Monday, April 7, 2008

Congratulatory DUCK Dinner!

LOL....I know what you are all thinking. No, we didn't have duck for Carole's congratulatory dinner, for her winning best of state. We did however have a lovely dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We surprised her by going to Wal-mart and then saying you know what? We are going to do our grocery shopping later. Let's go some where else. Well, I think Carole must of had a small idea of what we were going to'cause she didn't seem all that surprised when we pulled into a Chinese restaurant we had never been to before.

As long as they had Crab Rangoon, I would be happy. (Yes, a small story is coming) For my mom's birthday last week we had Chinese food. Now this isn't a real common thing for our family to have take out often. But yes, we had it two times this past week. But both for special occasions.

Anyhow, my favorite, beyond favorite Chinese food appetizer is Crab Rangoon. "No problem honey, this restaurant just calls it by a different name. I told your dad to get some." (We ordered out for mom's birthday) So after a long day of school, I could almost taste that cream cheese mixed with crab in my mouth.

Mmmm...Well a few hours later my dad came home with that good smelling food. We took all the boxes out, took out the spoons etc...sat down, my dad said Grace and we dug in. I start putting the brown rice on my plate, poured that duck sauce over it and then it's time for the chicken fingers, egg rolls and oh yes, my fave Crab Rangoon. I take that flaky looking shell thinking the middle looks a little flat but didn't want to complain. I sank my teeth into a hollow shell. "Gross, where's the cream cheese and crab?" My family thought it was very humorous as I was disgusted over this. Apparently Fried Wonton is NOT Crab Rangoon. They left out the crab and the goon and only left the ran. LOL

Okay, back to Saturday. So they did have Crab Rangoons the way I like them.:) It was very different because for the most part we were the only people in the entire dining room. The plates were very small and the duck sauce looked like it was in a ketchup container. The tea cups had no handles and the floor could have used a real good vacuuming, there was no napkins and I think my dad was a little concerned about using his fork!

Before I end this very fun post, I need to congratulate a dear blogger friend of mine. Courtney has just posted pictures of her engagement to her now fiance, Christopher!!!


haert2home said...

"left out the crab and the goon." Hysterical!!

Mackenzie said...

New TEENAGE GIRLY BLOG!!! Come check it out!! Tell your friends!!

Anonymous said...

Lol!!! I'm glad you finally got what you were wanting. ;) lol (I'm NOT a crab eater. :P )


P.S. I think you DEFINITELY should've eaten DUCK!!!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Thank you for the congrats!! That was sweet of you! :)