Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Blogaversary!

April 14th two thousand and seven...
I was upstairs in our classroom (have I ever mentioned that we have a classroom?) Well anyhow, I was up there doing absolutely NOTHING on the computer. Sulking, yes I am afraid even being nineteen at the time I still sulked. Okay so I still do at twenty. This is beside the point. I was sulking because the day before I was supposed to go to a Gold City concert with my family. (Anyone who are not Southern gospel savvy, Gold City is a great gospel quartet) Well, our car was down, sound familiar?

We had to miss the concert. April 14th is Mackenzie's birthday. It was her 16th to be exact and Carole her bestest friend was supposed to be at her birthday party. But as I mentioned, our car was down. So yes, my parents had to deal with two very distraught girls. So, during the two days my dad couldn't go to work because he had no car, so even he had to deal with us... "What is Ginger doing?" Mom: "Well, she is pretending that those blocks on the floor are the quartet and the very loud male singing voices is indeed Gold City on her CD player!" So...yeah I was a tad depressed! Then there was Carole..."What is Carole doing ?" "Trying to fall back to sleep and not get up until tomorrow."

So anyhow, back in the classroom I decided I wanted to do something to take my mind off my very distressing weekend. I decided I wanted a blog. I had read someones and decided it may be fun. So being myself, I can't do anything without asking someones opinion. I've been like that my whole life. I went down the stairs and found my mom "Mom, I want to start a blog. Do you think it's okay?" She thought about it and said to my dad "Do you mind if Ginger starts a blog?" Dad:"What's a blob?" After we laughed and explained the proper pronunciation and the purpose of a blog, he agreed and I started my very first post.

Now, a whole year has passed and this Monday will mark the exact day. But I will be in school all day so I decided to write this post tonight.

I wanted to give a special tribute to all the bloggers on my bloggie list on my side bar. I have enjoyed getting to know each one of you (if I didn't know you before I started that is.) It's been a blast to learn all about your lives and to even be able to call some of you my bloggie friends:)

So, for this special post I am going to ask everyone to leave a comment on my blog. Regular visitors, new visitors, regular visitors who never comment, etc.

Also, in honor of my blogaversary I am going to hold my very first contest. I am very excited and have my goodies all set and even did a photo shoot of it all! However, the contest will not start until April 14th the actual anniversary of when I started.

Now, I would ask all of you to post my contest on your blogs telling everyone that there will be some exciting activity on Pieces Of My Heart starting sometime Monday. To give you a hint to hold you over until Monday, there will be some very good reading material and some good ole music, the kind I love!! *Smile*

Thank you all who come and read my blog. Those of you who comment and those of you who don't. Also those of you who have blogs and those of you who just like to read mine. (Which is a great honor) Love you guys!!


Mackenzie said...


Anonymous said...

Lol! I loved reading about how you started your blog! :) How fun!

And how exciting that you're going to have a contest!!! I'll post about it on my blog!


Anna Joy said...

Oh goody. I'm off to post on my blog.


haert2home said...

Happy Blogiversary, Ginger!!

Hey, how come if it's your Blogiversary, you have to give us stuff?! Shouldn't we all be sending you gifts? Just sayin'.
I have enjoyed every post you've written over the last year. (Especially the ones with your dry sense of humor.) A little bloggie trivia: you were the very first blog I listed on my favorites list!

mrs. h.

Stepheny Weaver said...

Hi I'm Stepheny, I look at your blog but have never commented, I love it.

Happy blogaversary!


Rachel said...

Happy Blogaversary! :D

Tiffany said...

A very Happy Blogiversary to you my dear!!!!

Jodi said...

Happy first Blog Anniversary! I enjoy stopping in every couple of days to see what you've been up too :) -- a fun blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!

Shirley said...

Is Blogaversary a word? Well,anyway, I suppose it is a very appropriate time to leave my first comment! It is a joy to read pieces of your heart!!

Mrs. M.

Sis. Julie said...

Well....congratulations!! Time sure does fly by doesn't it?

Alisha said...

What a great day to have a bloaversary!!! Congrats.

Britt said...

HI!! I'm one of your blog "stalkers" from Aunt Morgan's blog!! ;) Cute blog story!! Mine came from lack of sleep one night!! :D Looking forward to the contest!!!!!!!! :) Check out my blogs!! ~Britt

Erica said...

Another blogstalker from Aunt Morgan's Blog. :-)

Sounds like so much fun!
Visit my blogs and join the craftXchange :-)

Amber said...

3rd one's acharm right? So i'm also a "blog stalker" i guess you could say :) but in a good way of course! I would love enter and check out my blog when ya get a chance!
God bless... oh i LOVE LOVE th e Gold city too!

Megan said...

Congratulations Ginger! I'll try to get a post up on my blog really soon telling people to come over here. Can't wait to find out more about the contest!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ginger! I got here from Morgan Denise's blog. Enter me!

Ashleigh said...

Yay for a year of blogging! I just passed three years in March (though not all at my current "spot")... crazy! Have fun with your contest!

molytail said...

You don't know me from a hole in the ground, but I came wandering here through Tiffany's blog --Happy Blogiversary! :-)