Monday, April 21, 2008

A Peek Into Our Vacation!!!

I have so many stories to fill my little corner on the net about our vacation so far. Carole and I have already had many laughs and memories and I am sure we will have many more. I have many pictures to show all of you of our adventure to a big city far from we are that we traveled to. BUT....I thought I would show you what Carole and I were up to this afternoon. *Warning* Carole and I are having a blast and we may just be called a tad bit crazy!lol....
Here I am in my dream living room slash kitchen typing on my computer.Carole in her dorm contemplating what to write in her essay that is due in two hours.

Carole taking a picture of herself in the mirror.
Here I am in my dream kitchen pretending to get something off the top shelf.
Cooking in my dream kitchen.
Here we are leaving this very fun store!! I think we gave our great aunt and uncle who we were shopping with a work out. Although, our Aunt Barbara was having just as much fun!! Just a small tib bit no me and Carole are NOT twins.

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Anonymous said...

Okay so I totally left this comment on your last post, but meant to leave it here:

I've read your blog a few times - so cute! You and your sister remind me a bit of me and my sister - we are also two years apart - she's 21 and I'm 23, so pretty close to your age as well.

Looks like you're having fun in...Ikea?

~ Danielle