Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! (A few days late)

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. It's been one hectic week! Of course my school vacation started with my head in a trash can! Yup, I caught the flu just in time for vacation! I was not overly thrilled about that. So, it just has not been the vacation I was hoping for. But that's alright that is life!!

We had a quiet Thanksgiving this year. Nothing big. Just our family gathered around the table laughing at Jeremy's new little antics while he had his first dinner at the table in his high chair! Of course his dinner consisted of his bottle but he was satisfied!

Well, we did it again rose up early yesterday morning and went black Friday shopping! My aunt showed up at our house at four thirty in the morning and Carole, myself and Aaron piled in her car and drove into town. We had a fun time even though we didn't find much stuff! But oh well! It was still fun!

And the best part is Mackenzies dad dropped off my laptop at my Mimi's so my Aunt could bring it up to me. So, yes, I am typing on my laptop as I speak! Yay lappy is back!! And speaking of Mackenzie once again she put her bloggy magic together and made me this adorable Christmas template!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Can you believe Christmas is now in the air? Sigh, I LOVE Christmas!! It's so much fun!! Alright, I need to end for now but I am sure I will be posting soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My family and I have not had the most fun few days. But when life gives you lemons...yup start getting those pitchers out we are going to make lemon ade!
So my lemon ade is my adorable baby brother Jeremy! I thought you would all enjoy some pictures of him! Isn't he getting big??
I am going to download some more updated pictures soon!
Also I don't know if you have noticed but my bloggy producer Mackenzie made me a button! Isn't it so cute? It's on my side bar. She is so creative I didn't even know she made it! That made me smile today just like Jeremy! So if you want to put my button on your blog! By all means go right ahead!
I am going to end right now! Please keep my family in your prayers!

Love you all,

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Cutie!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Over And Over Again...

Well Most of you may remember the post I wrote a week or so ago about my sister Carole and her very special friend Mark.

::Ahem:: Let's hope I can finish this post before I go into the sister crying moment!

Saturday afternoon my phone went off I looked at the screen "Carole" it said. I knew what it would say when I pressed "View text" I made my thumb press okay and there it read...

"We were walking toward the pond and it was raining very hard. I was cold, very cold, extremely cold. Mark looked up at me and said we don't need a pond for me to tell you how much I love you. They walked a little farther and then he said "Carole will you marry me?"

I read it to my mom and of course she started crying. Mark did asked my dad earlier that day if he could marry Carole but the knowing she hadthe ring on her finger was just too much!

Yes, my friends my precious sister is getting married! I can't believe I am writing this all down! It's really true! Pictures of the wedding to follow sometime early fall of 2010 or early spring of 2011. Small clue: The sobbing, blubbering maid of honor with a huge tissue that will be me!:)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Well, I had it in my head that I was going to bed...

...but I then wanted to check some blogs, when I checked the blogs I decided to comment so then I had to sign in after I decided to sign in... I then thought "Well, I am now signed in I should at least pop in my bloggy corner and say hello." I feel like the mouse who wanted a cookie! :)

Well, for a girl who had her whole weekend plan...visiting Mimi, friends,mall, book sale,home church etc her weekend is looking pretty dull! Sitting in her polka dot pajamas at the computer writing about nothing exciting!

However, that is okay I don't mind too much. I actually had a lovely time holding Jeremy and watching the new Disney movie "Up!" With my family. I then sat in Carole's room and chatted and giggled and chatted some more. I then decided I would just turn on the Internet for a moment check some things and go to bed. Maybe read a little or watch a DVD in bed. But that blogging bug had bit me again and well here I am typing my little heart out!

I can not believe Thanksgiving is so soon! I feel like we just had Thanksgiving and now it is here again! We may be having a small Thanksgiving this year. I am not really sure if family will be traveling this year or not! But, I am sure it will be great no matter what!:)

This past week my students made Indian corn and pumpkins. I am not sure what we will be making next week besides turkey cupcakes! I just love Thanksgiving!

Well, I guess I should turn off the computer and head to bed.

What is one of your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or dish?

