Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, you may can tell with my title that I am tired! A full days of school can really get me in the yawning type of mood! I have been wanting to post some new Jeremy pictures on my little corner. But blogger has been acting up yet again. I have actually thought about changing websites but for one I am not sure if I really want to have to tell all my bloggy people (Ahem..all 16 or so of you!:) That you need to change my link on your blog etc... But we will see!

So after that random fun filled fact! My week went pretty well however we still have sickness in the family. SIGH! So our weekend trip to my grandmothers house has been delayed! I'm not overly disappointed because I have a lot to do at home. However, I was looking forward to seeing Mimi and everyone maybe going to a mall and going to a big Christian book sale. But that is alright. However, I was looking forward to getting my lappy back (laptop) sniff....sob!

Well, this is going to be a small post tonight. My brain is mush. I need some much needed sleep.

Oh...oh...but before I do I need to tell you Carole and I watched Love Finds a Home (Part of the Love Comes Softly series) Love, love, love it! Both Carole and I think it was one of their best yet!:)

Hopefully, I will be more awake and blogger will work tomorrow and you can see some Jeremy pictures!

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Mrs. H said...

I'm so sad that you're not coming but not as sad as Lappy. Maybe we'll take him to McD's over the weekend to make him feel special. I guess he'd choose the "Lappy Meal"? How funny am I???

I don't think I've seen the Love/Home movie. Is my pal Clark still in it?

Hope everyone is soon on the mend!