Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Is A Sister?

Painting By: Sandra Kuck

My sister is my best friend.

I love her more than life.

She knows my heart.

She knows my tears.

We know what the other one is thinking.


The other night we talked while we were in our own beds and in our own separate rooms.

We talked.

And talked.

We laughed.

And laughed.

I didn't care that it was late that I needed to get up in six hours, that my eyes were feeling heavy that we were probably disturbing the neighbors beauty rest with our cackles.

I cherished each moment. Each laugh, each sigh,each funny remark coming from the horsey border bed room. Where a beautiful girl with a diamond on her finger laid in her bed just waiting for my giggles that were muffled by my pillow over her witty remark. Boxes graced her floor filled with memories, cherished memories, photos, snow globes and more.

A pile a books stood near the "good bye" pile that holds just as much memories.

To young suburb "tweens" trying to "fit" in the mountain life. Huddled on a twin bed while the older sister (That would be me) read the China Tate series. Laughing, so hard tears would fall down our face as we acted like it was a secret that we were huddled in Carole's room actually enjoying a book.

As we chit chatted away this night I thought about the boxes, the books, our life and I didn't care what my clock read or how early I needed to get up.

I am cherishing these moments. Our moments.

We only have a few more months to be called "Girls" Carole will be "Mrs." and I will be glad I cherished these moments.

I think the reality is setting in as I make plans for showers and looking into a new laptop to make the most perfect slide show.

My heart.

Oh, my heart slightly weeps as I hold up her train on her wedding dress while she walks down the stairs to show a close friend who was visiting. My heart aches when I see her walls turning bare in her bedroom. My heart rejoices when I breeze by the living room and see Carole and Mark's heads bent reading the word of God.

I will miss my sweet sister next door.

Even though she will be a few minutes away I will still miss her.

Yes, tears are shinning in my eyes as I type this all down.

But it's all good.

I couldn't be happier.

But my heart...my heart...misses her already.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jeremy Post

If you a new comer on my blog this a quick run down...

I was twenty one years old when my parents told me they were going to make me a big sister again.

I was beyond thrilled!

A few weeks after my twenty second birthday little Jeremy came into our hearts. I would stare at him for hours just waiting for my dream come true to end. But it wasn't a dream I really had a newborn brother at the age of 22!

He is now my "greeter" when I come home in the evening. "Inna" "Inna" I could listen to it all night. He's my snuggle bug during st
story time.

He's my joy when I am tired and frustrated.

He's my laugh when I need one.

He's my sweetie pumpkin head!

And I love him a lot!:)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well, I had to stay home again today. I hated to have to stay home again but if I went to school today most likely I would be staying home tomorrow.

So I decided to stay home and rest I have been drinking juice all day and having Popsicles. I am so ready to go back to school and the way I am feeling now I think I just might be able to go!

While I have been sick I have had to stay in bed and since I have a laptop I have been able to go online in bed and while I have been online I have been doing some much needed blogging.

It's been nice catching up on the blogs I don't get to read as often anymore.

I have mentioned Courtney many times before. She was the very first blog I went on. Well, I just realized yesterday that she has a new blog! Go check it out...and take a peak at her adorable little Clint.

Also my coolest blog designer has a new cool blog herself...Go check out Mackenzie's new blog.

Now...this proves that I have lacked in blogging because Anna has had a new blog for a year now...yikes! Go check it out!

So enjoy checking out these blogs and makes sure you leave a comment.

Comments are so fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Your Trash Can Is Your Friend..

You know it's not going to be a pleasant night...

When I came home from school and the meatball's my mom was heating up smelled horrible to my little nose I knew it wasn't going to be a peaceful night.

I decided to take the Mountain Dew out of my lunch box that I never touched during lunch say my good nights and retire to my bedroom praying all the while the feeling would go away and I would not get sick and I would be able to go to school the next morning.

Well, when I grabbed my trash ca and placed it o my bed I knew school would not be happening the next morning. A few hours later when I still had my ole buddy trash can with me I started think if Thursday would be an option for school.

I was so sick. I hate being sick I think I would rather walk on my hands or jump on one foot or be named Hilda then be sick with the stomach flu.

By one in the morning I started writing down all the phone numbers of all the different people I needed to call to let them know I wouldn't be coming in. I then somehow managed to get downstairs to place the paper on the table so my dad would be able to call them. I felt that I couldn't even make the phone calls.

I was very much bored watching the Lucy show, one episode after another but I felt to weak to change the DVD so when Carole stumbled in my bedroom at one point (being woken up by me) I asked her in my very sick whining voice... "Carole could you put on a movie for me?" So she put on Enchanted. Not my favorite movie but it did the trick it made me fall asleep. :)

Which I was very grateful about!

