment and tell me so. I am going to let you all enter as many times as you want and the deadline is Friday night or afternoon whenever I have a moment to close it! As you can see from my picture I have a little bit of everything in my bloggie give away! There will be a runner up and I may just throw a couple other surprises your way! Also if you post my contest on your blog you get an extra entry just let me know that you did!!
I need to thank Morgan Denise for the very cool button she made me and for the ideas for my contest which she gave me from posting her own. Have a great time and thank you for coming by!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Blogaversary!

April 14th two thousand and seven...
I was upstairs in our classroom (have I ever mentioned that we have a classroom?) Well anyhow, I was up there doing absolutely NOTHING on the computer. Sulking, yes I am afraid even being nineteen at the time I still sulked. Okay so I still do at twenty. This is beside the point. I was sulking because the day before I was supposed to go to a Gold City concert with my family. (Anyone who are not Southern gospel savvy, Gold City is a great gospel quartet) Well, our car was down, sound familiar?

We had to miss the concert. April 14th is Mackenzie's birthday. It was her 16th to be exact and Carole her bestest friend was supposed to be at her birthday party. But as I mentioned, our car was down. So yes, my parents had to deal with two very distraught girls. So, during the two days my dad couldn't go to work because he had no car, so even he had to deal with us... "What is Ginger doing?" Mom: "Well, she is pretending that those blocks on the floor are the quartet and the very loud male singing voices is indeed Gold City on her CD player!" So...yeah I was a tad depressed! Then there was Carole..."What is Carole doing ?" "Trying to fall back to sleep and not get up until tomorrow."

So anyhow, back in the classroom I decided I wanted to do something to take my mind off my very distressing weekend. I decided I wanted a blog. I had read someones and decided it may be fun. So being myself, I can't do anything without asking someones opinion. I've been like that my whole life. I went down the stairs and found my mom "Mom, I want to start a blog. Do you think it's okay?" She thought about it and said to my dad "Do you mind if Ginger starts a blog?" Dad:"What's a blob?" After we laughed and explained the proper pronunciation and the purpose of a blog, he agreed and I started my very first post.

Now, a whole year has passed and this Monday will mark the exact day. But I will be in school all day so I decided to write this post tonight.

I wanted to give a special tribute to all the bloggers on my bloggie list on my side bar. I have enjoyed getting to know each one of you (if I didn't know you before I started that is.) It's been a blast to learn all about your lives and to even be able to call some of you my bloggie friends:)

So, for this special post I am going to ask everyone to leave a comment on my blog. Regular visitors, new visitors, regular visitors who never comment, etc.

Also, in honor of my blogaversary I am going to hold my very first contest. I am very excited and have my goodies all set and even did a photo shoot of it all! However, the contest will not start until April 14th the actual anniversary of when I started.

Now, I would ask all of you to post my contest on your blogs telling everyone that there will be some exciting activity on Pieces Of My Heart starting sometime Monday. To give you a hint to hold you over until Monday, there will be some very good reading material and some good ole music, the kind I love!! *Smile*

Thank you all who come and read my blog. Those of you who comment and those of you who don't. Also those of you who have blogs and those of you who just like to read mine. (Which is a great honor) Love you guys!!

Happy Birthday, Mackenzie!!

This is Carole and her very best friend Mackenzie. Hope you have a superb birthday Mackenzie!!
Here is the deal, my friend Makenzie is turning seventeen on Monday. However, I will be in school all day. So I thought I would post a "Happy Birthday" post to her now. Happy Birthday, Mackenzie. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update on the car

You all may remember me posting about our car situation a few weeks ago. Just a few short days after that, I explained that we were given a car the very same day that I asked all of you to pray.

Well, I now am asking all of my bloggie friends, once again, to lift our family in prayer. The car that was given to us never actually made it into our drive way. It needed some work to be done but I'm afraid the mechanic just didn't think it was even worth working on.

So yes, we are still in the same boat, the car less boat! We are still using our Pastor's car but he will be needing it back soon. So once again, I would ask you to specifically pray that we will find a van that works and all the doors open and close.

It's very hard not having a car. You feel stuck, my dad needs a car to go to work also go to church, shop, all the necessities of life.

So thank you once again, I so appreciate it!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Congratulatory DUCK Dinner!

LOL....I know what you are all thinking. No, we didn't have duck for Carole's congratulatory dinner, for her winning best of state. We did however have a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We surprised her by going to Wal-mart and then saying you know what? We are going to do our grocery shopping later. Let's go some where else. Well, I think Carole must of had a small idea of what we were going to'cause she didn't seem all that surprised when we pulled into a Chinese restaurant we had never been to before.

As long as they had Crab Rangoon, I would be happy. (Yes, a small story is coming) For my mom's birthday last week we had Chinese food. Now this isn't a real common thing for our family to have take out often. But yes, we had it two times this past week. But both for special occasions.

Anyhow, my favorite, beyond favorite Chinese food appetizer is Crab Rangoon. "No problem honey, this restaurant just calls it by a different name. I told your dad to get some." (We ordered out for mom's birthday) So after a long day of school, I could almost taste that cream cheese mixed with crab in my mouth.

