Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shall we play pretend?

If I close my eyes real tight I can almost see us. Two little girls without a care in the world.

We would play "house" almost everyday. One day I was a Pastor's wife with seven kids and

Carole was a police officers wife with one kid. Another day we were both on the mission field with our husbands and children, another day I still had a bunch kids but my husband recently died and Carole lived in a mansion with her rich husband and one kid.

When we got bored of house we would move onto Barbies. We had a big doll house and we would sit at the doll house for hours playing Barbies. At one point we decided to make our barbies a sitcom we had theme song for them and everything.

I will never, ever forget one Christmas, Carole and I opened up Mary Kate and Ashley dolls. Yes, they were big in our lives at the time. After we smothered our parents with hugs we ran upstairs and played with them in our doll house for hours. Aaron was pretty distressed because it was Christmas morning and we needed to be down stairs in the living room. :)

Last night, I was up at the school and Carole and I were putting up a bulletin board. She asked me what is with the cow border? I said "The title is We Have a Moovelous school!" She looked at me with a smirk and was just about to say something when I gave her a look. "I mean that is pretty incredible creative of you!" Both of us lost it we started giggling like we were five and seven again. Of course we just about looked five in seven both with our flip flops laying on the ground standing on small chairs and of course me with my pig tails.:)

I just love my sister.

These days are pretty sentimental.

My life long twin who happens to be two and half years younger than me is getting married.

Some days I don't even believe it.

Aren't we still on our twin beds pretending they were islands in Asia? Or traveling Southern Gospel tour buses?

How can we be old enough to be married? I shake my head as I think about shower plans, or when Carole talks about her dress...

We are not pretending anymore this is the real deal.

Next August I am going to be watching my best friend walk down the isle. I am going to be the proudest maid of honor.
I love you my Carole!


Mrs. H said...

This is just too much for my little heart on a Saturday morning! Why must you do this to me?! I think it's time that we let Mark know that Carole is only 7.

Anonymous said...

Awww! I'm glad you're enjoying all of these days together! Sweet post! (And of course I loved the pictures!! :))


Jessica said...

How sweet!!! My sister and I are very close too. I love good memories!!