I am now feeling some what better. I still can't eat too much. And I am praying I will be able to go to school tomorrow. One thing I hate is missing school!

I am sure you all have enjoyed my detail rendition of my eventful night...now it's your turn how are you today?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


(Just to inform you there is lady behind me and that is her hair I do not have a HUGE flower in my hair just a cute small one lol)

Jeremy and I have found a new game we love. We watch our reflection in the mirror and make faces.

We also love playing chase.

Pretending to snore while the other "wakes" them up.

Singing songs and reading books.

All my students no him by name. And ask about him often.

He is my sugar pop.

I love when we snuggle together.

When his soft hair brushes against my cheek while I rock him and his favorite blue bunny.

I just love my sweet Jeremy.

How was there ever life without him? ;)


Who makes you smile?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sweet Little things

You know those sweet little things usually are the biggest things. Have you ever discovered that?

This perfect Saturday morning I was snuggled in my bed sleeping in. Ahhh yes, sleeping in a teacher's dream. I think most teachers are thrilled when Friday rolls along. Not to get out of the classroom, not to get away from the papers ('Cause most likely the papers come home with them. They do with me.) But because they know Saturday is in a few hours and Saturday you won't have to be waken by the cruel modern day rooster, because on Saturday you can snuggle in your pj's on Saturday you can sleep in. So, yes that is what I was doing this Saturday morning when I heard the sweetest sound close to my ears and warm breath breathing in my hair.

I squinted my eyes open to see my toe headed brother giggling in my face. His toothy grin looked down at me as he patted my face "Inna" "Inna" That's "Ginger" In Jeremy talk. I grabbed him in a hug and tickled his round little belly as more giggles assailed my ears I couldn't think of better way to be woken up.

In the early afternoon I decided to "Try" (Being the important word here) to get my bedroom in some order. While I "tried" I popped on a Greenes CD. While I placed a few more little knick knacks in my hope chest I listened to the words flowing through my CD player.

"When there is no step left to take no moves left to make a pressing fears and tormenting doubts prayer after prayer and there is no where out and it seems like pain is all you gain. Hold on, Hold on, through every storm hold on even in the darkest night walk by faith not by sight hold on hold on. There is a Father Of Love holding peace like a dove in the midst of all your dark despair with open arms He is waiting there to hold you until the hurt is gone...."

I couldn't help but think of Taranda Greene as I listened to her singing those words as I dusted off my chest. I couldn't stop thinking that she is now clinging to those words as she I am sure is walking in a fog hand in hand with her two precious daughters trying desperately to live without her sweet husband. This family has been in mind ever since Tuesday afternoon. Please continue to pray for them.

Of course what made me smile is when I discovered a photo album I kept when I was a teen and when I opened it up I was staring at the pictures my dad snapped when we met the Greenes.

After I cleaned I hopped on the Internet and the first site I went on was Ashleigh's. I was so excited when I saw a new post and I knew this was the post about who won the Uganda beads. I read about the most wonderful time she had at a blog conference. (Which by the way I am so envying) and then it was time in the post she announced the winners and guess who the second winner of the Uganda beads was? Just guess? Yours truly! I was so excited.

I know I have mentioned it many times before.

But with my whole heart I want to adopt. I believe the Lord has given me this desire for a reason. I pray one day I will be able to adopt not one but many sweet babies and teach them all about Jesus. To show them what my parents showed me. You don't need money, or a huge house or a fancy car or all the toys in the world to have a loving family. You just need plenty of love and Jesus and your life is complete.

Oh of course there will be trials, there will be heart aches but if your faith is Jesus He can pull you through anythings even the toughest valleys.

I long for the day I can teach my sweet the alphabet and his numbers sing the B-I-B-L-E and teach him the signs to Jesus Loves ME it will be so fun going through the itsy bitsy spider and reading him some of my favorites like "A Possum Come A Knockin At The Door." and "Arthur The Aardvark"

I sometimes can close my eyes and imagine looking at his dark eyes.

Yes, my heart is already to adopt and I pray that my prince wherever he may be will have the other half of my heart and when we say "I do" Our hearts will connect and we will hop on a plane to Uganda, Africa, China etc.

So all that to say when I look at these beads I don't just think they are beautiful, or get transfixed at how they were made (Although sometimes I do they are amazing) but I think of where they came from and how many children will benefit from them. Check them out and buy one or twenty and support these precious orphans.

I am now going to close. Have a wonderful Saturday evening!