Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday's Adventure!

Carole and I had a wonderful time with Mackenzie and her family yesterday!! We went to a plaster place where we could paint our own different plaster things. This is Maddie and me painting our plaster. She just may be the cutest little friend I have!! She is so fun to be around!!
Here is Maddie's finished product!! It's a rainbow shell. Isn't it purty??
This is another picture of my buddy Maddie! Working on her shell.
Carole painting her chocolate heart.Here are the finished products. The above picture is my finished product of Eyore from the adventures of Winnie the pooh. I had such a fun time and it was sprayed with pearly sparkles!!

This is Carole's candies!! Don't you want one? Isn't adorable? I love it I thought it was such a cute idea!!

We had a great day yesterday and today I am sure we will have plenty more to share later on!!


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had a great time! Fun pictures!!

Jodi said...

Hi Ginger!

My box arrived yesterday!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!! The package was wrapped sooooo cute -- I loved your ribbons! The books look really good -- Morgan was over here babysitting and so she promptly borrowed one of my new books! :) We listened to the CD all the way to Church last night! And Breanna thinks that little address book is just for her ... she saw it in the package and said "Awwww" and thought it was just her size! :) Thanks so very much for everything!


Anna Joy said...

Hey Ginger,

My box arrived today! Thanks sooo much...the wrapping was adorable. I almost didn't want to open it it was so pretty! lol My mom usually doesn't like that type of music but she loves it! I can hardly get it away from her to listen to it myself. :) Thanks again!

Ginger said...

We did have a wonderful time!! Thank you so much for coming over here!I really enjoy your blog!

You are very,very welcome!! I am so glad you liked everything. I too loved the ribbon!LOL I laughed when I read about Breanna. That is adorable. I am glad you and Morgan will be enjoying the books!!lol..Oh, I am so glad you liked the CD as well.

Anna Joy,
I am glad your mom is enjoying the CD!! *Smile* I am so glad you both recieved your packages! I was wondering how you both would like it!!