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, you may can tell with my title that I am tired! A full days of school can really get me in the yawning type of mood! I have been wanting to post some new Jeremy pictures on my little corner. But blogger has been acting up yet again. I have actually thought about changing websites but for one I am not sure if I really want to have to tell all my bloggy people (Ahem..all 16 or so of you!:) That you need to change my link on your blog etc... But we will see!

So after that random fun filled fact! My week went pretty well however we still have sickness in the family. SIGH! So our weekend trip to my grandmothers house has been delayed! I'm not overly disappointed because I have a lot to do at home. However, I was looking forward to seeing Mimi and everyone maybe going to a mall and going to a big Christian book sale. But that is alright. However, I was looking forward to getting my lappy back (laptop) sniff....sob!

Well, this is going to be a small post tonight. My brain is mush. I need some much needed sleep.

Oh...oh...but before I do I need to tell you Carole and I watched Love Finds a Home (Part of the Love Comes Softly series) Love, love, love it! Both Carole and I think it was one of their best yet!:)

Hopefully, I will be more awake and blogger will work tomorrow and you can see some Jeremy pictures!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Such a simple title. Don't ya think? Thinking. The very word puts a smile on my face. I am a thinker. Or more better known as a day dreamer. I think, day dream about everything. Have since I was a wee little child.

I would sit at my desk in my fifth grade class room doing my seat work but pretending in mind I was tutoring a "student" It kept me going it kept me motivated to finish my work by day dreaming.

Of course I don't have to day dream about teaching anymore since ::Ahem:: it's what I do for a living. But I tend to think, day dream about other things so many other things. I was thinking about that this afternoon and I thought it would make a good post.

Stay with me people! I am not just rambling tonight I have a point! Are you a thinker? Do you think about tomorrow, think about year from now, two years, maybe even six years from now? I do I wonder where I will be, what I will be doing, I think it's normal to wonder, to ponder, to think. I am so glad God gave me an imagination.

My mom has told me a story about when I was only four or five years old and I wanted to bring my doll into the grocery store. My mom told me I needed to leave my doll in the car and I wasn't overly thrilled about the idea but after I stopped my two second pouting. I looked up at mom as she shut the car door and I said "That's, otay mama. I have my maginary doll!" (Yes, I had a speech problem as a child. :) ) While I said that I motioned with my arms pretending I was carrying a doll.

I love to write I love to create imaginary characters in my stories and make them real. I love being able to sit down in my chair and just think!

Of course like everything else we need to be careful what we think about what we watch,read, talk to because sure enough that negative stuff will come into our thinking. Like the old children's song...

"Oh, be careful little eyes what you see."

"Oh, be careful little ears what you hear."

"Oh,Be careful little mouth what you say."

We need to be careful what we say and what we think and what we do.

But when we use our minds to honor and glorify God our thinking can be a beautiful thing. I am so glad I can ponder not worry but just ponder and think! Aren't you?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Over And Over

This afternoon I was listening to a song that I have heard umpteen hundred times! I actually love this song but today it hit me hard. "Over and over again and again God is faithful." As the chorus played I thought of my sister. Oh. boy my baby sister watch it you may just get splashed with my tears if you read on. ;)

"Over and over again and again through it all He made me able!" As I sat and listened to the words flow through the speaker I thought how faithful God is and how faithful He is to my own family. And how faithful He was when he put the perfect man in Carole's life.

Carole smiles in a different way these days her eyes light up in a way I can't describe. It has been so fun to watch my sister get to know a special someone this way. No, I am not going to say they are engaged or the wedding is next week. But, I promised you a post about Carole and Mark and I decided today I am going to write it....

And the story begins........

Are you ready????

The story of Carole and Mark

Carole first met Mark at a Christmas program at our church when she was turning seventeen the next week. Mark has told us since that he was tired that day and didn't really feel like going. However his mother told him you may just meet someone new tonight. He highly doubted but came anyways.

We had been attending the church Mark was visiting with his church for about five years. And he probably had seen Carole on a number of occasions but he said when he went into our small church and saw Carole in her blue velvet dress he just stopped and stared. He was determine to "meet" her after the concert.

And sure enough he did when we were all down stairs in the fellowship hall Mark made his way to Carole and started a conversation. Mid conversation though he realized she was still in school and not the same age as himself (21) like he had first thought. So that was a surprise. They said there goodbyes and didn't talk again until the following year...