Mmmm...Well a few hours later my dad came home with that good smelling food. We took all the boxes out, took out the spoons etc...sat down, my dad said Grace and we dug in. I start putting the brown rice on my plate, poured that duck sauce over it and then it's time for the chicken fingers, egg rolls and oh yes, my fave Crab Rangoon. I take that flaky looking shell thinking the middle looks a little flat but didn't want to complain. I sank my teeth into a hollow shell. "Gross, where's the cream cheese and crab?" My family thought it was very humorous as I was disgusted over this. Apparently Fried Wonton is NOT Crab Rangoon. They left out the crab and the goon and only left the ran. LOL

Okay, back to Saturday. So they did have Crab Rangoons the way I like them.:) It was very different because for the most part we were the only people in the entire dining room. The plates were very small and the duck sauce looked like it was in a ketchup container. The tea cups had no handles and the floor could have used a real good vacuuming, there was no napkins and I think my dad was a little concerned about using his fork!

Before I end this very fun post, I need to congratulate a dear blogger friend of mine. Courtney has just posted pictures of her engagement to her now fiance, Christopher!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thank You Morgan Denise!!

Morgan Denise's package came this evening! I was so very happy to hear my sister, who was stalking the back door, watching my brother tromp through the snow to get the mail. I heard her say. "Oh Ging, it looks like you have a package!"
Guess what?? I did!! It was so much fun opening the box two seconds after it was placed in my hands, to find scrap booking products galore! Here I am opening a very cool can of embellishments. They are macaroni and cheese letters! I thought they were so cool! And an added bonus, one of my favorite dishes is mac and cheese!!

I love it!! After I am done with this post I think I may just rummage through this fun stuff again. My mom has already said she may have to borrow some of my scrapping stuff!! lol...

Thank you again, Morgan Denise!!

Friday, April 4, 2008 I asked for it...

For about an hour now, I have been complaining that I can't think about one single thing to post. Something that would get my bloggers cracking up like I did with this post or even something touching and close to my heart like this one. Instead, I made the sad mistake of asking my family's opinion...and I quote (with a little embellishing on my part. Hey, I can do that, I'm related to these people.)

Dad: "Ahhh....Jumpin Jehoshaphat. I don't know what you can write in your blog. I'm afraid I am coming up empty!"

Aaron: "Funny?" Hmmm....(Sigh) ummm... (Rubbing his head) Clicking his tongue like a mother hen... Well....ummm...hmmmm.....

~Ya that was a whole lot of help!~

Mom: Silence (Thinking hard) Can't think of anything funny in my life right now!

~In her life? When was this blog dedicated to her? Self centered I say!~

Carole: How about that time when you were in fourth grade and you congratulated your teacher for expecting a baby. And then have her say"What?" "What are you talking about???" Only to have your best friend who told you the news in chapel, start giggling (like only a fourth a grader would do) and say...."Not Mrs.______ my MOM!"

~Oh, I am not finished with Carole's helpful hints. Just hold on to your seats.~

Carole: Oh, I'll read you a book to inspire you. "This is red. Can you say red?" "RED!! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!" "You know...I think you should write more about John Boy. He is a gifted writer! "In the show!!" I know, I know, but still he is so cute! "He's 60!" I meant then....sigh.... You know Carole, maybe you should go and watch the Walton's (In my Curt voice)

~Fat Chance~

Carole goes over to a red covered strawberry bubble container. "NO...Carole that smells worse than Play Dough!! "Oh, come on Ging the bubbles may help inspire you for your blog..."

~How did she know?~

Me: *Gag* Please Carole, close that up!! *COUGH* *COUGH* Please *Gag*

Carole: this does stink?? Isn't this fun??

Me: GAG it smells like those scented stickers!! Gross!!!

~Back to the Present~

This may be the last time I ask my family for any blogging advice....Yeah...I agree, there is no way I am doing that. I am sure you will read many more posts like this. I am so glad I can have wacko nights like this. Where I can play with words about my family and then read my post to them all and have them laugh with me!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Has some very big news. My little, adorable sister Carole. Okay, she's not so little and adorable anymore...(I mean still very adorable) had some pretty huge news for me when I got home from school, yesterday afternoon. Every year since I can remember we've had to enter a contest called the Junior Duck Stamp Competition. Duck drawing boot camp, I affectionetly loved to call it. Never my favorite past time!! I am so thankful I am now graduated and never have to draw another duck for the rest of my life, if I don't want to!
I am sorry, I'm getting off my big news. Anyhow, Carole won honorable mention when she was nine years old. When she turned twelve she started winning every year...first, second, and third as well as honorable mention. But this year....yesterday afternoon on my mom's birthday, in fact, they received a telephone call but of course didn't answer our household if the caller ID reads private the machine can get it. Anyhow, so not too long afterward, Carole hopped on the wonderful world of the Internet. Lo and behold, that private call wasn't some lunatic stocker trying to sell us windows again!! But it was the big cheese from the duck competition wanting to chit chat with my mom. The email went something like this....
Dear Mrs.________,
I tried calling but there was no answer. So I am emailing you to let you know I have great pride in telling you that your daughter Carole ________ has won BEST OF STATE!!!

Anyone who is not familiar with this contest, this is the BIGGIE!! Her drawing is on it's way to Washington DC to compete with one drawing or painting from each state. That one talented person's duck from our 50 United States will become a US postal STAMP!!!

Carole has always dreamed of winning this, but never thought her dream would come true in 2008. My face is glowing with pride. This girl is talented and I know her personally!! Please don't all take advantage knowing me via blog, looking for her autograph!! *SMILE*