Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rainy Days.

Rainy days can be plainly disturbing when you have had snow for many months and then FINALLY the snow is gone. You can see the ground, you can wear spring/summer clothing and then what do you see next RAIN! Although, some people cringe when they think of the word rain. I have two different opinions about it.

I understand the crowd that despises rain for it's drippy and wet,muddy and a down right nuisance when your brand new heels are now covered in a fresh coat of mud. BUT....I also understand the crowd who says that rain is soothing.

Oh yes, I understand that. So many nights I have laid in bed and just listened to the the drops hit my window. I could hear my sister's light breathing coming from her bedroom, my lamp off and the only lights I see are shadows of cars driving by our home.

I feel safe knowing I'm in my bedroom, my parents are just below me, I have a Savior that is just a prayer away. I'm telling you, nights like those I am reminded at how much I have.

Sometimes I get restless. I want to know when my prince charming will arrive. When will it be my turn to leave this safe nest my parents have worked so hard to give me.

But on those rainy nights when I have my eyes on the ceiling and the comforters around me, I think I may just be exactly where the Lord wants me for right now.

You may ask where this random post came from. Where is all this randomness going? I honestly don't know.

So, you may just put this post in my little random pile. But sometimes something comes into my heart and I decided to jot this thought down in my little corner on the net. Thank you all for reading!!!


Anonymous said...

I love rain - of course this is coming from someone who's lived in Arizona her entire life...hahaha! It's dry and hot here most of the time, so rain is a nice change.
Anyway, that whole thing about "prince charming"...just remember that He knows the desires of your heart. I know it's hard to wait sometimes, but He has a perfect plan for your life!

with love,

Stepheny Weaver said...

I agree it does sound nice at night... but then again, I only hear it for a while then it puts me to sleep!!!


Tiffany said...

You made me want it to rain! I used to live in a trailer house and I loved the sound of the wind and rain on the tin roof.

stepheny weaver said...

BTW: It is O.K. if I put you on my list of blog friends right? You can if you want too. :)


Mackenzie said...

Hey Ginger!! Come check out my latest post!!!