Christmas time...

Carole was wearing a dark blue top and black skirt and after the Christmas concert she was nominated as "Punch girl" and she stood by the big crystal bowl of punch and poured the drink into people's cups. Mark had his eye on her all night but every time he looked she was talking to someone else. But when he told his mom he was ready to go she suggested he had some punch. Normally he hated punch and at first was very much confused by his mothers comment until he realized Carole was finally alone.

Of course she is not wearing a blue top in this photo that is because it was a different day however this was taken about the same time.:)

So he slowly made his way to her and casually said hi. Carole politely said hi back but her demeanor was different from the year before. She seemed almost annoyed at his presence. He must of thought she must of been told she had to stand by the punch bowl or she stubbed her toe coming into to church or she only had one hour of sleep the night before or she was told before she went that night that Santa was not real! Or something. Because this girl was not very out going that night. He tried to pull her out of her quiet mood but he realized it was loss when she politely finished her sentence and walked a way!

Mark thought that was the end and told his mom he was ready to leave little did he know Carole agonized over the way she treated him the whole ride home. And casually mentioned the incident to her sister (that would me) or her mom for months!

Well, the following summer her sister (me again) decided to get a Facebook and since Mark and I knew each other from school and church he asked me to be his friend. I remember nowthinking back he would always mention Carole getting a Facebook at the time I would say she really doesn't care about that which she would always say to me. But one day Carole was enjoying being on my page so much she asked me to help her start an account and who was one of the first people to ask to be her friend you may ask? Yup...Mark!

April 2009....

By spring time I knew something was up and one night at my grandmothers house Carole spilled her heart to me and I said. "He likes you!" Well, I was right by the summer time he wanted to take her bowling so myself and his sister (one of my best friends) tagged along with Carole and Mark and we went bowling.

That point on is just a blur the phone started ringing often and it was always for Carole. We started getting a particular guest often at our house. Carole's phone is always buzzing from a new text from Mark and like I said before that smile is incredible! My baby sister is all grown up!

I think this is such a neat story. Because like what I said at the begining of this post. God is faithful to His children. Carole was not looking for anyone she was very content being single. But God knows best and He put Carole and Mark together at the perfect time.

I want to give a shout to my single bloggy friends some of you may be like me and wonder when is my prince going to show up at my church's Christmas program? When am I going to have my turn?

You know in my single state I have learned a lot. And one of the things I have learned is patience. God knows where you are right now and He knows if there is a prince out there for you, and if there is He will show you in His time!

Trust Him,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Something cute!

I am trying to keep my promise to blog more often. But, once again I just had one of those busy type of days! And so once again I am blogging later than I would like and I need to get up early for school! So, instead of not blogging at all. I thought it has been quite a while since I have shared a cute moment in my classroom. And ya know I have plenty of those.

However, the one I am going to share happened yesterday morning when I asked my class what they were thankful for and a little boy said this....

"I am thankful for Wal-mart."

What can be cuter than that?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy November 2nd!

I was going to do a November first post and explain how excited I am that November is indeed here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And how I am getting excited about Thanksgiving projects and making my classroom all Thanksgiving-y but I never got around to posting yesterday. We had a dinner at the church after morning service and then we came back here and before I knew it we were packing up and going back to church for evening service.

So all day today I was thinking about posting but after a jam pack day of working on school stuff, watching,playing and holding Jeremy while mom so graciously worked on my turkey I am going to have on my bulletin board. I just didn't have time for all I wanted to do! So I waited till tonight, after I packed my lunch bag, my school bag, ironed my clothes, checked my facebook and considered taking off my nail polish (Still haven't decided yet!:) I finally had a moment to say hello to all of you!

I am afraid it's not going to be one of my jam pack posts filled with rambling galore though. Because believe it or not I am tired! And I am thinking about going to bed early tonight!

But before I do I want to mention a blog giveaway! I am so excited about this contest and I want to post the neato button but blogger won't let me!:( However, Morgan Denise is having a blog giveaway! And it is so cute! Why don't you check it out! I know you will want to enter. I promise!!

Well, I am going to say goodnight put my weary self to sleep! Have a wonderful Tuesday!